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Jan 14th, 2002, 07:43 AM
Gold Coast
A: V.Williams
K: Henin
Q: Petrova
J: Bedanova
10: Sugiyama
7: Farina-Elia
6: Schnyder, Hantuchova
5: Likhovtseva, Shaughnessy
4: Kruger
2: Weingartner, Torrens-Valero, Majoli, Stevenson, Testud, Grande, Lamade

K: Panova
Q: Kournikova
8: Kremer
6: Nagyova
5: Schwartz
2: Montolio, Tu, Martinez, Nola
@: McQuillan

Jan 14th, 2002, 07:43 AM
A: Hingis
K: Shaughnessy
Q: Serena Williams
J: Clijsters
10: Stevenson
9: Testud
8: Henin
7: Mauresmo
6: Capriati, Raymond
5: Farina-Elia, Kournikova
4: Martinez, Coetzer
3: Nagyova, Hantuchova
2: Tulyaganova, Maleeva, Molik, Montolio, Bedanova, Schett, Dementieva, Sanchez-Vicario, Serna

10: Grande
8: Tu
6: Schwartz, Suarez
4: Pierce
2: Leon-Garcia, Lamade, Kruger
@: Ruano-Pascual

K: Tanasugarn
10: Schnyder
7: Dechy
4: Likhovtseva, Daniilidou
3: McQuillan
2: Kremer, Torrens-Valero, Majoli, Schiavone

Jan 14th, 2002, 07:45 AM
Values entering the Australian Open:
A: Hingis, V.Williams
K: Shaughnessy, Henin, Panova, Tanasugarn
Q: S.Williams; Kournikova, Petrova
J: Clijsters, Bedanova
10: Stevenson, Grande, Schnyder, Sugiyama
9: Testud
8: Kremer, Tu
7: Mauresmo, Dechy, Farina-Elia
6: Capriati, Raymond, Hantuchova, Nagyova, Schwartz, Suarez
5: Likhovtseva
4: Martinez, Coetzer, Daniilidou, Kruger, Pierce
2: Dementieva, Lamade, Leon-Garcia, Majoli, Maleeva, Molik, Montolio, Nola, Sanchez-Vicario, Schett, Schiavone, Serna, Torrens-Valero, Tulyaganova, Weingartner
@: McQuillan, Ruano-Pascual
-: Bovina, Davenport, Dokic, Kapros, Krasnoroutskaya, Mikaelian, Rubin, Seles, Zuluaga

Thank you, good luck! :wavey:

Jan 14th, 2002, 03:43 PM
Wow, I have nothing less than a Queen! :D YAY! :bounce: But what happens to Serena now? :( :sad:

Jan 14th, 2002, 04:35 PM
If Serena doesn't play any other tournament before February 10th, which unfortunately seems likely, her value for the first leg will remain a Queen. The leg value is not based on an average but only on the best result; in Serena's case, the semifinal in Sydney. :)

Jan 14th, 2002, 04:47 PM
Ooooh, hmmm why did Kim only earn a J in Sydney? Shouldn't she be a Q? Or why was she a J and not a Q?

Jan 14th, 2002, 04:54 PM
The semifinalist in the draw half with seed #1 scores a Q, while the semifinalist in the draw half with seed #2 scores a J.

Serena was in #1 Capriati's half and scored a Q, while Kim was in the same half of #2 Hingis, and so scored only a J.

Jan 14th, 2002, 05:12 PM
As the scoring system hasn't changed since the beginning, I've taken it a little bit for granted; with so many new players it's probably a good idea to make a sort of tutorial for this too. I'll post a new thread for the Australian Open and round by round I will explain how values are assigned. :)

Jan 14th, 2002, 05:49 PM
Thanks DocG, sorrie for all the questions! :wavey:

Martian KC
Jan 14th, 2002, 06:07 PM
I have an A,K, and Q!:D

Jan 14th, 2002, 08:59 PM
no problem at all, I was glad to answer. Thank you for your interest and support. :)