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Apr 25th, 2003, 09:50 PM
The William Sisters: "Flash In the Pan???"- By Trish Stratus :kiss:

Welcome back to the second instilation of my daily Column "Trish Horoscopes" I hope you enjoy! Because with each Edition Stratusfaction is always Guaranteed!

With each passing era in tennis a new force arives....in the 60's it was Billy in the Seventies it was Chrissy and Martina Navratilovas, in the eightees It was Graf the ninetees was Monica and Martina H. And what about now? we have Lindsay and Clijsters, Jennifer And Anna (not really) And then there is Venus and Serena...the william sisters.

As i mentioned in my previous artcle i am not a certified phychic BUT i do have a knack for predicting outcomes and usually i am right so hear goes my prediction considering the william sisters...and a few mentions of Our MS CAPRIATI!

The fact that many people have both writin off the william sisters as both " tart and overconfident" in itself has proven that theses two girls are infact neither...sure at times they can come across as being over confident...but who doesnt? i for one have seen many instences where Jennifer has been in the same position...and delivered some quiped remarks as well. As the william sisters go forward in life we can look forward too seeing a more layd back Serena and a more vivacious Venus.

As for there tennis skills....as long as theyt continue to focus at the task at hand i do not see any way these two sisters can be knocked down the tope pedistoles of tennis power...unless ......

Jennifer Capriati, the only real test the william sisters have faced in the last 3 years...sure all of the women in the top ten can be a threat but in the end it is Jennifer who has the goods to come and plant the fatal blow that could topple this powerfull sister ACT...once and for all.But Jennifer must first put aside all her doubts and linguering troubles behind her and focus on the task at hand. Which is to do two things, regain that coveted #1 spot and in the process knocking the william sisters off there high thrones of dominance. And #2 to keep that #1 ranking for more than one week! ( which in the past proved dificult for our very capable Jen Jen)

Finnally i must address the comments made by some william's bashers who feel they are nothing but "a flash in the pan" sorry to bust your party guys but after winning a combined 9 majors there is no way you can even think that they are meer "flashs in a pan" please guys save this kind of comments for someone like Anna who is no better than a buffed- up Barbie doll.

Thanks again for reading the second edition of "trishs horoscopes" :angel: next up Jennifer: Fashion High or Fashion Disaster? Till next time I am Trish Stratus :kiss: . Stratusfaction Guaranteed! :wavey:

Apr 29th, 2003, 07:56 AM
hey guys ... once again i would like to ask all of you for your imput on what you all think about my new column...hopefully i can keep this thang' goin as long as possible! so tell me what you guys want me to discuss on "Trish Horoscopes" as always , Stratusfaction Guaranteed!- Trish Stratus