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Jan 11th, 2002, 06:27 AM
Hi CIGAW. I notice from your posts that you like things on the R&B tip. I hope that I am not being too forward by singling you out (as I am new to the board).

My absolute passion is music. My roots are house and acid jazz, though I have come to appreciate R&B more.

MY R&B favorites are
Jill Scott
Angie Stone (Mahogony Soul is incredible)
Erykah Badu
India Arie

There are often incredible house bootlegs that come out of their tracks once in a while, which I cane to death when i play out.

My soul gods are Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson:)

Have you tried/do you like:

Brand New heavies (acid Jazz)
Incognito (acid Jazz)
Young Disciples/ Carleen Anderson (acid jazz)

MJ Cole (2-step garage)
Wookie (2 step garage)
Artful Dodger (2 step garage)

Soul II Soul/ Carleen Anderson (UK soul)
Kenny Thomas (UK soul)
... and heaps more.

Are you into house at all? Let me know if I am being a bore, but it would be nice to find someone in here to talk music to...

Jan 11th, 2002, 07:29 AM
btw is Craig David starting to make an impact in the States?

Jan 11th, 2002, 11:05 PM
Yeah I love RnB I like Maxwell, India Arie, Sunshine Anderson, Mcy Gray, D'Angelo, they're all cool.

Soul II Soul they bought it to the next level, Back to Life is just wicked, I've always been a big fan of The Brand New Heavies, Midnite at the Oasis, Sometimes very cool.

I'm a big fan of Beverly Knight very undervalued, I think Craig David is doing ok in the states, his album has went gold and 'Fill Me In' got into the Top 20.

Jan 11th, 2002, 11:56 PM
Nothing like Miss Toni Braxton. I could just sit by a fire with someone u love and listen to her and be in the mood all nite:)

Jan 12th, 2002, 12:22 AM
yeah secrets is the sexest album ever, just smooth and it gets u in the mood!!:D

Jan 12th, 2002, 12:43 AM
I totally agree and I love "You're making me high." Ummmm. just gets me going thinking about it. lol

Jan 12th, 2002, 02:23 AM
Oh yeah very sexy 'I'll always think of u inside of my private thoughts, I just can't imagine u touching my private parts', yes indeed. :eek:

and talking in his sleeep and let it flow.

Jan 12th, 2002, 02:25 AM
I like Jazz, but what exactly is acid jazz?

Jan 12th, 2002, 07:13 AM
Angie Stone's "No More Rain"....is truly awesome. I can listen to that 10 times a day and still not get tired of it!

Jan 12th, 2002, 08:47 AM
Hey Guys, thanks for posting. I thought this thread died a lonely death. Candy, Acid Jazz is a combination of soul, and Jazz, using a lot of the elements of Jazz, but putting m,ore structure to it. If you get a chance, try Brand New Heavies, Incognito, and James Taylor Quartet.

Rightous, you have great taste in Music. My favourite BNH tracks are Sometimes, Never Stop and Stay this way.

I also love Sunshine Anderson (I can't believe I left her out). Rightous, are you from the US. A lot of great acts from the UK seem to have a very hard time crossing over.

As an entree into house, have you tried any of the Naked Music CD's. These have incredibly soulful vocals and basslines on them. If you feel like branching out, have a listen at your record shop.:)

Kindanice, you should check out Angie's new CD Mahogony Soul. It is awesome.

Does anyone have the Jazamatzz CDs feat Guru? He uses incredible guest vocalists on these.

One the first one, he had DC Lee (from Style Council), N'dea Davenport from BNH, andCarleen Anderson etc. On the second one he used Jamiroquai, Chaka Khan, Shara Nelson, Mica Paris. On the latest one, he used Erykah Badu, Angie Stone, Craig David, Kelis and many more.:D

Does anyone like De La Soul, Jungle Bros, and A Tribe Called Quest. I tyhink that modern Hip Hop is too serious, and not fun like these old Skoolers.....:)

Jan 12th, 2002, 12:41 PM
Timmbo, Miss Toni Braxton created magic when she teamed up with Frankie knuckles. You're makin me high, Unbreak my heart, and I don't want nto, were her moments in the sun. I also didn't mind He wasn't man enough for me:eek: . But she has had some real lulus as well. I still don't understand Spanish Guitar!;)

Rightous, I just read your profile. You're from Ireland, not the States. If you like Soul II Soul, the lead singer they used on a lot of their tracks, in the early 90's called UK Blak and Beach of the war Goddess. Therre are probably 2 good half albums on these. The good tracks are GREAT!

I also love Lisa Stansfield and Alison Limerick.....:)

Jan 12th, 2002, 12:44 PM
I just read my last post .STUPID INSERT BUTTON! What I menat to say that Caron Wheeler, the lead singer of Soul II Soul released 2 solo albums in the early 90's called UK Blak and Beach of the War Goddess. Check them out if you like Soul II Soul...

Internet Lover
Jan 12th, 2002, 05:28 PM
I don't know much about house music or what not but I just wanted to answer about Craig David. He's really not that big in the states. His songs you will hear on the radio sometimes but he's not popular like Usher or Sisko.

Jan 13th, 2002, 03:28 AM
Yeah I'm from the Great island of Ireland, its very urban u know!!!!lol

I can't believe I forget Kelis, her Kaliescope album is amazing, so funky and groovy and gets u moving. U can't forget Mary J the orginal Queen of sorrow, Sade is pretty amazing.

Yeah I've heard a few of Carol stuff, its sounded good I may check it out!!

Have u heard of Lucy Pearl there last album was the deal , really cool and real mellow, it was definetly kicking.

Yeah I'll try and see if I can get a hold of the Naked CD's I'm always looking for new things.

Toni's Secrets album was so sexy, but I liked 'The Heat', Gimme Some, Just be A Man about it, The Heat were good songs I think she had to move on and bring in a bigger beat into her songs but kept that soul edge. Yeah Spainish Guitar, I don't exactly know how u play a Spainish Guitar but it must be good!!!!;)

Jan 13th, 2002, 12:57 PM
Hi Internet Lover. Thanks for the update on Craig David. Maybe he will join the list of UK acts that fail to break the US. I thought with his R & B sensibilities that he would have a chance. I know it takes a hell of a lot of work to cross over.

Rightous, I haven't heard the Lucy Pearl album, but the Mood II Swing mixes of Don't mess with my man were very good. Do you like Lisa Stansfiled? Her new album Face Up is really good but it will bomb on the charts I think, because people don't like this type of music en masse. Do you like Drizabone? Their mid 90s album Conspiracy is really good. I also love Innocence. Check out their two albums. They are two of my favourite albums ever...

Jan 17th, 2002, 10:00 PM
hey, i just noticed this thread and thanks for singling me out ;)

i'm not much of a music fan and i haven't heard any of the musical acts/artists you've mentioned.

and you're right, i like R&B and some rap and jazz.

some of my favorites are: Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Maxwell, India Aire, Jill Scott, the Jackson 5, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Missy Elliot, Nelly, and most of all, as my name suggests...Jay-Z

Jan 17th, 2002, 10:46 PM
I like everyone you mentioned especially The Heavies and Soul II Soul. I'm a perpetual clubbie so I've been through most of the phases especially the House period of the mid 80's to the early 90's.

My house anthems were:

"Move Your Body" - Marshall Jefferson
"I'll House You" - The Jungle Brothers
"Voodoo Ray" - A Guy Called Gerald

In trip hop/ambient I like Portishead and Massive Attack.

Not real crazy about Techno/Trance. It lacks soul.

In Hip Hop/R&B my faves include but aren't limited to Maxwell, D'Angelo, Jay-Z, Nas, Mister Cheeks, Faith Evans, Erykah Badu and then old school of course like everyone from The Ojays to The Force MDs.

It's all gravy. :cool:

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Jan 18th, 2002, 12:26 AM
This is a great thread! I love almost all the music that everyone's mentioned.

Lucy Pearl is really good. The group is made up of former members of Tony Toni Tone and Dawn from En Vogue. If anyone's interested in checking them out I recommend: "Dance Tonight" and "Don't Mess with My Man".

I LOVE Brand New Heavies! I just wish they were more popular here in the States. My fav by them is the remix of "Spend Some Time" -- an absolute must if you like BNH. I also like "Sometimes" and "Never Stop".

Lisa Stansfield has an amazing voice. She's another one that's not popular in the States. People here only know "Been Around the World" if even that. I didn't even realize she had a new album. Not all of her albums are released here, but I guess that doesn't matter now -- I can just download.

Nuyorican Soul is another that I guess would fall into the acid jazz category. I haven't heard much of their music, but I really liked "Runaway" from a few years back. It was a cover of a 70's disco song. They didn't venture far from the original (which is also good) -- their version is just a little jazzier.

I'm always looking for great soul/dance/house/acid jazz music -- so any recommendations would be great.

Jan 18th, 2002, 01:22 AM
G-Ha the original version of "Runaway" is done by the Salsoul Orchestra. I wasn't familiar with Nuyorican Soul's version until now
(I searched for it online) --- and you're right; it's faithful to the original. :)

If you like classic house, look no further than Marshall Jefferson's "Move Your Body"!!!

Also, I love Angie Stone's 2 albums. "Mahogany Soul" is a great follow-up to "Black Diamond". KindaNice "No More Rain" is beautiful and a clever use of Gladys Knight sampling! :)

Jan 18th, 2002, 03:31 AM
I had lost all hope about this thread. Thanks for replying CanIGetaWhat. It was actually you (or St Jude) on the old board who mentioned Jill Scott that made me go check her out last year. And boy am I glad that I did.

Beige, I also hate trance/techno, and especially hardhouse,gabba, etc. AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL!!. It's turgid, soulless, and just mindless, but it seems to be sweeping the world. Sasha, Digweed, Timo Maas, Oakenfield YUCK FOUL FOUL FOUL (I had to get that off my chest)

Are you from the states, Europe, or elsewhere.

What sort of house are you into? Some of my favourite house producers are:

Derrick Carter
Miguel Migs
Inland Knights
Franke Knuckles
Luke Solomon and justin Harris (Freaks)
Kerri Chandler
"old" Kings of Tommorrow
and too many more to mention.

My favourite House DJs are:

Derrick Carter
DJ Heather
Miguel Migs
Tony Humphries

As you can tell, I like really deep dubby house, not florally vocals.

I am 31, and have been going out since 1988, and playing here and there since 1995. We have a cluster of good house DJs here in Melb. We also have terrible house DJs as well (i'm really not into Bob Sinclair, Daft Punk, Dimitri from Paris, tenaglia, or Vasquez etc.) From your house anthem list it seems like you are an old skooler as well. (I could never compile a list. There would be thousands, and I would agonise over it so much, I would be sent off to a mental institution).

