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Apr 24th, 2003, 06:18 AM
Trish Stratus here are you guys ready for the first ever "Trish Horoscopes"???

I have for all of you guys MY very own outlook on how Jennifers year will progress and onwards into the future so if you wouldnt mind giving me some feedback as to how my predictions are by all means go right ahead!

May 2003-Jennifer will go on to either win both the German and Italian Opens or to at least make the finals thus increasing her ranking to an earshots throw of Justine Henin Hardenes. Prediction 2003 German and Italian Opens: J. Capriati or V. Williams

French Open June 2003- Semi- Finals of the French ( i believe Serena will win this major because she has more power than Jennifer as well she is more consistent on the serve) but i may be wrong....i feel a Jennifer comeback! my phsychy is just dumfounded as to when she will re- take a major so lets go over to Wimbly shant we? Prediction-2003 French open championships: Serena W. or Lindsay D.
(i put Lindsay in there because shes playing better tennis than anybody right now)

Wimbledon Championships July 2003- This serface as you well know is very well suited for Jennifers game...its fast and hard...just the way Jennifer likes it, but like most things in the tennis world ...there are pros AND cons to EVERYTHING this surface is no exception that means that yes Jennifer could go on and win this title and she very well may BUT "its anybody's game on the grass courts" as they say so i am not too sure on this major either DARN! but ill go on a limb here and say Jennifer will finally get past those mental hurdles and beat either or both of the william sisters or whomever player gets into the finals with Jen .. Prediction-2003 wimbledon champion: Jennifer Capriati

Canadian Open 2003- Toronto Canada- Jennifer Capriati all the way baby!...Im from Canada and i live in toronto so she ...BETTER WIN! Prediction- 2003 Canadian Open Champion: Jennifer Capriati OR S. Williams ( that bitch williams might just sneak it past Jen in the finals NOOO!)

U.s Open 2003- Flushing Meadows- i sence contreversy at this open....hmmmm i feel vibes bad karma...oooh wait that just Billy Jean King eating a steak dinner at Sizzlers! wooooah! that was close ok back to my prediction....hmmm no i dont se Jen winning this one SORRY! but this is the one Major that i see the williams sisters dominating for the next 5 yrs...i know its sad- but its a sad fact we must learn to accept nope Jen has no chance beyound the semis.... Prediction 2003 US Open Champ: S or V. Williams

Indoor Seasons....awww ill just say Jen cause i feel like it! She'll surprise everyone and win all the turnements she enters at this stage .... Ladies Kremlin Cup...Linz Open, Swisscomm Challenge, and the WTA tour Championships( and all that 1 million dollars in cash BABY! US DOLLARS TOO! WOOOW!) Predictions for the Indoor Court season including the Tour ending WTA Championships 2003: J. Capriati OR the W. Sisters ( there always in my predictions because there just that Damn good ...FUCK! :o ).

Final Statements...I must warn you that i am not a certified Pshycic although i can say with confidence that i am more legit than Madame Cleo and better looking than Anna K. soooo thanks for reading "trishs horoscopes" and please come again... :wavey:

Apr 24th, 2003, 01:22 PM
great predictions trish if jenny can take all these(and 4 the record i no she can) she will shoot up the rankings

Apr 24th, 2003, 02:29 PM
Nice....now if you could only predict the lotto numbers for me! ;)

I have a feeling the Jen is going to skip the indoor season this year. Just my feelings, but I hope she will be at the championships, can't wait to go again.

Apr 25th, 2003, 08:00 PM
KEEP THE REPLIES COMING!... Please tell me if you enjoyed my column and wish me to continue my "Trish Horoscopes"!!!...my next peice...THE WILLIAM SISTERS: FLASH IN THE PAN???

Sep 12th, 2003, 07:34 PM
hey guys im restarting this thread for ol' times sake!