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Mar 23rd, 2003, 06:43 PM

I got to the nasdaq a bit after 11 am because of traffic and immediately rushed to go see iva play flavia penneta. iva started off ok, holding serve and putting pressure on flavia's serve, but then, all of a sudden, everything started going wrong. iva still has the shots she had in 1997, but she is hitting everything up the middle, she didn't move penneta around at all. she also started making tons of errors towards the end of the first set and she didn't attack flavia's second serve as she had at the beginning of the set. iva started the second set off teribly, making tons of unforced errors. at one point she said "pa kaj radim na terenu" (what am i doing on court). she did eventually break back, only to be broken again (she said "u kurac s tenisom" at the change over). the best game she played was her service game at 2-5 in the second. she hit three winners, then a df (she went for a second serve ace and just missed), and then another winner. she couldn't get the ball in at all in the last game tho. poor iva :sad:. i was going to go talk to her after the match, but she looked extremely pissed off and so i didn't.

i saw a bit of dechy-callens on court 3. els is definately better than her ranking, but dechy was just too good in the end.

i then went to court 2 where pistolesi and irvin were playing. irvin was up a set already, but she started missing a lot and pistolesi was a back board. i left when anna was up a break in the second.

i then went to court 6 where talaja and likhovtseva were warming up. this was one of the best matches i saw at the nasdaq. the first set was decided entirely by winners, it was amazing, and both players were going for all of their shots. likhovtseva had a slight lapse in the tb and so silvija won the set. the second set was even until silvija called for a trainer during her service game at 2-3. silvija's calf got rapped and she could no longer move well. she lost the set 6-2. silvija should have won the last set, she was up 4-3 and game point, then had a break point at 4-4 and another game point at 4-5. at duece in the last game, silvija completely miss-hit a forehand (it bounced before it reached the net :eek:) and on match point, she missed a backhand put away shot after a great serve. :sad: oh well, she played a great match and so did elena. btw, early in the third set, silvija hit the most amazing volley i've ever seen the save bp - she was forced to come in because of a drop shot and she pushed the ball back deep to lena's backhand; lena then hit a dtl pass and silvija started running backwards and hit the ball, which was at her feet, out of the air while her back was still facing the net and ended up hitting a perfect cc drop shot volley which landed on the line only 1 or 2 feet from the net. :)

i went to center court to see lindsay next, but instead dickhead was already on court. i stayed for the end of the first set, and i must say, roddick is all serve. he lost just about every point where there was a rally (and its not like saulnier was hitting winners). in the first set tb, someone yelled "do it for the usa andy" and the crowd errupted in applause. they proceeded to whistle at saulnier when he was up 4-0 in the tb. i left at 2-1 andy in the second.

maria antonia sanchez lorenzo :hearts: :kiss: :drool: and alexandra stevenson were in a first set tiebreak on court 1. maria is so freaking hot :drool: :worship: WOW! i didn't know she hit with two hands on each side. anyways, stevenson played a great tb and hit tons of winners, but in the second set those winners turned into errors and stevenson got breadsticked. i had to leave after the second set.


i got to crandon park at 10 am. i saw maria sharapova warm up with ashley harkleroad ( :drool: X 2). i also saw the rochus brother warm up with verkerk (who is probably taller than both of them put together). venus was also warming up, but her 1000 kg bodyguard didn't let anyone take pictures during her warm up, saying that she has stated that "she doesn't want to be bothered" by fans :fiery:. the spanish armada was also in action early in the morning. i went to court 2 to watch farina and srebotnik. it was a pretty sloppy match, farina hit some nice passes in the first set. the second set was pretty boring and so i left at 2-2 and went to see a bit of fernandez-poutchek.

i only saw one game of clarrisa and tatiana. poutchek was serving at 5-6. she lost the game to love, but she should have won all of those points (2 unlucky let cords, a missed put-away shot, and a winner by clarrisa on set point when she guessed right on another put-away shot). tatiana was extremely pissed and threw her racket half-way across the court.

i then went to see sugiyama and safina. this was a great match. dinara is the future of women's tennis, she just has to get it together mentaly. she hits the ball so hard :eek:. ai also played very well, hitting the ball deep and moving dinara around the court well. there were two rain breaks in the second set (the first when ai was up a break and the second when dinara was up a break). ai played a very smart last game in the second set and won it 7-5. dinara raced to a 1*-0 40-30 lead in the second. she hit a booming serve down the tee and ai hardly got her racket on the ball. the ball somehow made it over the net and it had so much back spin that it went back towards ai's half of the court. dinara was a the net and leaned over the hit a backhand drop shot, but the ump said that she touched the net. after a bit of argueing, dinara hit an ace and than an overhead to win the game. that is when she fell apart. her game became sloppy and ai just continued to move her around the court. ai deserved to win, but i'm sure that dinara will do very well in her career.

during the safina match, an ambulence rushed by the court and i saw farina on a strecher with a respirator, i hope she's ok :sad:

i went to see some of chang-agassi on center court. i knew andre would win. chang fought bravely, but had no answers to andre's power and no longer was able to get to the balls the way he could a few years ago.

finally, i couldn't resist going to see sharapova/harkleroad vs. paola/vivi in doubles. i took a lot of pictures during this match :drool: :hearts:. maria and ashley are a pretty (in both senses) good doubles team, they just have to get enough confindence to poach more often. there were some amazing rallies both at net and off the ground. it was a very good match (even the last set, maria and ashley had a chance to win at least 3 of the 6 games).

i also went to see the end of the first set of carly and chanda's match. carly has powerful strokes, but is very inconsisten, i'm surprised she won 5 games in the second set, maybe she was just off in the first.

i'll post the pictures i took when they get developed
i have pics of iva/flavia handshake, els callens, maria antonia (i think-not sure), maria practicing, safina, sugiyama, talaja (not sure), and a couple of ahley and maria together.

Mar 23rd, 2003, 07:03 PM

No pics of Kim?

Mar 23rd, 2003, 07:15 PM
no, sorry, i didn't get to see her match
i didn't take any pictures from center court cause i was too far away

E. Blackadder
Mar 23rd, 2003, 07:46 PM
Thanks!! So Els was playing well? :D
Looking forward to the pics :)

King Aaron
Mar 24th, 2003, 01:30 PM
Thanks. :)

Anna never did play Marissa Irvin. :o

Mar 24th, 2003, 02:19 PM
thanx for report! esp, Ai & Dinara part

Mar 25th, 2003, 04:38 AM
What a boring report. A waste of time watching someone you trash.