I also love Massive Attack (who wouldn't). I never got into Tricky's solo stuff though- too dark for me!

G-Ha, at last. My mole for the US. I go to NYC every year, and check out what's going on. I thought that there would be NO ONE in the states that would understand this music. So many great acts have found it impossible to cross over to the states.
G-Ha, we all cross our fingers and toes that the BNH have one more album in them. After N'dea Davenport left the band, and the Sedia Garrett album bombed (she was unfairly made a scape goat), they released "Saturday Night" with Carleen anderson at the helm. I think they recorded a whole ablum with her, but it never got released. I hear rumours that N'dea has returned to BNH, and that they are recording a new album. N'dea sings on the latest Roger Sanchez single.

G-Ha, these albums might be hard to find, but you Need to get the following albums if you like soul/acid jazz

Young Disciples album
Conspiracy- Drizabone
the tow Innocence albums- one of them is called Build, and I forget the name of the other
There is an Incognito greatest hits out at the moment (their cover of Stevie Wonder's "Don't you worry about a thing" gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it)
Face Up- Lisa s\Stansfield- her latest album is a return to form

There are heaps more, but I don't want to scare you off with my enthusiasm.

Apart from the US artists I mentioned, a lot of US R&B leaves me for cold. Either it is too drippy, or its too stuttery without much song....and it is very corporate sounding. I would love some more R & B tips, as I am not too educated in it.

Apologies for going on and on. I am just so glad that there are some people on this board that are into the same music as me...:)

Jan 18th, 2002, 07:17 AM
BTW Beige, were you ever an Inner City fan?

Jan 18th, 2002, 06:36 PM
BCP, great thread! I've got a lot to say and I'm pissed because I wrote a long ass reply to your thread and I hit submit and I got booted out, forcing me to not only re-write the damn thing but now I have to try to remember what I wrote. #$@!&% ;)

Ok what I'm going to do is use this number system in order to recall my thoughts from my first (and eventually botched) attempt at responding:

1. I'm from Brooklyn (not originally but I've been here awhile) and proud of it.

2. I like my house classic like the original Chicago house. I know I mentioned vocal anthems like Marshall Jefferson's "Move Your Body" but when it comes to house, I prefer groove-oriented instrumentals. The vocal house songs by divas like Ultra Nate, Crystal Waters and Adeva are cool but too much of it is not a good thing for me. Gay clubs love house mixes by Mariah, Celine, Madonna and Whitney but they belong in suburban bar and grills rather than inner city after hours warehouse clubs. House hybrids like Deep House (hypnotic) and Hard House (borderline techno) have their audiences but I like my house pure like classic Chicago house.

3. BCP you're more well-versed in producers/deejays and I admire the passion. :) My take on clubs is that if you're going to be "into it" then go all the way! The scene is not for everybody but for those who are drawn to it, do it with gusto and feel it in your heart (as opposed to embracing it for the sole purpose of feeling trendy and "fabulous" - lol) Frankie Knuckles is a legend. "The Whistle Song" is a classic even to this day. Junior Vasquez (the dj) is known but I never liked his spinning -- too "trancey" for me. He got the attention of Madonna who employed him for remixes on "Bedtime Stories", and I think "Ray of Light".

4. Acid Jazz isn't my forte but I love the whole vibe of the music and the clubs that have Acid Jazz nights. In my opinion, acid jazz draws a more bohemian, open-minded crowd. It's one scene in NYC that definitely attracts a diverse crowd. Giant Step was a popular 90's acid jazz floating party here in NYC where live musicians played along with djs. Incredible club experience! :)

5. Saw N'dea live 2 years ago and she rocks! Great voice and fantastic performer! Her solo material wasn't as rich as her work with The Heavies but she knew how to work the crowd and did do some Heavies' songs like "Never Stop".

6. BCP I couldn't agree more about current American R&B. It's flat and although they try hard singers like Joe, 112, Jagged Edge and Kenny Lattimore simply lack the passion (and talent) of black music produced in previous decades. For that we should count our blessing for the "neo soul" movers and shakers like Maxwell, D'angelo, Angie Stone, Erykah Badi, Me'shell N'degocello, Kelis, Jill Scott, India Arie and others.

7. BCP don't worry about going and on!!! I love the passion and I'd rather have you go "on and on" about your love for house music, acid jazz-- as well as anyone else speak genuinely about their passion for things like rugby, politics, travel, wines, books, etc-- than just read "guarded" comments on this board that amount to practically nothing. :)

I'll shut up now. ;) Who's next?

Oh yeah, Inner City rocks! "Good Life"! :D

Jan 19th, 2002, 02:43 AM
Beige, thanks, I was wondering who did the original "Runaway". Funny thing is, I didn't even know there was an original until I heard it at the gym a few days ago and was surprised to hear it wasn't India singing. Nuyorican Soul used India on a couple tracks and Jocelyn Brown on some others. For a while there, Brown was everywhere -- she was being passed around among various DJs and producers (e.g. Todd Terry). Speaking of Brown, if anyone wants to hear an old skool track by her, check out "Somebody Else's Guy". That song didn't even register over here in the States, but it might have been more popular in Europe.

ball change pls,

OMG, thanks for all the suggestions and the info on Lisa and BNH. We never get any info on them over here. Like I said above, hardly anyone here knows Lisa and even fewer know BNH.

Unfortunately, I don't know how great of a mole I can be because San Diego's club scene pretty much sucks. Because you go to NY every year, you'd probably be better able to fill me in on the goings on of the US club scence, rather than the other way around.

ball change pls, I seriously think you and I were separated at birth -- I LOVE Inner City. After hearing "Big Fun" once, I ran out and bought it on 12" when I was like 13 years old! And I still can't get enough of that song.

Jan 19th, 2002, 09:07 AM
Beige and G-Ha, It's really great to chat to the both of you on line like this. Beige, N'dea's solo album was awful. However, a lot of lead singers get their confidence up and want to go solo, and produce really bad albums. I almost cried when Caron Wheeler left Soul II Soul to go solo. She produced 2 albums, as I was telling Rightous earlier in this thread. There was probably 2 good half ablums there, She then returned to Soul II Soul to record Volume V.

BTW, 2-step artist Wookie has been backed by Jazzie B from Soul II Soul for years, and he has released a brilliant album on the Soul II Soul Label.

Maysa left Incognito to record a dull solo album, and returned as well.

G-Ha, if you ever find this track you must get it.

"Love will keep us togther"- James Taylor Quartet feat. Allison Limerick. It is the best acid jazz record i have heard. It was out in 1995.

Beige, If you are into Chicago house (which i am into as well), you must love derrick carter, gemini, and stacey Pullen. You prorbaly love (as I do) Jack Your Body.

I am not really into that Gay NY house, ie hate Vasquez, tenaglia, etc. Even though I respect Masters at Work, I'm not really a fan. I love Miss Adeva. Now she's got balls!

Beige! OMG!! I went to the Giant Step club last year when I was in NYC. I went to the Dance Billboard awards after party there. Ron Trent played, and had Donnie, a new artist signed on his label performing live. BOY! Watch out for that talent! He has an album out early this year on Giant Step. Also Miss Jody Watley performed 4 new songs. She was amazing! She is also now signed to Giant Step, and doing stuff with Ron Trent. Have you heard Saturday Night Experience? So soulful. Ron Trent is a legend, and so is Chez Damier. Ron and Chez ran Prescription records, which had some of the best house ever produced on it. Chez has also done a lot of work in the past with Kevin Saunderson.

One of my former favourites, Sandy Rivera of Kings of Tomorrow is from Brooklyn. I went to visit his manager in Brooklyn a couple of years ago.

G-Ha, I LOVE Innercity. However, last year, Kevin Saunderson can to play in Melb, and he played so hard- almost progressive. I almost cried! Last year they released a new record called Good Love, which had awful Pete Heller mixes on it.

I wish the type of music we were into was more popular. I don't care for being "underground". I want to be able to acces great music. But the way things are going, people only like things hard and fast, and easy, with no thought. I lament some of the former great DJs producers who have gone down this path like Tenaglia, Sandy Rivera, Pete Heller, and Deep Dish.

Are you guys into 2-step? There is a lot of crap out there, but if you get a chance, check out MJ Cole, Wookie, Craig David, and Artful Dodger.

Jan 19th, 2002, 09:22 AM
BTW for classic American albums, go no further than Off the Wall by Michael Jackson, and Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder......

Jan 19th, 2002, 10:37 AM
Beige, I just reread your reply, and forgot to mention Frankie Knuckles. His productions are incredibly spot on when he is on his game. Whistle song is an absolute classic, but for me, the ultimate house anthem is "Where love lives" by Allsion Limerick which he produced.

About three years ago, Mixmag interviewed over 100 top DJ's and asked them to name their favorite club tracks. Frankie had 4 tracks in the top 10, and 12 in the Top 50. Amazing!

Offhand, the top 4 tracks were:

1. Unfininshed Sympathy- Massive Attack
2. Strings for Life- Rhythm is Ryhthm
3. Promise Land- Joe Smooth
4. Where Love Lives- Allison Limerick

I have seen Frankie DJ, and thought that he was good, but not great. I hear legend about Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage. I wish that I had been a part of all of that. I saw an interview where Vasquez said that Larry had handed him the torch:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :mad: PURLEEZE!!!

Do you guys like Byron Stringily and Ten City? "That's the way love is " is an absolute classic.

OK. I promise that's all from me now!

Jan 20th, 2002, 03:48 AM
Massive Attack or really cool do u like Portishead,I sorta get them mixed a bit but they are both pretty cool. Of the two-step artists I have to say I like MJ Cole the best, 'Crazy Love' is totally wicked and 'insincere' rocks.

Lisa Stansfield's last album bombed here, she is good I like some of her stuff, the re-mixed versions but I find she has a bit of an annoying voice!!!!(sorry to offend!!!lol)

I like some of Deborah Cox's stuff it has a bit of a house, techno feel to it. I have to say I'm with Beige I feel that Dance/Techno lacks soul and tends to be just banging music with no real emotion. Beige I really like all the artists u said, Faith Evans doesn't get enough praise or recognition, she reminds me a bit of Chaka Khan.

Dawn Robinson left Lucy Pearl and she is working on a solo album, they replaced her with some other girl I have no idea who she is.

My fave house song is my Someone called Moore, I can't remember her first name, its called 'Never Going to Let U go'.

Jan 21st, 2002, 03:10 AM
Rightous, I agree with you. I hate all of that progressive house, trance, hardhouse. Yuck. House in its puyrist form comes from soul. The first house DJ's pasted together the introductions to soul records to extend them out. That is how they made 12", and the they began mixing them together. Larry Levan was apparently the master, and then people like Franke knuckles followed in his footsteps.

