View Full Version : Hingis = phenom burnout like Austin and Jaeger?

Mar 10th, 2003, 10:51 PM
i realise she her retirement is still recent news but i wanted to know your thoughts. i really don't see hingis's situation the same as austin's and jaeger's. martina kept herself healthy until late 2001 while tracy and andrea's respective careers were plagued with injuries from the outset. i've read two articles where navratilov was making comparisions and didn't agree. hingis wasn't any harder on her body than davenport or the williams sister for example. what are your thought on this "phenom burnout" issue as it has been called in a few articles i read?

Mar 28th, 2003, 09:04 PM
Meaning to reply to this for ages.

Anyway I don't see Tracy's burnout the same. Austins came down to not recovering from injuries but still playing, probably a lack of sports injury knowkedge at the time. Growing up on the pounding hardcourts didn't help Tracy. Jaegar is a mixture of injuries, too much sucess at such a young age, not getting the right advice to manage injuries and her father!!!!

Hingis was purley psychological. She was told from when she was young she going to be the best and that's all she knew. So as soon as some losses came and she couldn't straighten things out, she moved into denial stage. Two critical losses, Jen at the Oz Open and Steffi at the French had her saying things like 'I was the better player' or 'I did win the match' even when she didn't reach the finishing line.
It's like she couldn't accept that she wasn't the best anymore and therefore had to get out.