View Full Version : have the most promising prospects fallen behind?

Feb 24th, 2003, 10:16 AM
a lot of people are going to say give them time and all that sort of stuff and that isn't my point or why i'm making this thread. i just simply want peoples opinion on whether or not they think certain up and comers have had poor years as opposed to last year.

players like:


personally i think some of them have had worse years. but for some it is hard to compare because they are making bigger wins this year.

i think mikaelian looked to better and more consistent early on but then the last couple of tournaments before she was injured she played poorly.

i think kuznetsova, zvonareva, safina, casanova and harkleroad have been dissapointing.

bartoli has had one good tournament reaching the semis which shows that she is a better player although she is very inconsistent and hasn't really done much since then.

widjaja has a similar record to last year. not progressing to many times into the semis or finals but she still has some good solid wins under her belt.