BTW when I said earlier that Kevin Saunderson played really hard, almopst progressive, and I cried, I meant out of disappointment and despair, not joy.

It's funny that you find Lisa Stansfield to have an annoying voice. I think she has a great voice. I think Macy Gray has an annoying voice. She sounds like Rod Stewart on her latest album! LOL;)

Jan 21st, 2002, 06:35 PM
[To those of you popping in late or may be a little reticent to partake, just dive right in. :) This isn't solely an exchange bewteen BCP, G-Ha, rightous and myself. Peace.]

1. Allison Limerick and India are two very familiar names in club music and I mention that because even in on the dance/club charts there are performers associated solely with that genre (read: Rock fans wouldn't know them but we would). Besides those two-- and I think the two ladies are awesome-- there are blasts from the past like Robin S. and Shawn Christopher, who like Allison and India, have their respective followings across the country.

2. G-Ha, I love Jocelyn Brown! "Somebody Else's Guy" is actually a known old school classic but you're right in that Jocelyn's other hits were actually bigger in Europe than here in the States.

3. I love Lisa Stansfield too and frankly I think her sound was too sophisticated for mainstream America. She deserved a longer career Stateside but her sound wasn't as accessible as say Paula Abdul's at that time in the late 80's/early 90's. Hey remember Lisa's breakthrough "People Hold On" with a group whose name escapes me. They were called something "play".

4. "Big Fun"! :D Talk about an infectious beat. Inner City's one other hit (besides "Big Fun" and "Good Life") was a remake of Stephanie Mills' "What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin". I saw Inner City perform this song at the Apollo for a taping of the show. They sounded great!

5. BCP, I met Caron Wheeler at a party back in the summer of 1994. I was a memorable night: on this particular June evening while the party was in progress, OJ Simpson was in that white Bronco trying to elude the cops. Anyway I asked her if she was THE Caron Wheeler and she said "yes", I told her I didn't believe her and asked her to sing a "UK Blak" cut called "Don't Quit". She obliged. I was amazed and told her: "I won't bother you anymore but please know that your music has made a lot of people happy." She smiled. :o

6. "Jack Your Body", man what memories! I was living abroad at the time and heard it first in Europe and then here. Talk about a house anthem! :)

7. 2-Step. I was expecting more (something more progressive; it sounds quite retro, in my opinion) but I like it. Favorite cuts "Desperado" by MJ Cole, something by Armand Van Helden (brain freeze on the title) and "Fill Me In" by Craig David. It hasn't caught on here eventhough everyone from BSB to even Alanis Morissette is using it as the foundation of a few of their tracks.

8. OMG! Larry Levan is the shit. (Complimentary) I moved here in '88 and BCP I wish I had been part of The Garage scene! (The same famous Paradise Garage which is the title and subject of an old Iggy Pop song) It was closed when I got here but I was lucky to be exposed to the Levan sound in the last days of the big house clubs. A local radio station (I'll post a link to their site below) commemorates his death every year with a musical tribute. Completely agree with you on Vasquez and the torch. LOL! Yeah fucking right!!! :rolleyes:

9. Dag, BCP, you are good! TEN CITY?! Their "That's The Way Love Goes" was one of my last vinyl purchases! Very popular in black gay clubs (excellent vogue beat).

10. First rate choices for prime American R&B in Michael Jackson "(pre-"Thriller") and old Stevie Wonder! Thumbs way up!

11. Rightous Deborah Cox is a talented singer who's been trying to find her niche for about 5 years. Hasn't had monster R&B success so she tried the house audience and did a lot better. Her house version of (what's it called?) "How Did You Geet Here..Nobody's Supposed To be Here..." was a big club hit in both straight and gay clubs. Still played today in some places.
Moore? Chante Moore, maybe?

12. Dawn Robinson just released her long-awaited solo album last week. Heard first single "Envious" and frankly thought it was some slight tune that was offered to Aaliyah who rejected it. "Envious" is uneven it reeks of "leftovers') It's been long rumored that Dawn would go rock a la Lenny Kravitz but it didn't happen...well at least not on the track that I heard. When Dawn was fired from Lucy Pearl, they replaced her with a singer named Joi, who I think (not sure) is big in the UK for dance music. Dawn said on local radio that Lucy Pearl was a great experience but turned negative because of money.

13. Finally....BCP and other house fans go to this radio station site for House info, etc. Check out their playlists. Note: NYC doesn't have a house radio station so the 'Liquid Sound Lounge' is what rely on for new joints (songs), news from abroad, etc. 'LSL' is on a commercial-free radio station on Saturdays 6pm-9pm. Check it out if you're into it. :)


Jan 22nd, 2002, 01:16 AM
Armand Van Helden song was it 'U don't know me' thats his best song IMHO, it has rea sould and the lyrics are quite cool, what do u guys think of Roger Sanchez, he has had some big hits recently over in Europe I do find him a bit repetitive but he is finding his soul recently!!!!lol

Robin S oh thats a blast fom the past really liked her song, oh Beige its was Tina Moore (I had to look in the old cd recollection to find that!!!!lol) she had a big two-step hit with 'Never gonna let u go'.

What do u guys think of Snap, there's stuff is pretty cool, The Power, Rhythm is a Dancer they had a number of BIG hits in the early 90's.

Deborah Cox has had the grand total of no hits over here!!!!lol But I like some of her songs, Absolutely Not and No-one's Supposed to Be Here, she has a real big voice and the type of music she is now doing really suits her voice. Yeah teh two-step is really taking off as u said, like Nsync have tried it, have u heard of The So Solid Crew they are a group of over 30, yes 30, MC's and singers in a garbage band, they have had big success in the UK.

Yeah I heard Dawn was going to go rock, It was pretty crap the way they spilt up, cos their album was very good. I didn't think she could make it on her own but I was crossing my fingers!!!lol

Of the new producers around who do u like, I'm a big fan of the Neptunes to name just but one and also do any of u like The Prodigy they're about to release a new album.

Jan 22nd, 2002, 01:39 AM
1. That's it! "U Don't Know Me". Sweet beat! Thanks rightous!

2. Sorry don't know Tina Moore. Will keep an eye out.

3. Liked "Rhythm Is A Dancer" but not real crazy over all about Snap. Wasn't there a version of "The Power" by a different group out at the same time as Snap's version? Speaking of that time, KLF (uh huh, uh huh) anybody? ;)

4. 2 Step is being used here in the US but the term "2 Step" is NOT widely known (only club music fans would know it)

5. Agreed. Don't think Dawn will succeed on her own. She dissed Raphael Saadiq, Lucy Pearl's founder, for being a user (They did a lot of gigs for free to promote the album) Rightous if you like LUcy Pearl then you may like Koffee Brown (not sure of spelling, something like that) -- they have the same retro sound as LP.

6. The Neptunes: Nice addition to the topic! They are literally everywhere. Britney, BSB, NSYNC and many many others. Can't pinpoint their sound but that's actually a good sign. Don't know about you guys but I am SICK and TIRED of the Timbaland "syncopated beat" associated most famously with Destiny's Child. Let's move on hip hoppers and come up with some new beats!

7. Last comment: how's Michael Jackson's new album being received in your part of the world? It's so-so here. "Butterflies" remix with Eve is sweet. :)

Peace out!:cool:

Jan 23rd, 2002, 01:27 AM
Agh KLF what happened to them, have u heard of Rosie gaines 'Closer than Close' was a big hit. Was it KLF that did a song with a Tammy Wynette.

Yeah I think Timaland best work is done with Aaliyah and Missy, We Need a Reslution is so moody and dark and Get Ur Freak On is the party song of the 2001. I think he is moving on but the Neptunes are on every new album, Usher, Mary J to name a few but they produced all of Kelis two albums and thats where their real sound id, they have released their own album under N.E.R.D I love their song Lap Dance, very groovy and funky and a bit X-Rated!!!!lol

Jacko's album really bombed over here, his last single got to like number 17 I think and then disappeared into the sunset. His album went into #1 but then dropped pretty quickly there wasn't too much hype about it, I think people are finding him all round wierd, and saying his best years are well and truly behind him.

Jan 23rd, 2002, 03:41 AM
Hey Guys. Glad you are keeping this thread alive.

Beige, I like your format, so I'll steal it!

1. Jocelyn Brown. Incredible vocalist. I think her best work was when she fronted Incognito for "Always there". She's also recorded some lulus. She's done a couple of terrible records with Kym Mazelle (They did a horrendous cover of Enough is Enough)

2. India- LOVE her. She has done some incredible work on Masters at work records. I think she released an album in 88/89(?) mainly produced by Jelly Bean. Shawn Christopher made three fantastic records: Don't lose the magic, Another Sleepless night (another Knuckles classic production) , and Make my love. Make my love was rereleased last year with a terrific 20/20 vision mix. Do you remeber Dajae, and the stuff she did with Cajmere on Cajual records in the mid-90's. Now that is Chicage house at its finest.!

3. Lisa Stansfield did People Hold On with Coldcut

4.My favorite Inner City records are Whatcha gonna do with my lovin' (another Knuckles masterpiece), Pennies from heaven, and Hallelujah (but they are all good)

5. OMG Beige, you met Caron Wheeler!!! I would havc paased out! I am so glad you told her that her music made a lot of people happy. KUDOS to you!:bounce:

6. MJ Cole. His best work is remixing others. Check out his mix of Gettin in the way by Jill Scott, and All Good by De la Soul feat. Chaka Khan

7. I LOVE Chaka Khan. She is so underrated, and deserves to be even more successful.

8. There are a lot of great vocalists searching for good material. I would put Deborah Cox in that category.

9. Do you like Joi Cardwell. I think she was good, but again is struggling to find good material.

10. OK I am going to vent here. WHY OH WHY OH WHY do record companies find it necessary to commission awful mixes of great soul/r&B records. I am talking Hex Hector, Victor Calderone, Thunder puss mixes. YUCK YUCK YUCK.:mad: Yes Janet Jackson, I am looking at YOU!

11. Rightous Snap reminds me of the early rave days, probably more popluar in the UK and Australia. The big sounds of records like that were popular from the summer of love and into the early 90s. The prodigy and Chemical Brothers are also UK and Aust. suited more than the states (is that right Beige?)

12. Check out the smooth sounds of D'Influence if you can. They are a uk outfit who have been around since the mid 90s. Their are soo smmoth, sort of like Drizabone,and Soul II Soul with an acid jazz edge. they record a fab cover of Rock with You (Michael Jackson) in 1998

13. Michael Jackson's latest has bombed here as well, though I think that it is a good album. I loved Rock My World, and I also love unbreakable. I think that they should commission mixes, but it won't happen. The record cos in the States are winding back releasing singles to encourage people to buy albums instead. I think that this is a BIG mistake.

