View Full Version : Dr. Living Lock is Here! (All what oh oops MOST of my predictions come true)

Apr 7th, 2003, 09:45 PM
Yes it's Dr Living Lock! Doyen of Prediction! Peerless Prognosticator! The Wisdom of Athena! The analytical skill of Marie Curie. The sleek curves of Rosie O'Donnell! uh...

Anyway, here's how the first couple rounds will go. If I didn't offer a prediction, there'll be no winner in the match I mean Image fuzzy, try again later.

1st round
Ruano Pascual d Stevenson

Sorry Alex. I'd LIKE you
to win but you got no shot
against this opponent on
clay. No shot at all.

Martinez d Kournikova

Conchi won't be around
forever. It's probably
worth watching just to
see her.

2nd round
Dementieva d Majoli
Sharapova d Doikc
Zvonareva d Schynder
Mikaelian d Dechy

3rd round
Williams d Martinez
Sharapova d Dementieva
Fernandez d Davenport
Suarez d Zvonareva
Shaughnessy d Bovina
Ruano Pascual d Hantuchova
Coetzer d Myskina
Henin-Hardenne d Mikaelian

Which makes my QFs

Williams v Sharapova
Fernandez v Suarez
Shaughnessy v Ruano Pascual
Coetzer* v Henin-Hardenne

*Finally, an opponent Justine can go 'Big Babe' on

Apr 8th, 2003, 01:41 AM
big babe on
remeber this is clay a surface amanda has beaten justine on before
this will be a hard match for justine
quite frankly wouldn't be suprised if amanda made her 3d final here