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Apr 11th, 2003, 07:54 PM
Hey everybody!

Went and saw all the women's QF matches today...weather was not nearly as nice as the other days...there was a lot of rain in the morning before the tournament and it was overcast for almost the entire day. Temperature was probably at least 10 degrees F (6 degrees C) colder. Anyway, on with the matches.

Gagliardi def. Talaja 6-4, 7-6 : Boo! I was really hoping that Talaja would win this one, but it was just not to be. Gagliardi was playing some pretty determined tennis...her offensive game was better than in 2R (although she still didn't try to take the offensive in most points) and her scrambling ability was still pretty impressive. She returned lots of hard, deep shots and kept her replies deep in the court. Talaja was pretty streaky, showing a few points of shotmaking ability, then missing some really routine shots. Too many UE! I think the key game was 4-4 in the first, Talaja fought back from being 1-4 down, but then choked on her serve...didn't get one first serve in and DF'd. Talaja was trying hard, but just did not connect on the key points; Gagliardi did.

Serna def. Cohen-Alero 6-3, 6-2 : My first time watching Cohen-Alero. First thought was that both players need to work on fitness more...Serna was still able to move around the court well enough, but Cohen-Alero looked out of breath after several points and was just getting to quite a few balls late. This actually was a pretty good match while I was watching it (didn't see the last 4 games)...whoever took the offensive on a point tended to win it - Cohen-Alero with her heavy topspin groundies or Serna by moving Cohen all over the court and forcing an error. Cohen-Alero went for a noticable amount of bad choice drop shots...and ended up shanking a lot of Serna's low slices. Serna was looking to be in good form though, not many bad errors from her side of the court!

Razzano def. Dulko 7-6 6-4 : Only watched the first set of this one. Razzano was playing much like her other match - hard deep flat groundies. When she kept them in, she was winning the points, only problem was that she occassionally sprayed some balls ridiculously off (one hit the back wall before bouncing!). Dulko didn't do much beside hit decent paced topspin drives and scramble. Noticed again Razzano's "no spin" second serve...She should develop a kick or slice serve, they are just much safer! For instance, serving for the set at 6-5, 30-40 she just cranked two flat serves into the net. Also noticed that Virginie was playing really well when she was in control of the point, but if she was ever scrambling/on her back foot, she hit the ball all over the place. Not a horrible match for her, but it could have been much easier!

Schruff def. Cervanova 7-5 6-3 : Joined this one at 5-4 Cervanova in the first set. Originally was going to skip this match, but am really glad i didn't as it was actually pretty decent quality. Was impressed with Schruff...she was going for her shots, scrambling for every shot, and playing like somebody who is in the top 100...not below 200. The match basically centered around top-spin baseline exchanges...with each player occassionally throwing in a defensive moonball or dropshot (schruff's drop shot was pretty good, cervanova's wasn't). In the first set, Cervanova had one set point...Schruff threw in a random looper that landed in the middle of Cervanova's court, but Cervanova got too anxious and cranked in the net...after that point Schruff picked up her game and Cervanova's game tailed off quite a bit...the last game of the match Schruff hit a winner, then Cervanova hit two DF, then an UE to give Schruff the match...Schruff took an injury time out at 1-2 in the 2nd to get her upper right theigh taped, but I didn't see any signs of it hampering her at any point in the match...Ended up taking stats during the 2nd set-

Schruff: 13 winners (7 FH, 6 BH), 13 UE (6 FH, 7 BH), 1 DF
Cervanova: 8 winners (6 FH, 2 BH), 13 UE (5 FH, 8 BH), 6 DF, 1 ace

It was a good match and I have to say that Schruff might make it onto the list of players I like...after the match she stayed around for a long time signing all the autographs people wanted and gave away her towels...she seemed really nice!

As far as the semi's...I would pick Magui to beat Virginie in 2...Virginie is just too irratic and I think will have problems with Magui's slices. I favor Gagliardi over Schruff, but am going to say it might be close...depends on if Schruff's leg is okay, if she can control her nerves, and continue to play at the level she did today. If so, Gagliardi is going to have to step it up a bit, as so far she has been able to just play relatively defensive tennis. Wish I could be there to see the play tomorrow!

(Also watched a bit of the men's matches...inc. all of Kafelnikov vs. Davydenko...Davydenko was playing out of his head today, the guy was cranking hard winners from everywhere and it looked like there was nothing Kafelnikov could do to stop him!)


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Hope Julia makes it to the final.

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