View Full Version : strong TOP 7, who will be the next to defeat them?

May 9th, 2003, 06:13 PM
2003, only beat the TOP 6 outside TOP 12 (not to exclude Monica)
only Shaughnessy, Sugiyama and Dementieva have wins over 'em,
and both Ai and Elena went on to get their 1st Tier II title,
and post eye surgery Jen has no loss against people outside TOP 12,

watching how the Berlin plays out, i just think
we'll see RG QF filled with seeds..............
7 in fact.....and Rubin/Hantuchova will probably fall early,

who do u think will be the next person to defeat any one of 'em?
my 5 picks

1. Vera Zvonera, no doubt the TOP clay courter outside TOP 13,
not that far from Dementieva IMO
2. Clarisa Fernandez...on clay she is really good,
3. Alexander Stevenson, TOP 10 grass player,
if no one beats TOP 7 by Wimbledon, than she migh
4. Magui Maleeva, no one does by US Open, she probably
will after indoor season starts
5. Eleni Danillidou, she is #14 for a reason.....

May 9th, 2003, 06:17 PM
I will safely throw Clarissa and Alex out of that bunch...

why? Alex errors, will and has been the death of her.

Clarissa, get the ball back tennis doesn't work now a days, and her only hope is that her opponents are not playing that well (just like in RG)

Vera on the other hand, has shown that she can hang, even if her oppoents are playing well (with the exception against Serena, serena picked up her game, and vera only won 1 game :() so she still has chances and opportunites. I think these tournies are good for her, and her ranking should be rising. But she needs to become more of an all surfaces player. You can't make it in the rankings being "good on clay" when there are only like 5 clay tornies the entire year :)

May 9th, 2003, 08:19 PM
I know you said it in your post, but you didn't include Tatiana Panova or Marlene Weingartner in your post. They do mean something in the scope of things.

May 9th, 2003, 08:23 PM
Clarisa - no. Except for clay, she can't do anything, and she hasn't had any huge clay wins since Roland Garros last year.

Eleni - she has the ability, but she's still trying to work at how to use it. She should've had a better match against Serena at the Australian Open this year, but she faltered yet again. Her serve is really holding her back (at least, it did in that match against Serena). She has the capability and it'll be interesting once she can harnass it.

Vera - get back to me once clay season is over...

Maggie Maleeva - If it's not indoors, no way. She had wins over Venus, Amelie, Lindsay ( :fiery: ), and Hantuchova over the span of tournaments. Indoors, she's an interesting player, and it seems like she finally can do something again on that surface. But now that she'll have to defend, if she doesn't, her ranking will plummit b/c she has so little else to hold her ranking up. If she can do it again this year, I'll be amazed. She may have one or two big wins, but last year was another big year for her - she doesn't usually follow it up with another good one.

May 10th, 2003, 12:43 AM
i think probably someone like zvonareva, tulyaganova or kuznetsova. if stevenson hits form for wimbledon then she might beat one. i can't really see anyone one else unless one of the young up and comers suddenly makes a jump. safina, sharapova, golovin, strycova, groenefeld, douchevina and those young players have a lot of talent and if they suddenly make a quick improvement or just happen to be in great form when they play one then they might do it although at this point i can only see douchevina having any chance. sharapova has had trouble winning maindraw matches this year, golovin has played well in her wta matches and troubled her opponents but they weren't even top 20 players so it is hard to judge her (she could be like iroda who plays better against the top players), strycova isn't really in-form at the moment but i guess she could catch one of them by surprise but i don't think it will happen and we saw groenefeld get beaten quite easily by bedanova who isn't even in the top 20 (although she can play great tennis at times) so i don't think she will do something this big this year on the tour.

but i think zvonareva, kuznetsova and tulyaganova are the biggest threats and stevenson when grass comes around otherwise i can only see youngesters stepping things up or catching the top players by surprise.

May 10th, 2003, 01:03 AM
I think that something or rather someone is missing from your list, Hackerload. I say she might be training as we speak right now. I don't think she should be discounted and also Mary Pierce and we still don't know what Anna is gonna be like when she hits RG.

I also think that within the top thirty, I'd say that Alex(hopefully she is training) stevenson, or vera and Daniilidou.

auntie janie
May 10th, 2003, 01:11 AM
I cannot agree that Alexandra is great on grass. What has she done on grass LATELY? Nothing! This is like those Kournikova fans who still insist she too is great on grass, based on her results 5 and 6 years ago. IMO, nothing counts that did not take place in this millennium!

If Alex is so great on grass let her show us AGAIN.

May 10th, 2003, 01:12 AM
maccardel, sorry i forgot her. on clay harkleroad has a chance but i don't think she can on the other surfaces yet.

pierce well if she can get back to what she use to she can but she hasn't done all that well on her comeback. maybe RG will bring something special out in her like it did last year although this is quit different to last year. it's always a possibility with mary but i don't think it will happen in the next few weeks.

if anna gets some confidence and matches under her belt she could i don't think clay is her strongest surface so for me that puts her on the back foot and makes it less likey than more likely.

daniilidou i did forget about kind of but lately she hasn't showed signs of doing anything special.

bovina also has a chance. elena and daniilidou have seemed to stop their run to the top 10 and the same time and around the same ranking.

May 10th, 2003, 01:31 AM
I think that their run didn't stop it's just that they are playing top tourneys and unlike some of the others who got their ranking based on playing and winning the smaller tourneys. Most top players in the 13-25 range did not get their ranking by defeating top ten players but rather by beating each other. One or two players here and there are not a threat. It's not like an Alex/Jen situation.

I think given the right time and maybe grass or hardcourts surface, Mary will come on strong. I think that her injury is based on the clay surface due to the fact that she has to hit more balls than the other surfaces.

I think that Hackerload who is supported by the USTA will be dangerous soon. Considering the fact that she did not jump on any long and tedious schedule after her little breakthrough gives proof that she is being developed and trained for the tour, and not for small tourneys either. She is trained for the big tourneys. Soon we may be seeing 16 american players in the fourth round at any grandslam. The USTA is known for developing their product carefully.

May 10th, 2003, 06:10 AM
hmmm....this is an interesting thread...i'll throw out five names - some already mentioned...

1. Anastasia Myskina
2. Eleni Daniilidou
3. Vera Zvonareva
4. Iroda Tulyaganova
5. Alicia Molik

Ok - these five girls are top players, however, they all have a few things in common. They have all been underachievers in the last year (particularly Molik and Tulyaganova), the have mental fights on court which they need to learn to put behind them. Finally, they are still young - give them another 2 years and we will see where they are!

May 10th, 2003, 06:16 AM
Elena Bovina if she gets herself together. Dont agree with the others, but maybe Vera on clay can cause an upset.

May 10th, 2003, 06:27 AM
Unfortunately, Bovina is doing a Daniilidou....

...when will these two make their mark? I'd like to see them facing off in a Grand Slam Final