View Full Version : What do the "green safias" mean??

Mar 17th, 2003, 09:16 AM
Some people have heaps of them n others have one or even a black one... I didn't see them the last time I visited here...

Mar 17th, 2003, 09:46 AM
They are reputation points. People can approve or disapprove of your posts, and based upon the number of posts that person ahs you will lose or recieve a certain number of reuptation points. You can only give out so much rep during 24 hrs. The red ones are people with negative rep, the green ones are positive and the more blocks the better, and the blacks mean they have it turned off...hold your mouse over the blocks and you will get a general message about what that many blocks means *winks* hope that helps!

Mar 17th, 2003, 09:48 AM
black means you turned off your reputation for others to see. green means you have + rep points. i think you get a green box every 100 points.