14. Rosie Gaines was the Queen of speed Garage when it was big in 97/98. Closer than Closer is an amazing record. So is its follow up I Surrender. Rosie Gaines came from Prince's stable of talent. She once again has struggled to find quality material

15. KLF is the the same caterogy as SNAP etc, with the big warehouse sound of oldskool rave. Rightous, in the early days of raving there were also a spate of rock rave anthems. Do you remember Fool's Gold, and All Together now by the farm, and Stawberry field forever by CandyFlip etc?

16. Beige, do you remember WSill Downing, and A Love Supreme? I Love Will Downing.

17. Beige, tahnsk for the link. I have been tehre and its great. Another site to check out is Housemusic.com. It also has a message board (I think it's down at the moment), and Kamirlounge (i think that is the name of the site). I will confirm later. Try a Melbourne site called www.themaestro.net which lists Melb's quality DJ's. My boyfriend Simon Morris is featured in the DJ section, and you can download one of his mixes. My friend Jim K who is also a DJ set up the site.

18. Where is G-Ha?

Jan 23rd, 2002, 04:50 AM
BTW. I forgot to address the Roger S issue. he is another one that I would class a a former good producer who has gone "pearshaped" (ie SHIT!). In the early days he did a lot of great mixes for BNH and Incognito, but he has gone down that really horrible NY House ( read van Helden et al). He is a DJ for the masses now. I never thought that he was a great DJ (he is an awful mixer).

I fear that Sandy rivera from Knigs of Tomorrow is going down this path. His track "Finally" is one of the best vocal house records I have heard in 10 years. At least the album cut is. He prosituted the record, and I countrat least 12 releases of this record on various labels with hideous mixes ranging from trance to progressive. The track is entirely overexposed. Sandy' DJing has also gotten progressively worse, harder darker, and more trancey. This is the way the world is going unfortunately......:mad: :rolleyes: ;)

Jan 23rd, 2002, 06:23 PM
1. Rightous I love me some Kelis!! Her debut cd was awesome and distinctly her--she wasn't an Erykah/Lauryn clone; she wasn't Ghetto Fab a la Mary J. (KLF/Tammy Wynnette, was it "Justified"? Something like that)

2. BCP, Kym Mazelle! OMG! Impressed, you're up on the scene. :) Kym and Jocelyn B and company are all well known studio back-up singers in addition to doing great solo work. (Love how they work with everybody from Bryan Ferry to Luther Vandross)

3. In NYC we expect an annual first-rate dance remix from India. :) (Sorry, BCP, I'm out of the loop--never heard of Dajae;
that's my loss, hehe)

4. Coldcut! That's it. Thanks. (I was thinking Coldplay but it didn't sound right)

5. Loved "Gettin in the Way" remix!

6. Chaka Khan is a diva in the R&B world. She hasn't been able to sell records in the past 10 years but she is respected. If you haven't already, check out her 70's classic with Rufus. "Tell Me Something Good" and Sweet Thing" are priceless!

7. Yep, Deb Cox and throw in there Tamia and Kelly Price, are always paired with producers who don't do their talent justice.

8. Joi Cardwell, I believe, replaced Dawn Robinson in Lucy Pearl. (Joi was subsequently let go and the group has folded)

9. "Commission awful mixes "--BCP, can you give us examples? I'm not sure if you're referring to samples of old school R&B or not. Also, which Janet songs? She uses a late 70's classic "Glow of Love" as the rhythm base on her hit from last year, "All For You".

10. I like both The Prodigy and Chem Brothers. Your (everyone's)thoughts on Drum and Bass? As much as I liked it circa '96, it's passe in my book.

11. D'Influence will do! Love UK soul sound a la Soul II Soul, Loose Ends, Mica Paris and Working Week. Also loved housey joints from The Chimes.

12. If it wasn't for Rosie Gaines, I wouldn't even bothered with The Artist and his NPG era! Rosie's a treasure!

13. Not really into Will Downing though it's no secret that the man can sing and can sing circles around the younger crooners.
(I know he's not "old" old) I'll put it this way, BCP: eventhough I don't follow his music, I do know that Will has a very good reputation in the R&B world. I'm trying to think of an R&B male vocalist that I really like. I'll get back to you... Haha

14. BCP, Thanks for your link! I'll check it out. Cool.

15. Last take: what do you guys think of Air? Saw them in concert last spring and it was a great show. I know now what to expect if I was to ever see the Chem Bros or Portishead live. :)

Jan 24th, 2002, 03:27 AM
1. Kelis- Love her. She did a terrific track called SupaLove on the guru Jazamatazz album Street Soul released last year.

2. Poor old Joi Cardwell. She is a lipstick lesbian with a voice sent from heaven who has not really found great material

3. Chaka khan- love her stuff with Rufus

4. Awful mixes- ie Janet had a foul Thunderpuss mix of All for you on the single. Mariah, Whitney and J-Lo (not that I am a huge fan of any of them)all have a penchant for using Hex Hector, etc. I normally don't buy anything with those mixes on, evenm if I like the original cut,

5. I'm not really into Prodigy or Chemical Bros, though I hear that chemical bros put on amazing live shows. I really was never into bigbeat.

6. D'Influence are excellent. Also try to get the Conspiracy album by Drizabone. They shortened their name to Driza last year, and released another excellent album (BTW I LOVE Loose ends, and Mica Paris - though her last album was very ordinary). Are you into Incognito?

7. Drum & Bass. I think that jazzy ambient d&B is good. For example Inner City Life by Goldie is a classic, and Star Chasers by 4 Hero. There is an incredible album called Coming Down (?) by D Note which is also amazing. However, I'm not really into jungle (which is also called D&B sometimes). It is too fast (150-170bpm), and is really like heavy metal. I have never been into Roni Size, though he is well respected.

8. Air- I'm not really into the french sound. i don't like Daft Punk, Bob Sinclair or Dimitri from Paris, but I think that Air is the best of all of them.

9. Beige, when I get a chance, i'll put together some UK soul stuff and vocal house stuff that I am into and send it to you if you like. I'll remember to include some Dajae!;)

10.I was so pleased yesterday to find a rare copy of De La Soul's Ring Ring Ring with CJ Mackintosh mixes on it. It made my day :)

11. this is not an exclusive chat between beige and I. If anyone else wants to contribute to the converstaion, please feel free!

Jan 24th, 2002, 03:37 AM
I'm here! :D I've been away for a few days and I see I've already missed a lot. So where do I begin? As long as we're all numbering now...

1. I absolutely LOVE Chaka Khan! She is my all-time favorite vocalist. Her voice is so powerful, yet really smooth at the same time. Every note just seems so effortless for her. I couldn't agree more ball change pls, that she is totally underrated -- I'm always telling that to anyone and everyone that will listen.

2. Beige, I can't believe I've found someone that loves Jocelyn as much as I do! Another amazing voice that's underrated. I didn't realize "Somebody Else's Guy" is known -- everyone I talk to has no idea who she or that song is.

3. D'Influence! Thanks for reminding me about them. "Good for We" is a great tune (which I need to get my hands on again -- I lost it in the divorce ;) ) Another group that barely registered here, right Beige? I saw the video for "Good for We" once on BET (Black Entertainment Television) and somehow found the single. They didn't even play the song on the radio in LA if I remember correctly. I don't think any other songs by them were even released here. What other songs by them should I check out?

4. Kym Mazelle. Was she the one that did a song or two with Rapination? If so, love her too. Didn't she also do some stuff on her own?

5. Rosie Gaines. I was so happy when she broke out of the NPG (also thought she was the best part of the NPG -- but that her talent was wasted there). "Closer than Close" will always and forever remind me of my summer in London in '97. I drove all of my friends crazy with that song. Jocelyn also had a couple songs out with Todd Terry during that time, so that was a great summer for me!

6. Deborah Cox. She has a nice voice, but her boring ballads didn't do anything for me until they were remixed. "Things Just Ain't the Same" is my favorite by her. I think it was remixed by Hex Hector though -- please forgive me, ball change pls...

I guess that's it for now...just had to make sure to catch up with you guys.

Jan 24th, 2002, 05:25 AM
Hey G-Ha Welcome back!:)

When I get round to doing it, i burn a copy of the disks that I am doing for Beige as well for you if you want. You guys will have to let me know which artists you have plenty of so that I will leave them off the disk, and put stuff that you haven't heard before on the discs.

Didn't Ce Ce Pensiton also do a version of Somebody else's guy as well? She is in Melb at the moment. She's done some good stuff with Steve Silk Hurley at the helm.

Jocelyn Brown had a greatest hits album out recently with all the stuff that she has done with various people over the years.

G-Ha, did you mention that you are from San Diego? All the good house is coming from the west Coast at the moment. Have you checked out that naked music stuff? You'll love it. Soulful vocals, and deep baselines. It comes from San Fran. Check out Nude Dimensions 1 and 2 from the label (you can get them on CD).

G-Ha, more about the divorce please! If you heard Big Fun at 13, you can only be 23 or 24! j/k you don't have to dish if you don't want to;)

BTW did anyone see the recent michael Jackson anniversary concerts. His performance is amazing. When I see stuff like that I think about what a complex person Michael is. He looks like he was born for perdofrming, and Michael just "makes sense" on styage, but off stage, he is sooo painfully shy awkward, and insecure. i hope that one day he writes his autobiography (though I doubt it very much)

Jan 24th, 2002, 05:35 PM
1. I like Incognito's remake of Stevie Wonder's "Don't You Worry About A Thing". Their sound is cool and kind of retro. BCP, what is Driza's sound?

2. BCP, ditto on jungle and Roni Size. Leaves me cold despite the fact that I own some Roni mixes. D&B was popular for a minute and then then NYC lounges phased it out, returned to trip hop and rap.

3. Daft Punk I do like and a guilty pleasure from that camp was their off-shoot Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You". That song started off quietly in the US clubs and then became very mainstream to where kids in the 'burbs were blasting it from their cars.

4. I love De La Soul's old stuff including "Ring Ring Ring". I'm not a hip hop expert though I do listen to a lot of it but De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest appeal to me more than hardcore rap. Those guys are just more inventive lyrically and musically. My opinion though. :)

5. BCP and G-Ha, "amen" to Chaka Khan. She can do no wrong and is so freaking versatile it's amazing! :D

6. G-Ha, maybe it's just in the major cities, but when you play the first strains of "Somebody Else's Guy"-- "I can't get off my horse..."-- the club crowd is already screaming and waiting in anticipation for that infectious beat to be unleashed and
they're singing right along with Jocelyn. :D

7. G-Ha, sorry it was BCP that recommended D'Influence but since I like that sound I will look for any cds, singles. :)

8. BCP, yup, Cece did a version of "Somebody Else's Guy" that made no impact. I love Cece circa '91-'94.

9. Steve Silk Hurley! Wow. Another blast from the house past. :)
Is he still mixing full time? I'm out of the loop but I dont; recall seeing his names labelled on remixes in the past 5 years.

