View Full Version : Funnie Serena Poll

Feb 26th, 2003, 03:14 AM
Beat Top 25 player
Beat Top 100 player
Beat Top 500 player
She couldn't beat anyone in Top 500

I thought this was funnie...i figured she would get about 80% for she couldn't beat anyone in top 500, but odly enough everyone really is confused on how she would do! I say she could be top 25, really i think she can, some people just don't realize the expectations they have, and untill they try and see they won't know, and if they don't try, they will never know and we won't either. But you know, they only reason why i say this is b/c, they say the men hit the ball harder, but honestly, watching Lleyton Hewitt at wimledon last year, the pace looked equal, im mean, no edge, I compare Lletyon cause he is number 1 along / serena, and his serve's are a norm around 120....serena can do, but she changes up a lot. But really, when i watch the ball pace and speed i see no difference, I will have to see in person, cuz i may be wrong.