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Mar 24th, 2003, 12:07 AM

The definition of a champion

It was a given. Two-time Aussie Open champion Jennifer Capriati would zip on court and quickly dispense of her first round opponent. Instead, she lost the match in three sets. What few people knew was that Jennifer wasn't back to her normal 110 percent performance following recent eye surgery. Many other players would have bowed out of the tournament instead of risking an early round loss but that's just not the Capriati way.

"I came here as a defending champion and, you know, maybe it didn't feel like I was at my best but I put myself on the line and, you know, took that risk," Jennifer said after the match. "I guess I have to give myself credit for being strong enough to just come and, I think, you know, still be here and give my best and try to fight no matter what happens--even if I go out the loser."

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