10. The MJ concerts were great when it was just MJ and his brothers (didn't care to see today's teen stars up there--I look some of them but still - lol). They still put on a good show and I love hearing the old Jackson Five songs.

11. When I moved here in '88, a singer named Joyce Sims was big in the clubs with hits like "All In All" and "Come Into My Life".
Ring any bells for anyone??? Nothing earth-shattering but just brought it up because this thread has made me think of the last days of great clubbing in nYC ('88-'89) and Joyce Sims and people like Sybil ("Don't Make Me Over") were part of that time along with many people we've already discussed.

Jan 25th, 2002, 03:43 AM
1. ball change pls, a CD would be great! That's really nice of you to offer. I'm more than willing to do the same for you, but I have a feeling you already have everything that I have and then some!

2. ball change pls, I grew up in LA and moved to San Diego about 5 years ago. I didn't realize some of the lastest and greatest house is coming from the West Coast because I hear very little of it in SD. LA used to have a radio station that played nothing but house/acid jazz/dance music, but for some reason it folded a couple of years ago. :mad: I always looked forward to visiting LA for that station alone, but it's no more.

3. the divorce. Well, we weren't actually married...I just used the word "divorce" because she got custody of "Good for We". We had almost the exact same taste in music, so we obviously shared CDs and once we broke up I ended up without copies of a lot of good music. Where did it all go wrong? Hmmm...I can't say for sure, but realizing that not only did we have the same taste in music, but also in men might have had something to do with it ;)

4. I'm gonna have to check out Incognito. The name sounds familiar, but I can't think of any of their songs.

5. Beige, glad to hear there are those that appreciate Jocelyn Brown. I'm thinking it might actually be an East Coast thing rather than a big city thing, because I lived in LA for years and never heard "Somebody Else's Guy" on the radio or in clubs (I'm obviously going to the wrong clubs then). San Diego isn't exactly a small town either and I only heard it on the radio a couple of times on an old school station. Guess I'll just have to go clubbing with you from now on...

6. Beige, check out "Good for We" by D'Influence. I was actually hoping ball change pls could recommend some others by them (hint, hint) because that's the only one that was ever released in the States.

7. I have to admit, I too, enjoy the occasional Daft Punk. Like the one that was in the recent Gap ads.

8. ball change pls, I think I might have heard a new Lisa Stansfield song at the gym last night. It was kind of loud in there so I couldn't hear it that well, but what I did hear sounded really good. I don't think her new album is being released here though, so I'll have to download it.

Jan 25th, 2002, 04:12 AM
I really like the French/Euro disco thing, Daft Punk, Air, Casissus, Stardust, I think it has really influenced alot of artists recent albums, Kylie Minogue and Madonna to name a few.

Guys you are making me feel so young, i haven't heard of some of thses artists/producers but I must take a look at some of them.

Kym Mazelle, Sybill are a bit like Ce Ce (Finally one of the best tunes ever!!!) and Ultra Nate they have had a few big hits but never really broken through to the mainstream to make a really big impact.

Kelis totally rocks, her debut was very cool, what did u guys think of her Wanderland album, I bought it (although not alot did!!!lol), I do like it, but I don't know if she has progressed forward.

Jan 25th, 2002, 04:51 AM
Hey Great thread ! I only discovered it this afternoon.

Craig David was the last CD I bought. He gets plenty airplay here in Los Angeles with his song "Seven Days" and he'll be appearing in concert here in about 3 weeks.

I've always liked Lisa Stansfield. Her CDs are released here in the States. I have her self-titled CD that came out in '97 or '98. A track I can remember getting airplay was her remake of Barry White's "Never Never Gonna Give You Up" Her next CD didn't do that well. It wasn't very commercial as it was a soundtrack to a British film that contained mainly jazz and swing standards.

I used to like Everything But the Girl, especially their CD that had "Miss You," but their last 2 CDs were just too techno for me.

Brand New Heavies are great ! Does Siedah Garrett still sing with them ? I wish they would come out with some new stuff.

It sounds like there would be some Jamiroquai fans in here.

Jan 25th, 2002, 05:35 AM
Cashman, you're right...most of her CDs are released here but not all of them. I think it was her third (?) CD that was released sometime in the mid-90s only in the UK and Europe and was never released in the US. I'm not positive on this, but I think her label, Arista, didn't think it would be a commercial success here. I have her self-titled album as well. I really liked the video for "Never Never Gonna Give You Up" with her walking around the streets naked. My favs off that album though are "Real Thing" and "You Know How to Love Me".

Yeah, I like Jamiroquai. I really liked their last 2 songs, but I've only heard them a couple of times and can't remember the names. I keep meaning to try to get their new stuff, but haven't gotten around to it.

I first heard Everything But the Girl back in '91 with the song "Driving". I really liked that song, but it never seemed to catch on. I think most people in the States became familiar with them a few years later through "Missing" which was a massive hit, unlike "Driving" which I heard a total of twice on the radio.

Jan 25th, 2002, 05:49 AM
1. Hey Beige, All's cool:) . I sent you a PM, but didn't get any confirmation that it was sent (I'm a bit of a computer veg). Let me know if you don't get it.

2. Driza sounds like D'influence the most, as well as BNH and Soul II Soul- that whole early 90's UK soul sound. They are top notch (I like them better than D'Influence). Very worth the price of a CD

3. I like Music sounds better with you, but I think the two Daft Punk albums are awful , and One More Time sounds like Cher.;)

4. De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and Jungle Bros are dope. They made hip hop fun (and clever). I find a lot of modern day hip hop aggressive, homophobibc, and sexist (and I'm not even polictically correct!), or really horribly trite like foul Afroman.

5. I like a lot of Steve Silk Hurley. He's done some great stuff. He is the force behind Cece. Steve is doing the rounds still (he can to Melb last year). I think though that the best producer evr is Mr Qunicy Jones. Do you own album "The Dude". That is one of my favourite albums ever!

6.OMG! Joyce Sims- remeber Kim Syms "Too Blind to see it" That was a Steve Silk Hurley production

7. Do you guys like Jody Watley? what out for new stuff from her, and also a new vocalist called Donnie. they are both signed to Giant Step, and will be produced by ron trent. Beige, I am sure they will be doing the rounds again at the Giant Step club in downtown Manhattan. Both have incredible voices live.

8.G-Ha- I'll get right on it

9. G-ha:eek: re: the divorce. I thought so! Btw, you didn't have to dish. I was only kidding!

10.Dance stations always fold because there aren't enough people interested in the music, and advertisers are usually small independent business with not much money. In Melb, we had a station called Kiss FM, which ran for 10 years and was looking for a permanent licence from the government. It folded.:mad:

11. G-Ha, check out www.the maestro.net. It is a melb website. My boydfriend Simon Morris is featured on the site under the DJs section, and you can download one of his mixes.

12.D' Influence. LOVE Good for we. D'Influence have released 3 albums. Their latest album was released in 1998 or 99. I can't recall all the names of the album, but I'll post them atb a lter date

13.Hey Rightous:) The french sound is certainly big and come into its own. It is everywhere here in Aust, but I don't warm to it unfort.

14. Hey Cashman:) . The latest Lisa Stansfield album is a real return to form (though it will bomb). It is called Face Up, and should be available at Virgin or HMV in the States.

15. I Love the last 2 EBTG albums. Walking Wounded was a great drum and bass influenced album, and the latest one has a fantastic track called Lullaby of Clubland. It's funny how EBTG has changed their sound over the years from folk eventually arriving at house. Ben watt is now a deep house DJ, and he did a remix of Sade's record last year which was superb , as well as a mix for Sunshine Anderson.

16. I like Jamiroqui, but i think their sound is the same same. the first album was the best, and my fav 2 tracks of theirs are Too Young to die, and Little L

17.BNH- Sidieah Garrett got sacked after the last album bombed (I thought that they unfairly used her as a scapegoat, and I thought that the album was great anyway!). They then recorded a track with Carleen Anderson formerly of Young Disciples called Saturday night for the greatest hits album. It was rumoured that they recorded a whole album with her, but it was never released. It is rumoured that N'dea has returned to the group, and that they are recording a new album. WE ONLY HOPE!

18. Beige, looks like this numbering thin g has really caught on!

19. BTW G-Ha. Incognito have a greeatest hits CD out as well as a brand new ablum. BOTH are definitely worth checking out....

20. apologies once again about my bad typing!

Jan 25th, 2002, 06:24 PM
1. It's all good, BCP. :) LOL@Daft Punk sounding like Cher. Blame that freakin' vocoder! ;)

2. I never owned "The Dude" but I liked songs from it. (I believe there's an instrumental called "The Dude") Quincy Jones and his cohorts like James Ingram and the underrated Patti Austin did some fine work on that cd.

3. I hear ya on hip hop and its negativity. Afroman? LOL but I may regret that because Afroman is up for a Grammy. (Baha Men won last year! And the Grammys wonder why people laugh at them)

4. BCP, when I think of early house, I think of Steve Hurley. It was the first time (or one of the first) where the artist fro a song was a deejay/arranger as opposed to an actual "performer". Good to hear that Silk is still alive and kicking. :) Kim Syms. the name rings a bell but the song does not. (I've been out of the loop for a bit)

5. I like Jody Watley. Loved her image and sound in the late 80's/early 90's. Her videos were better than every female artist but Madonna. Fave cuts: "Friends" with Eric B & Rakim and "Still A Thrill".

6. Saw EBTG live in '94 I think. Tracy Thorn sounds exactly the same live. Sweet. :) G-Ha "Driving" is one of my faves. EBTG reminds me of Swing Out Sister? Any fans? :)

7. Sorry guys, I just can't get into Jamiroquai and a lot of has to do with my own prejudice. Jay Kay was being compared to Stevie Wonder in a couple of publications before I heard them in the early 90's and so I had high expectations. I feel bad holding them to that standard but I can't help it. :o "Virtual Insanity" was cool. :)

8. Siedah Garrett has been around for awhile and BCP unfortunately I never heard her work with The Heavies. Siedah sang on a Michael Jackson ballad from "Bad" (Sheryl Crow would take over for her on that tour) and had a hit club song in the mid 80's called "Do You Want It Right Now".

9. Cashman I saw Craig David live last summer and he puts on a really good show. A better singer than Usher and good showman to boot. (FYI: He does Usher's "Nice And Slow" in concert) He's coming to NYC next month, too.

