View Full Version : Navratilova, Evert & Austin the greatest rivalry never allowed to develop?

Apr 20th, 2003, 11:37 AM
First of all I know the Seles & Graf rivalry would have been very special had a madman not intervened but I don't want this turning into a Steffi fans v Monica fans thing.

Also I don't think Matina & Chris's achievements should be undermined due to the fact that Tracy's body couldn't hold up to the rigours of the tour.

If you look at the H2H's it was:

Navratilova 43 Evert 37
Navratilova 20 Austin 14
Austin 9 Evert 7

However, Tracy really only blossomed as a 16 year old in 1979 and had really only two injury free years from 1979-1981. I would say therefore that 1979-1981 were the only years that Martina, Chris & Tracy were playing on a level playing field. During that time the H2H's were:

Navratilova 10 Evert 6
Austin 9 Evert 3
Austin 12 Navratilova 11

I am a Navratilova fan but when I checked those stats it just reminded me of what a great potential tennis era was missed out on due to Tracy's constant injuries.