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Mateo Mathieu
Apr 19th, 2003, 06:19 AM
OK, I should post this thread in Non-Tennis but it's part of Daniela Hantuchova has weight problem so, I guess it's best way to post here in General Messages. I'm not huge fan of hers but I notice some posters comments on her for need eating. So, I don't know if she has the same problem or not but here you go...

REPORTER: Karryn Cooper
BROADCAST DATE: April 17, 2003

For Matthew Robinson, being excessively thin is a weighty problem. At nearly 173cm he weighs just 46kg. He's sick of being skinny yet his diet alone should be enough to pack on the kilos.

Matthew, 17, eats KFC almost every day and still there's not an ounce of fat on him.

"When I told people that I was going on a diet to gain weight they just laughed ... I guess it can be funny for them but it hurts me because I do want to put on the weight and they just can't understand," he said.

"I do eat a lot of junk food, especially KFC, and I go to the canteen quite a bit at school."

But Matthew's mother, Sue Robinson, says her son was not always underweight.

"Every night on the way home he gets a little packet of chips and he eats them before tea ... I never worried about it because I thought, 'well, it's not going to make him fat'," she said.

"As a baby he was fairly normal - like he was seven pounds, three ounces (3.25kg) when he was born ... but when he was about two and a half/three he started to drop that and he just got skinnier and skinnier."

And Matthew says he is hurt by the taunts of people who accuse him of having an eating disorder.

"The more harsher things are like anorexic and bulimic," he said.

"Just because I'm thin apparently I have an eating disorder ... it definitely hurts."

But it's not just the taunts and the teasing; Matthew says being this thin isn't appealing to the girls.

"I'm very self-conscious," he said.

"I guess I feel unattractive, like who wants a boyfriend that weighs less than them?"

And like anyone with a weight problem, Matthew can't find clothes to fit, even having to shop in the children's section.

"The clothes thing is quite hard, because when you're going to kids' sections you don't always get the same clothes that boys of his age want to wear," Ms Robinson said.

Not only does Matthew spend a lot of his money on KFC, he also works there and even standing hidden behind the service window his thinness still stands out.

"I was working at drive-through at my job and a lady came through and offered me a job as an extra on a war movie - basically I was a POW because I was thin," he said.

Even though he took the job, being paid to be a prisoner of war in a Hollywood film isn't the kind of compliment this budding law student is looking for.

It's a brave move for this teenager to expose his pain and body publicly but Matthew wants people to know it's not just the obese who battle with weight.

"I probably hadn't realised just how much it worried him but yeah, I think he's too thin as well," Ms Robinson said.

But personal trainer Phillip Day, from the Runaway Bay Sports Centre on Queensland's Gold Coast, is committed to helping him change that.

"There's nothing wrong with his health, he hasn't got an illness," Mr Day said.

"...It's just a matter of he's got one of those metabolisms that are very fast and from a young age he's never been able to put on weight."

Tests showed Matthew has 6.5 per cent body fat, while the average for his age is between 12 and 18 per cent, so Mr Day has started him on a weights program and changed his diet - KFC is no longer on the menu.

"He can work there as long as he doesn't eat too much," Mr Day said.

Like anyone struggling with a weight problem, Matthew has some hard work ahead - but he's determined.

"I'm going to put on 10kg - I've decided I'm going to do it this time," he said.

Source: Today Tonight http://www.todaytonight.com.au/stories/538961.html

Apr 19th, 2003, 06:27 AM
I admit as a person with the opposite problems I found this problem really weird when I first heard about it. I was thinking be glad you can eat all day what ever you want. enjoy it, but maybe when people ask if you are sick all day it's annoying too and maybe when you can eat all day you get enough from it too.

Apr 19th, 2003, 06:45 AM
My friend eats fast food almost everyday, yet she doesn't gain a pound! Its the same with her sister...:o

Apr 19th, 2003, 07:11 AM
i know how it feels
i'm like 165 and i weigh 40.5 kg only :(

Apr 19th, 2003, 03:37 PM
OMG Daniella, 173 CM...only 46 Kilo.... *Are you okay ?*

Apr 19th, 2003, 03:50 PM
I've got that too. I eat heaps every day and dont put on any weight and once i ate nothing but junk food and takeaway for about a month and i even lost a bit of weight.

Anna Kournikova
Apr 19th, 2003, 07:15 PM
I doubt that Dani has an eating disorder. :)

Apr 19th, 2003, 10:24 PM
Nothing wrong with being thin.

There is something wrong with eating KFC every day though.

People who are thin can be just as unhealthy as people who are overweight.

Apr 19th, 2003, 11:38 PM
Well that proves that Dani do not have a eating disorder!!!

Well I eat a lot and I stay quite slim by myself..but nothing compared to this!!!!