View Full Version : The POSSIBLE last 12 months list.

Steffica Greles
May 5th, 2003, 10:36 PM
I'd list these players as being high on the list of possible retirements over the next year...

Monica Seles (more through injuries than anything else - we'll see where she is by the US Open fitness wise)

Mary Pierce - She can't seem to go more than 3 weeks without some sort of injury, and her glory days are long behind her.

Barbara Schett - Just where is this player going? Schett has just been drifting for several years now. There was a brief improvement in mid-'01, but it didn't last. At 26 or 7 and seemingly without any desire left, I'd say I strongly expect her to call it a day.

Elena Likhovtseva - Not likely that this year is her last, but she's a little like Schett. Wait for the grass season first. She was once aiming at the top 10, whereas now, at 27, she's happy to be in the top 40.

Silvia Farina - Currently in freefall down the ranking list. At 31, will she fancy climbing up again? I think she'll be happy to have reached no.11 so late in her career.

Conchita Martinez - Will this phenomenal player of the past 15 years finally go the way of Aranxta, whose career she ran parallel with for so many years? I think we should wait until the summer. If she can't cut it in the states, she'll know it's time to hang up her racket. And I'll wish her all the best.

Amanda Coetzer - Well I have to list her, although she's playing reasonably well this year. She certainly doesn't seem like she's contemplating retirement THIS year, but a bad summer and autumn could perhaps change her thinking. She'll be 32 this October.

Late 20s is not old if the player feels young. But by their late 20s, as we've seen with SO many players over the years, their most competitive and ambitious days are over.

....will this FINALLY be Amy Frazier's last year? I think with that player it's anybody's guess. She seems happy to win matches here and there. It's money, at least:)

May 5th, 2003, 10:39 PM
Luckily I don't see Conchi far from tennis next year