View Full Version : Today I took a pic. with Gabi Sabatini at ATT Cup in Buenos Aires!

Feb 23rd, 2003, 11:01 PM
I'm so happy! I still havent digested it. It was a magnificent day of tennis in Buenos Aires. I get to see Moya win in three sets the final and then get an autograph from him. (The only one he gave!) I standed on the court at the end of the match, praying that he'd pay some attention to me, and he did! He said the nicest words.... he's sucha nice guy. Did you know he does lots of charity, but does not make the public because he thinks that "those things shouldn't be said in public" (wow, didn't know that):eek:
Anyway, after the match, I went to the conference room because a friend of mine works in the tournament as head director of organization and he handed me some passes for the conference. Luckily I went out of the conference for a few minutes and that is where I found Gabriela talking to some guy. Some photographers were taking some pictures of her and so I told some of those guys if he could take a picture of me and Gabriela with my camera. I waited for her to finish talking and I asked her shaking "Excuse me, would you take a picture with me Gaby?" She gave me a warm smile and said yes. She placed her arm around my back and the picture was taken. It was so nice!! After that I decided that I had to talk to her, say something else "Gabriela you're so wonderful, you're my idol and my source of inspiration. You're such a great person. You've done so much for our sport in Argentina"... but I couldn't, the words just didn't come out. I just said "Thank you" and she walked away.
At the end of the final, in the award presentation there were the tournament director and Gabriela standing to give the awards. When they mentioned Gabriela in the stadium's speakphones we gave her a very warming applause. Even more than Moya, the winner. She's such a great person and so beautiful, it's a petty that she isn't seeing anyone.
Has anyone ever talked to her? Which was the best picture you've ever taken with your idol? Did it happen to you the situation of "no words coming out of your mouth"? I'll post the pic of her and me soon, I have to get the pictures first.


Feb 23rd, 2003, 11:42 PM
I was there too!:)

How nice your day too:wavey:

Brian Stewart
Feb 23rd, 2003, 11:54 PM
A picture with Gaby? That's great!

(And I'm not jealous or anything.)