View Full Version : Wimbledon Movie-Kirsten Dunst Article

May 5th, 2003, 08:31 PM
In the May 12th issue of US Weekly magazine there is this article regarding the new Wimbledon movie(sorry if it's been posted):

Kirsten's $5 Million Workout

Talk about a stroke of genius: Not only is Kirsten Dunst, 21, netting $5 million to play a tennis pro in next year's sports romaNce flick Wimbledon, but she's scoring an ace body to boot. How? Sweat sessionS that include cardio, weight lifting, and muscle builidng moves like lunges. "Kirsten had not worked out much in the past, so I was surprised by how strong she is," says Kacy Duke, a trainer at NYC's Equinox Fitness Club who works with the actress four times a week. In a typical workout, Dunst runs 6.3 mph for 30 to 40 minutes on the treadmill, pumps iron and does sit-ups, push-ups and leg lifts. Dunst(who was a dead ringer for tennis star Anna Kournikova in a 2002 Saturday Night Live skit) hits the gym after logging a few hours on the court, but "always gives 100 percent." Says Duke: "She's going to look better than Kournikova!"

Is it just me, or are you guys afraid to see this movie. I bet the actual tennis action parts of the movie will be laughable to most who know the game. I just hope Kirsten has okay tennis skills(she should for $5 Million). I wonder if any current pros will make cameos, or lose to Kirsten in the "Wimbledon" final.

And the part about looking like Anna :rolleyes:, I don't think she could get that hot.