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Feb 24th, 2003, 04:08 AM
Hey to all fellow Serena and Venus fans...
I know their will be 'intruders' from other fan base, but there would be more if i had posted on the general messages, and anyways it's not such an important message.
This thread is only to celebrate Serenas' & Venus' achievements and some of my complaints...
being 1 and 2 and sisters and winning titles and dominating makes me happy, as i am a devoted fan 4ever.
I don't post a lot anymore here, it hasn't been fun latly on here...but I see no point in defending the sisters as they let their rackets speak for themselves, also their beauty, and their personality speak volumes...they are really great role models for me and others... also i've been dissapointed by some williams fans, especially when they put down other players and posters, c'mon people, we should be way above them in class, :angel: , putting down kim, lindsay, and even maritna who has retired, lindsay, cappy(yes, even her), is in my mind tasteless, before i used to do it too, but Venus and Serena have got no hate, so I adopted no hate to :). Anyways, I am not here to stop u post whatever is on your mind, as it is a message board with free speech...just I guess to reconsider that we are first and foremost Williams fans, not haters.
Lastly, I would like to remind u of some of the hard times in Venus and Serenas' careers, when they were struggling:
1999, Venus losing to Hingis semi Us Open
2000, Venus not playing first part and it had been reported she would retire, then losing early in comeback tournaments.
2000, Serena loinsg 4th round at AO, and losing throughout the year a lot.
2000 Venus losing to ASV in Q of FO...
all those were painful loses as a fan for me.
And without the sour one can't appreciate the sweet, so here is the sweet.
1999, Serena winning Us Open
2000, Venus winning Wimby and Us Open, having a 35 match winning streak, winning gold at Olympics, winning that match with Hingis in Us Open semis, HUGE backhand when down 5-3 third set and 15-30 on serve, biggest pressure shot I think she has EVER hit.
2001, Venus winning Wimby, Us Open
2002, Serena winning FO, Wimby, Us Open, both at #1 and #2.
2003, Serena AO, the Serena slam.
those are just some of the biggest wins I think, of course there is many others.

Well I had time on my hands for the first time in a long whilem and felt like posting this...
if u have something to contribute on here would be grea,t from achievements, to dissapoinments, to feelings on the fan thing..........

from the infrequent poster Superdevil :devil:

Feb 24th, 2003, 05:26 AM
I felt soo bad for Vee during her dark times (first 5 months of 2000 season) she desperately wanted to play but her tendonitis. starting her season off on clay losing to players like dokic 6.1 6.2 and blitzing through her 1st 4 matches @ RG just to lose to ASV (i miss u :sad: ) on a chilly quarterfinal wearing her yellow partial getup which she had to win in order to obtain the full outfit from reebok. ...

...oh but she turned that all around. who would have known that the next time she would lose again was after 4-5 months...

ahh queen vee. queen of them all.

Rae Q.
Feb 24th, 2003, 06:00 PM
They had to go through the dark times to get where they're at today and Serena and Venus fans totally don't take that for granted. :)

Mar 26th, 2003, 01:22 PM
'What does not break them, only makes them stronger'

:worship: William sisters forever :worship:

Mar 26th, 2003, 02:26 PM
:D :worship: