View Full Version : Gimme tournie for the Sisters?

Mar 17th, 2003, 05:59 PM
Well venus has only lost 1 match this year, and 1 set this year, and that is to Serena. And she really hasn't lost any matches or sets since Wimbledon 2002 to Serena (w/ the exception of Maleeva) and only I set to kim clijsters. I think she will cruz to the finals. With Serena, everyone talks about the Australian open. But they way she was playing in Paris, its been about a month since she has played, but she played at a level definetly above what she played in Australia. Playing like that, She should cruz to the final w/out any problems as well. I see no threats for the sisters, seeing no-one has really threated them even when they are playing well. Take a look at venus/serena wins loss record since the beginning of 2002 to now. And im not adding up all their looses if they are to the same person. Venus lost to serena 5 times but im counting it as only "1" as in player.

Venus is 72-5 (looses to Serena, Kim, Monica, Sandrine, Maggie)
Serena is 66-4 (never lost to the same person twice, looses to Kim, Chanda, Patty, Justine)

Honestly I think this clealry huge streak against the rest of the tour can continue.