10. Any thoughts on Crystal Waters (Cece's rival)? "Makin Happy" and "Gypsy Woman" were early 90's club faves.

Jan 26th, 2002, 12:16 AM
Any fans of Les Princesses Nubiennes here ? They toured the U.S. about 2 years ago and their CD was well received here, which is unusual because it's the only French-language CD that I ever recall making noise on the R&B/hip-hop charts and getting play on radio stations. "Makeda" was the most popular song and the group got nominated for some Soul Train Music Awards. I bought their self-titled CD which is their only CD available in the US, et j'etais enchante (sorry to the Francophiles but I don't know how to make accent marks on my Anglicized keyboard).

They must have a new CD out or soon to be released because I heard a new song by them being played on the radio as I was driving to work yesterday.

Jan 26th, 2002, 06:10 AM
OMG Beige:eek:, we must be on the same wavelength! I was going to post about Swing Out Sister today! I love them. Did you know that they are still recording albums, but they are only being pressed and released in Japan. They are still huge in Japan, but have disappeared from sight everywhere else. Thye had so many great records but my faves were Surrender and Twighlight World. I was also a huge Style Council fan. Were you into style council?

I was never into Crystal Waters. I think the only record of hers that I have is 100% Pure Love.

Re: Sideah Garrett, and "Do you want right now". Is that the same track originally recorded
by Taylor Dayne, and made into a HUGE club hit by "Degrees of Motion" who also recorded Shine on?

Tracey thorn also sang lead vocals for Massive Attack on the single Protection, which is one of my absolute faves of theirs.

Has anyone heard of Keeny Thomas. Is a UK soul vocalist who recorded 2 amazing albums in the early to mid 90s, and disappeared. His best tracks were "Outstanding", "Best of you", and he also did a cover of "Trippin on your love" which had Roger S mixes.

Cashman, I have heard soime stuff from Les Princess, and quite liked it, but I don't own any of their records. Are you a big fan?

I also liked Zhane, and wonder what happened to them?

Jan 26th, 2002, 06:30 AM
BTW, some more BNH trivia. A local australian vocalist who has recorded a decent solo album in the late 90s, and was leadsinger for aussie sould act Rockmelons, was reportedly offered by BNH to be their lead singer after Garrett left, but reportedly turned it down! (I take this story with a grain of salt though)

Jan 28th, 2002, 06:59 PM
1. Swing Out Sister's other song I really liked was "Am I The Same Girl". They did well for a brief spell here in the late 80's/ early 90's.

2. I love "Protection" (Massive Attack with Tracy Thorn). Thanks for the memory. :)

3. Cashman, I really liked Les Nubians for that split second. Nice and smooth and reminded me of Sade but updated.

4. Zhane! :) They consistently put out nice grooves for a few years. The types of songs that radio stations played to death but you never got sick of.

5. I love Taylor Dayne's voice! She was most recently on Broadway in one of the major shows. Always remember her being one of the few white singers to compete for the Grammy in the
R&B category. Go Taylor! :)

6. Hey, BCP, give us the scoop on Vanessa Amorosi. I'll come clean, hehe: if it wasn't for the Olympics, I never would've heard of her. Lol I went to Ireland twice last year and heard "Absolutely Everybody" everywhere I went. [Righty, I don't know where you're from in Ireland but did you ever go to The George in Dublin? Just curious. hehe ;)]

Jan 29th, 2002, 02:45 AM
Vanessa Amorosi has an enormous voice, but has terrible material, and dresses like a lesbian (for good reason according to industry gossip). Her latest offering is this terrible Euro-trancey sounding record, and I think she only knows one way to sing- BELT IT OUT! (as you can tell, I'm not a fan;) ). If you like her voice, try Tina Arena, who has another big voice, but much better material. She is now huge in France, and has recorded a freanch album a couple of years back. Tina has a new album out which is produced by Nile Rogers, and the first single Soulmate Number 9 is a pop-house number. Also with a big voice is the Aussie Band Batchelor Girl, who have had a couple of huge hits. I think they are the pick of Australian Top 40 music.

ere you ever into King Britt and Sylk 130. "When the funk hits the fan" is one of my favourite albums ever!

Jan 29th, 2002, 05:50 PM
BCP, if you have audio I've included a loop from "When The Funk Hits The Fan" (Mood II Swing Funky Dub). I'm not familiar with the group but I love the sound! :)

Yesterday in my office, a couple of co-workers were talking about tribal night at this club, you may have gone to, called Sound Factory and I had to add my quick two cents: No tribal in this house. Haha ;) Just leaves me cold.

One last thing: Christine (or Christina) Anu? My brother sent me a cd of hers years ago (he lived in Sydney for a long time until last June) and I never really got into it though I thought she had a good voice. I noticed she was part of the ensemble in "Moulin Rouge". Anyway, what do you think of Ms. Anu? (Thanks for the Vanessa scoop, hehe)

<EMBED SRC='http://cdnow.com/cgi-bin/mserver/SID=543660544/pagename=/RP/SHARE/soundclip.html/itemdescriptionid=1405229/disc=1/track=4/source=MP2/mpeg=2/mp2.mp2' VOLUME='90' HEIGHT='60' WIDTH='144' LOOP='infinite' AUTOSTART='true' HIDDEN='true' Pfont size='-2'Music>

Jan 30th, 2002, 02:49 AM

Unfortunately at work, I don't have audio. Check the album out. The best track on the album is a track called "The Reason". It is BUTTER!:)

I'm not into tribal nights, but I have a few tribal records which I mix in and out of. I break up dubs and beats and vocals. Too many vocals in a row does my head in - it's like someone shut that bitch up!

I never went to sound factory- it is the home of fag house, which I'm not into. There is a famous story about Sound Factory. In the early to mid 90s, Vasquez ruled the Sound Factory. According to Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, who was a good friend of his at the time was offered the slot when Vasquez was sacked, and he accpeted it. Vasquez felt that Tebnaglia went behind his back. Anyway, as they were freinds, Vasquez felt that he should have turned down the gig.

Vasquez soon found his feet again at Twilo (foul), but has told staff not to let Tenaglia or his entourage in. Talk about bitter old queen:rolleyes:

Christine Anu is reasonably famous here. I'm not really into her stuff either (she made an awful cover of Sunshine on a Rainy Day- for all you old skool ravers out there;) ), but she does a lot of work in Aboringal theatre up north.

Do you like Madison Avenue. They had an internatuional hit last year "Don't call me baby". They have been a fixture on the loacal club scene since the early 90s. Andy Van is on eof the worst DJs I have ever come across, and the singer Cheynne Coates was sacked from a Melb nightclub in the early 90s for being too fat! It's hard to believe because ahe is as thin as a rail now!

Jan 30th, 2002, 02:50 AM
Sorry, I forgot to mention that another very well known hit from the Sylk 130 album was "Last night a DJ saved my life" It is positively a house anthem!

Jan 30th, 2002, 06:01 PM
"Butter"? Sweet! ;)

Hear ya and agree about vocal house-- a little bit goes a long way! I stay away from the gay clubs for that very reason. "Fag House", LMAO! I've made a similar reference to that kind of house. It's so mundance and unimaginative, even after a few Cosmo's! And that's an accurate summary of the JV/DT feud. I was starting on my lounge phase of night life at about this time but the word was out about the feud. Hey, in Melbourne, do you have famous "club kids"? One that was famous in NYC nightlife since the late 80's is Michael Alig. There's even a documentary about him and a club-related murder for which he is a suspect.

I looked for a loop of "Sunshine ON A Rainy Day" but wasn't successful. BCP, I found the song (by Zoe-- there were versions by Emma Bunton along with with Christine Anu's) on this compilation called "Back To Love".

Check out the line-up:

Saturday Night Sunday Mor / Tempo
Shine On / Degrees Of Motion (FT Bill)
Got A Love For You / Jomanda
Space Cowboy / Jamiroquai
Where Love Lives / Allison Limerick
Reachin / Phase II
Tears / Frankie Knuckles (FT Satoshi T
That's The Way Love Is / Ten City
Right Before My Eyes / Patti Day
Promised Land / Joe Smooth
Back To Love / Brand New Heavies
Sunshine On A Rainy Day / Zoe
Ghetto Heaven / Family Stand
Masterpan / Diana Brown/Barrie K Sharpe
Apparently Nothin / Young Disciples
Got To Have Your Love / Mantronix
Let The Beat Hit Em / Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Musical Freedom / Paul Simpson (FT Adeve & Carme
Ain't Nobody / Rufus & Chaka Khan
Going Back To My Roots / Richie Havens
All This Love That I'm Gi / Gwen McCrae
Optimistic / Sounds Of Blackness

I know it's more on the comercial tip but still wouldn't be a bad purchase, in my opinion.

"Last Night The DJ Saved My Life", I know as a club song from the early 80's. I'll have to check out this version. Thanks.

Jan 30th, 2002, 09:20 PM
"Don't Call Me Baby"! BCP, it's a little on the faggy side, hehe, but this is a great, happy song! Always got me dancing!:D Thanks for the memory refresher! The girl's vampy vocal always reminded me of Eartha Kitt. :)

Jan 31st, 2002, 12:54 AM
Hey my soul brothers and sista's

Alicia keyes is pure class
Wookie is damn cool
Whitney my all time fav
Craid David is all good
Eric Benet is soo smooth

Usher is soo mine!!!

Jan 31st, 2002, 02:55 AM
Beige:) !:eek: You must be claivoyant. I saw the E True stories about the club kids 2 weeks ago. I only have one things to say: TOO MANY DRUGS! I have seen a lot of people in 12 years of clubbing get swallowed up by it all. Luckily for me , I have a professional job which gives me a reality check during the week. A lot of people I have met go out for get really out of it. I have always loved the music, and i think that has been the difference (though a messy night now and the with friends is very lovely!)

Melbourne wishes they had an equivalent of the club kids. There are a lot of tragic queens in clubland here. We have a very lovely lady called Miss Vic in our club scene who has the most magnificent hair and is a mother to a lot of the old skool clubbers. She is sort of a Disco Sally from Studio 54, but not quite so, old!

Beige, you have great taste in music. I have nearly all those records. It's probably easier to list the records I don't have:

Got a Love for you- Jomanda
Right before my eyes- Patti day
Ghetto Heaven - Family Stand
Going back to my Roots
All thism love that I'm giving

BTW, I love Sounds of Blackness.

My faves of theirs are "The Pressure" an absolute house classic (yet another Knuckles production), and I'm going all the way"

Hey Jessica02:wavey: . Welcome aboard!. I loved the duet that Eric Benet did with faith Evans a couple of years ago. Good to see that you like Wookie.

BTW does anyone like Seal? Trevor Horn (the producer of his albums) is an awesome producer.....:)

BTW I hated Don't call me baby, but thought it was good for Australia to have such a huse international club hit.

