View Full Version : French Fever

Apr 15th, 2003, 05:30 AM
Hey guys, its me trish101 and im back for another round at this! yay!!!

Just got back from a tournement in Vancouver Canada ( thats right im also a tennis player!) reached the semis b-fore losing to Maureen Drake 6-3 in the third (hey im still a junior here!) .

Capriati...i just think Jennifer has a great chance at winning the French open this year...do you guess all feel it? i feel a Jennifer Comeback!!! hey i doubt shell be #1 at the end of the year...but im seriously looking at Jennifer making #3 at least and hey with all of this competition #3 is not bad at all! First of all Jenn's really hungry for a title win at a mojor even though shes cooled off revealing her "inner desires" you can tell she wants it BAD and when she faces either the williams sisters you know its gonna be close REAL close and why??? because she hates them...not personally i doubt she knows them but in all honesty ppl Jennifer is angry at all the titles theve taken from her (id be angry tto trust me nobody likes to loose to some trash talkin know it all sisters) :o :mad: ...even though the've all won them fair and square she must be harboring anger and let me tell you if we know jennifer its that when shes mad WATCH OUT!

Hey Serena watch out baby cakes...cause Jennifer might just aim one of those serves directly at your bleached blonde head...ouch even Serena would crumple under those circumstances...hey even ive been bashed by a serve myself...and it AINT pretty. Trish Stratus