View Full Version : Weingärtner out in Mexican qualifying - a second Lucic one match wonder ?

Feb 23rd, 2003, 09:52 PM
Marlene did a talkshow after the Australian Open here, okay, fine with me. She skipped events she played last year, Tokyo f.e., okay, fine with me.

But, instead of training for clay, she lost both matches on clay against no-name-players, better said, against players she MUST win. It´s sad she lost to Rodionova who is her doubles partner and maybe she knew her too well and knew about weaknesses. But as she lost against no. 225 in the world, it´s about time somebody says she takes things too easily and sees herself as top20 material when she´s nothing more than no4-5 in German tennis.

Both she and Martina Muller moved to the US to get better training and everything they did in 2003 (Muller) or almost everything (Weingartner) went wrong.

Weingartner only sees the Capriati-victory but forgets she would be near the top150 if having lost match or even worse. Her current position as no100 is only based on ONE single match !

She lost half of 2002 due to her back injury and hopefully these losses have nothing to do with that, but it´s a shame that she presents herself as top20 material and goes out in qualifying !!!

Feb 23rd, 2003, 10:11 PM
Sorry but Mirjana is not a one match wonder. Mirjana is a big underachiever but to compare her with Marlene is ridiculous ( although Marlene has been a more consistent top 100 fixture ).

Mirjana Lucic has 2 WTA tour singles titles, a Grand Slam doubles title, runner up in a Slam mixed final. She has beaten Seles, Tauziat, Smashnova and Zvereva and stretched Graf in a Wimbledon semi final to the limit plus never lost in Junior or Senior tennis to Marlene Weingartner.

Yes Mirjana has been a big disappointment this far but already has achieved far more than Weingartner.

Feb 23rd, 2003, 10:51 PM
Well, its not like Weingartner hasnt achieved anything either:

At the 2002 Australian Open she lost R4 to Mauresmo 0-6 6-4 5-7 (after beating Shaughnessy - her fourth win over the American).

She has beaten Coetzer, Dechy (twice), Rubin, Sanchez Vicario (grrr - twice)

She was double-bagelled by Ashley Harkleroad once though :o

You cant win every match you play, and a win over a top 20 player doent necessarily make you a top 20 player. Marlene's coming back from injury - she'll do fine

Feb 23rd, 2003, 11:20 PM
Top 20 is unrealistic at the moment, but she has previously shown enough promise to warrant it. 4th Round in the Australian, as already mentioned, as well as a Tier I Semifinal in Charleston. And she demonstrated what kind of tennis she is capable of producing when she turned the match against Capriati around. If any one thinks Jennifer just gave it away, they are mistaken. Marlene was lethal that day.

It's also important to take the context of her statements into consideration. I don't think she is overly ambitious by shooting for the Top 20 as a career aim, not at all. There's a difference between setting high goals as a dream for the future and boasting that you will absolutely get there because you're the best thing to hit tennis since Graf's forehand.

If she makes a habit out of losing to players ranked below 200, you have reason to worry. But I really don't believe the difference between 225 and 100 is that great. The higher ranked player will never have a 100 percent record. Or even a 90 percent one. However, Marlene is supposed to do a lot better than #100 anyway.

I think Marlene's recent results - she also had a couple of terrible losing streaks last year - are indeed a cause for concern. And I'm not sure how much of it we can pin on her injury hassles. Because how are we then going to explain the victory over Capriati?

But she does have a habit of bouncing back when least expected, so let's see if she doesn't produce something spectacular once she gets this latest string of fiascos behind her. (She also missed a golden opportunity against Ruano Pascual at the Australian, that match was so winnable.)

Feb 23rd, 2003, 11:26 PM
I remember Marlene being crushed by Jennifer at Hilton Head 01 semifinals. Jennifer just stepped in the court and smacked everything so hard. I can not believe she lost to her at the Australian. I missed the match on TV.

Feb 23rd, 2003, 11:33 PM
How do you crush someone 7-5 6-4? Sounds more like a hugging to me.

Feb 23rd, 2003, 11:41 PM
Originally posted by downtheline
I remember Marlene being crushed by Jennifer at Hilton Head 01 semifinals. Jennifer just stepped in the court and smacked everything so hard. I can not believe she lost to her at the Australian. I missed the match on TV.

Interesting because Marlene stepped in the court and smacked everything so hard when she won in the Australian and looked like a world-beater. And then in the next round/s she seemed to feel she had to play a more subtle game and was very mediocre.