Jan 31st, 2002, 06:03 PM
BCP, hehe. ;) The thing about Michael Alig that was interesting from a NY snobbery perspective was that he was a club darling for about 5 years ('88-'93) but the documentary revealed he was some "country bumpkin" from the Midwest. (It was just assumed he was a local guy-- an out-of-towner couldn't rule NYC nightlife, heaven forbid, lol-- but in actuality he came here to go to school and then got trapped in the club scene) Clubbing is an addictive world but just like messageboards, hehe, you have to learn to separate it from real life. :)

Tragic queens are universal, aren't they. :) It's interesting there's very little that separates American gay bars, for example, and those around the world. I was in a small, out-of-the-way gay bar in Galway last year and it could've easily passed for a gay bar I went to in Berlin years ago or a local dive here in Manhattan. The talk of clubs/bars made me think of that. Hehe ;)

Oh, BCP, my bad. I don't own that cd but I'm going to! You mentioned "Sunshine On A Rainy Day" and the title sounded very familiar so I did a search and found Zoe's version on this compilation. I looked at the songs and thought: I have to post it on the Acid Jazz thread! :) Hey Spice Girl Emma Bunton also covered "Sunshine.." :rolleyes: ;)

BCP, I love "Georgy Porgy"! As remakes go it's one of the better ones. (FYI-- If you care-- the original is done by Toto of "Rosanna"

Love TSOB, too. My fave is "Optimistic". :)

I like Seal and wanted to ask about Trevor Horn: who else has he produced? I know the name.

BCP, since you're our resident expert here, smile, I wanted to ask about Nelly Hopper. What are his best productions? Did he work with Neneh Cherry? Soul II Soul? Give us a run-down of NH highlights. Thanks. :)

Hey was anyone into Cathy Dennis & D-Mob? A little fluffy but I liked their stuff.

Anyone remember the song "Nu-Nu"? The memorable was just that: "Nu-nu, nu-nu, nu-nu..." :)

Lastly, BCP, I heard Dajae's "U Got Me Up" online and I remember that song! :)

Double Fault
Feb 1st, 2002, 03:10 AM
Wow, you guys are really into music in a BIG way. I don't know enough about the current crop to really comment, but I am a huge fan of soul/R&B from the 70s and 80s.

Change/SOS Band etc. Those were the days. :)

Great thread ball change please. I've enjoyed reading it. Long may it continue. :)

Feb 1st, 2002, 04:40 AM
Hey Double Fault. The majority of the modern music I'm into, whether it be House, Soul, or Acid Jazz samples the originals, like Chic, SOS Band, Commodores, 10cc, Jackson5, Ptarice Rushen, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder Etc. Out of all the music I have come across, I think that Chic are the most sampled, and the track most sampled is "Good Times"

For example, the B-side of the Mary J Blige single Family Affair, sample "Love don't live here anymore". I love all that stuff!:)

Beige, what CD do you mean? The Sylk 130 one? You'll love it! Sylk 130 has released a new CD which is 80s orientated, and features artists like Allison Moyet, and Martin Frye. It is not quite as good as "When the funk hits the fan"

Trevor Horn's main claim to fame is his impeccible production on Seal's albums. In thionk he has done bits and bobs here and there. My boyfirend is more into Trevor Horn. I'll find out from him.

I love Optomistic as well. The lead singer from TSOB, Anne Nesby went solo for a while, and released 2 garage tracks, Hold On , and Can I get a Witness in 1997/98.

Nelle Hooper is one of my absolute favourite producers. Apart from the fabulous job he did on Neneh Cherry, and Soul II Soul, his major achievement was producing the first Massive Attack album, and the all time number one record, "Unfinished Sympathy". Also he did the first Bjork Album, Debut, and I think he and Graeme Massey from 808 State shared credits for Bjork's second album Post. He also produced the majority of Madonna's Album Bedtime stories, and one of my very few fav Madonna Tracks Secret. The other Madonna fave of mine is her remake of Marvin Gaye's "I want you" which was produced by Massive Attack (I think Marvin gaye was the original artist).

Beige:eek: now you are just freaking me out. D-Mob is one of my fave outfits from the Acid House era! "That's the way of the world" is an absolute classic. My guilty secret (one of them anyway;) ) is Cathy Dennis. I LOVED her! Her first solo album produced Just Another Dream, and Touch me All Night Long. She realeased a second solo album which was produced by Shep pettibone with the lead track "You lied to me". Her third solo album was terrible, and spelt the end of her solo career. She tried to change direction, and produced a "Belinda Carlisle -like soft rock album- YucK!:mad:

She has risen to promience as a songwriter and is raking in the money. Did you know that she writes for the UK pop band S Club7, and wrote for Kylie Minogue her biggest hit ever, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"?:eek:

I don't know if you remember Betty Boo, who did a lot of work with Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim) in the earl 90s before going solo. She is the writer for the UK Popstars band Hearsay, and is making a bundle!

For Dajae, downloading "Day by day" (Chez n' trent mix) or (Trent n' Chez mix)..I can't remeber which way it goes. U got me up is fantastic.....:)

Unfortunately, I don't remeber "Nu-nu".......

Feb 1st, 2002, 05:09 AM
It's really amazing to know that there are people out there that have almost the exact same taste in music as me...

I love "Optimistic"! I'm not really familiar with their other work, but I ran out and bought that single when it first came out. I have since downloaded it so that I have a better copy (the original being on tape).

I also loved D'Mob and Cathy Dennis. My favs by them/her are "C'Mon and Get My Love" and "Touch Me All Night Long". I once read that Prince really wanted to work with Cathy, but she politely declined, later saying she found him to be "scary". Guess she didn't want to end up singing about her "sugar walls". Interesting info on her, BCP -- I was wondering whatever happened to her.

And I remember Betty Boo. But I only remember one song by her...I think it was "Doin' the Do" or something like that.

As long as we're offering up guilty pleasures (although, BCP I don't think you should feel guilty about Cathy :)), mine are Five Star and Mel & Kim! Do you guys remember them? I know they're kind of pop-y as opposed to R&B/dance, but I still like them (maybe cuz many of their songs remind me of my childhood).

Feb 1st, 2002, 05:23 AM
LOL G-Ha, all I remeber about 5 star were their enormous shoulder pads! Mel& Kim....Poor old Mel Appleby. I think she died of cancer. kim went on to record a solo album. I wondered whatever happend to Rick Astley. I envisaged him turning into this alcoholic lamented how he owned the pop world once. He has actually recorded a new record which i recently downloaded from Napster.....

Feb 1st, 2002, 05:47 AM
BTW Beige, do you ever go to Body & Soul? Francois K, and Danny krivat are residence. i went their a couple of years ago and had such a great time, not so much for the music, but for the atmosphere, and people. No pretensions at all, everyone doing their own thing- LOVED IT!...same with the Giant Step club in Downtown Manthattan (except the music there is fantastic)....

Feb 1st, 2002, 06:01 AM
Cathy Dennis was pretty cool, I love her old stuff like Touch Me, Too Many Walls etc. and as the Fountain of all Musical Knowledge (thats BCP btw!!!lol) has said she now writes, for S Club 7 and Kylie. BCP I liked her cover of 'Waterloo Sunset' I thought her new direction was good but she did hook up with Rick Nowels and things did go down hill quickly!!!

Betty Boo was so wicked, I loved her spaced out style and she is as BCP said making a package, I think she is writing for alot of artists in the UK. Mel & Kim oh yeah 'Respectable', One of them died, was it Kim of Cancer. BCP r u not a fan of Belinda then (lol) u gotta love 'Heaven is a Place on Earth' does anyone remember Yazz r Urban Cookie Collective.

Feb 1st, 2002, 06:28 AM
Hey Rightous:wavey: . Unfortunately, I am not a Belinda Carlisle fan. I remember Yazz, she was from the acid house era. "The only way is up" is an acid house classic. After the huge success of that album, she recorded another, more quiet album which bombed.:(

Urban Cookie Collective had that hit "The Key". I wasn't really into them.

Ok, you have now forced my to go back to acid house dayz. Do you remember S'Express, and the Theme from S'Express, and Superfly Guy....and C&C Music factory...........

Feb 1st, 2002, 06:39 AM
Hey BCP :wavey: I hate to admit it *coughing* I have her Greatest's Hit Album, don't tell anyone I liked some of her stuff. Yazz the only way is up, push Kylie's 'I should be so Lucky' off the UK #1 stop, its was good and yes she has made a few unsuccessful attempts to make a comeback.

S Express, I was listening to them earlier today and C & C Factory were very cool all that black latex and bad video's who could forget!!!!!lol The Urban Cookie Collective had a number of big hits, 'The Key' etc. I only got into them when they beat NKOTB to #1 and I was very grateful. BCP one of my all times fave songs is by Blue Pearl 'Naked in the Rain' do u know it, its wicked and also did u guys hear the wonder that is Gala, 'The Boy is Mine' should be in every record collection!!!!;)

Feb 1st, 2002, 07:48 AM
Hey Rightous, I don't know Blue Pearl "Naked in the rain". Is it a soul track? I'll look it up on Napster.

I'm also a bit partial to some Britpop, and I really like Blur, and to a lesser extent Oasis. I like some of the Pulp Stuff as well, esp Common People, and Disco 2000.....:)

Feb 1st, 2002, 07:31 PM
1. DF, I love old school! SOS Band, I have fond memories of and their music i.e. "Take Your Time", "Tell Me You Still Care" and "the Finest" have all been sampled by today's rap artists.

2. BCP, I love all the groups/singers you mentioned especially Chaka Khan, with and without Rufus. And, dude, you know your shit! :D Anne Nesby! She could've been the second coming of Martha Wash in the vocal house world. (Sorry, wires crossed about the cd I mentioned but it's all gravy! :D)

3. Thanks for the Nelle Hooper summary! Hey isn't Nelle's name spoken in a Soul II Soul song. Does that sound familiar?

4. Not a huge D-Mob fan but I did love "That's The Way of the World"! And "Come On and Get My Love" with Cathy was good too. I really liked Cathy's version of "Touch Me (All Night Long)".
Look out for original mid 80's version of the song done by Wish featuring Fonda Rae. Props to Cathy for milking her career for everything. (Does anyone recall seeing Cathy perform on Oprah 10-11 years ago? -- Just thought I'd mention it as a point of reference of success had by Brit/Aussie stars in the US)

5. Shep Pettibone, another name producer. I love this thread! :)

6. BCP, I own Betty Boo! Can't recall which one (it's a cassette) but yeah I like her sound-- loungey pop/dance. :)

7. "Day By Day" by Dajae? Is it a remake of a 70's song?

8. G-Ha, I wish Cathy did work with Prince because some of Sheena Easton's best work, in my opinion, was with Prince and
later Babyface.

