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Mar 6th, 2003, 09:00 PM
What happened to the Chris Evert admiration thread? Am I totally going blind and just overlooking it, or is it gone? If so, that would be a shame.

Well, if it is gone here is my fav Chrissie moment...

Wimbledon 1976. Okay, I could have killed her for beating Evonne's ass but I loved that match. It was such a beautiful spectacle and I felt Chris was at her sexiest from 1975-78. She was a little plump compared to the martina inspired fitness freak of the 1980's (and today) and she wore sexy dresses that always revealed her ample bosom. In the final against Evonne, Chris played her best grass court match up to that time. She had never beaten Evonne on grass before and her passing shots and lobs were sublime. Evonne was at the peak of her powers, having owned the Slims circuit earlier that spring, and she really should have taken this match. Chris, as usual, was steadier and more determined in the end.

Honestly, I besides the Wimbledon 1980 (Evonne d. Chris :D ) and US Open 1985 final (Hana d. Martina)...this is the greatest match of all time.

Mar 7th, 2003, 04:48 PM
Poor old Chris....even her admiration thread has gone missing. Thank god you were around to start another Mark, but cheeky sod...imagine saying that evonne's 1980 defeat of chris was one of the greatest matches of all time! It was a very mediocre match....depends who you speak to I guess ;) Now the 1976 final...THAT was a match (so I hear)

From a devoted Chris fan, there were so many highlights to think of. Probably the biggest shock that I got was the unveiling of the "new" Chris at the Virginia Slims Championship of 1984 (played at the beginning of 1984). Weilding a brand new graphite racquet, and the 1980s short flicked hairdo, Chris after coming off a humiliating loss to Martina Nav at the 1983 USO gave Martina a match in the first 2 sets, losing them 7-5, 6-3. As this was the first 5 set final at the VS slims, Chris faded in the 3rd 6-1....but she sure played well in the first 2 sets.

That made the loss to Martina at the 1984 FO more surprising....well, the scoreline anyway........who would have thought.

My fave matches that I saw against Martina were:

1. 1982 AO final
2. 1985 FO final (of course)
3. 1987 Wimbeldon semi
4. 1988 Wimbeldon semi

I would say the 1980 Wimbeldon semi, but I didn't witness it. Looking at my list, isn't funny that my fave matchups were on grass. Add to that the 2 epic Eastbourne finals (which I also didn;t see), and it seems like grass was the most conducive surface for their match-ups ;) Though of course Martina won 95% of those matches :( ;)

If there was any loss that I could erase from her career, then it would have to be that agonising 1983 3rd round Wimbeldon deafeat that the hands of Kathy Jordan (of course) :( :( Such a lovely record broken....and when she was going for the "Chris slam" as well!

Chris has often said that her two toughest losses were to Martina in the 1984 USO final, and to Tracy Austin at the USO in 1979.

In relation to the board, it seems like the intense lobbying we have been doing on Chris's behalf has started to take effect in GM, as I see more and more positive posts about her increible career littered with records, and her unrivalled consistency. Much better than the disrespect that she was getting there because of the stereotypical baseliner with no competition line she was getting from people who had never seen her play.

Well, as I said when I first joined the board, if there has been an internet in the 80's I would have been there 24/7 with Chris this and Hana that.......

I better shut up now and let someone else have a go......and save all the lovely things for her profile in Louloubelle's greatest ever thread......

Mar 7th, 2003, 04:49 PM
I meant the VSC of 1983 played in 1984 in my original post..........

Mar 7th, 2003, 06:12 PM
Hi BCP! I remember the unveiling of the 'new' Chris and I was shocked too. Mostly cause of the permed, layered fluffy hair. I always felt Chris had the best hairstyle's on the tour...soft, natural and feminine. Then when she went all '80's lady I didn't really like it. I like her short bob's of late, though.

And yeah the 1980 Wimbledon final was not a 'greatest of all time', but it is still my fave match ;) !