9. "All Fall Down"! That's all I know, G-Ha. It was cute UK pop/soul. Lol@BCP, yup they had the shoulder pads thing going on.

10. Mel & Kim, I remember "Showing Out" and they sang on this charity record called Ferry Aid (for victims of a boat accident in the English Channel) around '86 or '87.

11. Forgotten UK dance-ish outfit, for me: Curiousity Killed The Cat? Their song was "Down To Earth". Any takers? What about Dhar Braxton and Jaki Graham? They represented Brit female soul/house in the late 80's for me.

12. BCP, I went to "Body & Soul" once (in '97)-- went to its other incarnations many times prior to that. It's still on but not as regularly. It's a very raw scene and I'm happy that you had the experience-- did you attend in the afternoon? It's really an off-shoot of the gay vogue scene from Harlem. They have an annual "Body & Soul" party in Central Park during the summer. Anyway, the best thing about "Body & Soul" was as you said, no pretense. Gay, straight, bi, white, black, rich, poor, whatever-- everyone was welcome. :)

13. C&C-- glad Martha Wash got her day in court; glad Zelma Davis showed she could actually sing (kind of, hehe).

Finally I want to say this is a great thread and let's continue to contribute to it. (If it falls off the first page, we'll just bump it again, no biggie) I know it's the same few people sharing the memories but if it's any consolation this happens on other boards too on threads about music "outside of the mainstream". My last board, where I was a regular, had gazillions of threads about Britney, BSB, The Beatles, the heavy metal band du jour but when it came to anything of the House, R&B, Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, etc. ilk, the same 5-6 people posted on it. Hehe That's the way it goes. Hopefully we'll get more folks posting; if not, no biggie. Peace and thanks to BCP for getting the party started! :D

Feb 2nd, 2002, 01:21 AM
I love that yazz song.

As for 'back in the day' which is way before my parents eyes met across a crowded room.
I love Jackson 5, Chic, Earth Wind and Fire.

Does anyone remeber that song by by SWV 'right here' that tune is bomb and R.Kelly's early stuff is really cool too.
Especially bumb & Grind! ;)

Feb 2nd, 2002, 03:01 AM
I have SOS Band's Greatest Hits -- it's really good. "Take Your Time" is a classic and the best, but I also like "The Finest" and "Just Be Good to Me".

Beige, I totally agree with you that Cathy should've worked with Prince. Aside from putting out some good stuff of his own (particularly from 79-late 80's), he wrote and/or produced lots of other great hits for other artists. We have Prince to thank for "I Feel for You" by Chaka Khan. That song was about his love for Patrice Rushen of "Forget Me Nots" fame, and was originally intended for her to sing. I don't remember why she turned it down, but it found its way (thankfully) to Chaka.

I also agree that Sheena's best was with Prince at the helm. He totally revamped her image with "Strut" and "Sugar Walls" (my 2 favorite songs by her and probably her most famous ones).

Curiosity Killed the Cat -- now that's a name I haven't heard in a long while. I had an album of their's from '87 (?), but I don't remember the song "Down to Earth". I know they had another song out at that time but I can't think of the name.

Beige, I'm not familiar with Dhar Braxton and Jaki Graham. What did they sing?

"All Fall Down" is one of my favorites by Five Star -- thanks Beige for throwin' me a bone ;) . My other 2 favs are "Let Me Be the One" and "RSVP" just in case someone out there is interested in checking out their stuff.

I saw C&C live (minus Martha, of course) together with En Vogue (and some other artists I no longer remember) back in '91. They had a couple good songs, but I was more into En Vogue that night and in general.

And I'll second Beige's motion: this is definitely a great thread and I've really enjoyed all the input from everyone.

Feb 2nd, 2002, 12:36 PM
Hey guys:wavey: . I'll go back to the number ing system

1. Re: D'influence. I promised a whiole back that I woulf post the album names when I remeber them. They are as G-Ha has already mentioned "Good for we", "Prayer 4 Unity" & "London" They are all great, but "London" the latest one is the best. The singles from that are Magic, Hypnotise, and a remake of Rock with you. Check it out if you can

2. RE: Tevor Horn. My boyfreind says that he also produced 80s act ABC, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Art of Noise, etc

3.Not sure if Day by Day is a cover, but itis excellent!

4. I LOVE Curiosity Killed the Cat. In the mid to late 90s they cut their name to Curiosity, and released to covers "Hang on in there baby", and "I need your lovin" which were awesome pop tunes, and were monster hits for them in the UK

5. I don't know Dhar Braxton, but I know Jaki Graham. She had a huge hit called Absolute Essential. I'm not really a fan of hers though. Do you remeber Juliet Roberts? She had 2 huge hits "Caught in the middle", and "I want you" They were classic Morales productions

6. Hey Jessica! I remeber SWV, and Right Now. They were the same era s when TLC started out. I remember their enormously long painted nails, that were so long that they had curled. YUCK!;)

7. Hey G-Ha:wavey: . How's the study going? I was never a huge Prince fan, though I recognise his genius. I think I Fell for you is the best thing that he has written. Speaking of Chaka Khan, Beige, you mentioned that you love "Music Sounds Better With You". Being a Chaka Khan fan, you would know that that track samples Chaka Khan's track Fate. Did you get the Chaka remix project album released in the early 90s? It's fantastic

8. Do you guys know Carleen Anderson, the lead singer of the now defunct Young Disciples She released a great soloalbum in the early 90s which had Nervous Breakdown, Mama said, and another version of Apparently Nothing. She released a second album which was blusey (sort of like Tracy Chapman), but it bombed badly, and she reappeared fronting a track for BNH. Her cousin Jhelia also released a brill solo album, which had Death of a Soul Diva, Friendly Pressure, and Whirl keeps turning.........:)

BTW, my fave Adeva track is Don't Let it Show on your face, and I Thank You

Feb 2nd, 2002, 12:56 PM
Joey Winson has started a thred re: New Order. Are you guys New Order or Pet Shop Boys fans?

I just reread my last post. Apologies again for my terrible typing.

Feb 4th, 2002, 06:26 AM
BTW, I just heard that Angie Stone and Omar are doing a cover of Massive attack's "Be Thankful for what you've got" I have just ordered it over the net and am looking forward to hearing it!

Do you guys know any of Omar's stuff? He was an acid Jazz artist signed to Talkin' Loud in the early 90s. His biggest record was " There's nothing like this"

Feb 4th, 2002, 06:05 PM
1. Thanks for D'Influence reminder; I'll check them out.

2. OMG I've been around Trevor Horn all this time? ABC, Frankie Goes.. and Art of Noise ("Moments In Love", classic) were all part of my college experience. Just want to share, smile-- like everone else, college broadened my horizons in many ways including musically. My closest friends were all New Wave/Post- Punk fans; I was the token R&B lover. Because majority rules, I went to their clubs and actually had lots of fun and ended up buying 12" singles (remember them? lol) of everything from the aforementioned ABC ("Be Near Me") and New Order ("Blue Monday"!) to Scritti Politti ("Wood Beez - Pray Like Aretha Franklin)" and The Cure ("Love Cats") and lots of obscure or one hit wonders, too.

3. G-Ha, I love Patrice Rushen. Recognize her more as an accomplished musician (she was a child prodigy). Thanks for the "I Feel For You" info. I love trivia like that. :) (BCP, didn't know Stardust sampled Chaka! :o Thanks)

4. Dhar Braxton sang "Jump Back (Set me Free)"; Jaki's hit is coming to me. Sorry. :o

5. BCP, Juliet Roberts I first heard of '87 when I was in London and saw her hosting "Top of the Pops". She's a great singer, fronting short-lived UK Soul group Working Week. They did a fab rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Make Me Wanna Holler". Any of you recall this story of Juliet sining back up for musician Courtney Pine and getting into a fight onstage with another female back up singer? Juliet got so mad she came out with a big slab of beef and hit the other singer with it. Lol Anybody remember this story from the mid 90's?

6. SWV's "Right Now" sampled Michael Jackson's "Human nature". They did a nice job and BCP, Coko's nails were disgusting in more ways than one. A bad gimmick, really, hehe.

7. Carleen Anderson's is familiar but sorry I'm drawing a blank on song and connection. Did she take over for Caron Wheeler in Soul II Soul?

8. Adeva's "Don't Let It Show On Your Face"! Love it! :D

9. New Order is one of my 80's favorites. Many great memories of dancing to their tracks!

10. BCP, I liked Massive Attack's version of "Be Thankful..." but nothing beats the 70's smooth original by William Devaughn. I love Angie Stone so I'll check it out. Omar I know the name (the story of my life, hehe) but can't pinpoint a title. :)

11. Anyone remember...

"Say I'm Your Number One" by Princess?

Feb 4th, 2002, 10:05 PM
Gee Man if I'm not mistaken Carleen took over the lead vocals with BNH, and did a cover of 'Apparently Nothing'!!

SWV are very cool, and I agree R Kelly's older stuff is alot better the his emotional, bland, ballad-based waffle he records and produces today.

BCP yeah I liked Britpop as well, as with u I liked Blur more than Oasis and Pulp and Supergrass were also faves of them. BCP Blue Pearl's 'Naked in the Rain' is more housey, but the vocalist has an amzing voice, IMHO.

Guys have any of u heard of the Sugababes, they're more garage than R'n'B but they are very good, I really like their sound, 'Overload' is a great song. What do u guys think of Nelly Furtado, her stuff is so diverse and I think she has the creative energy to do something great, although she is completely nuts.

Feb 4th, 2002, 10:13 PM
R. Kelly's "12Play" is an R&B classic...then het got boring.

Righty, I only Nelly Furtado's hits and they're cool but she didn't blow me away. I heard she did a track with Missy Elliott but I have yet to hear it. I don't have cable so exposure to some artists is next to impossible. The Top 40 station I do listen to plays the same freakin' 15 songs day in and out.

Feb 5th, 2002, 02:55 AM
1. Beige,

Thanks for the Juliet Roberts trivia. I never knew any of that! Good for Juliet! Did you know that Juliet went on tour with take that singin Lulu's part of their remake of Relight my fire on their tour. Poor old Juliet, the end was nigh;) She released a cover of Donna Summer's Bad Girls in 1999. It wasn't bad!

2. Do you guys own any of the Rebirth of Cool Cds. There are a lot of great tracks on Vol 1,2 & 5. I think the series finished at 7, but 6 & 7 were awful- the onloy reason why I mention is that Courtney Pine is featured on one of them. Do you like Ronnie Jordan?

3. Love Scritti Politi. They had a comeback album in 2000, which was reasonably good.

4. As Rightous mentioned, Carleen did a brief stint with BNH on Apparently Nothing, and Satruday Night. It is rumored that BNH did a whole album with her, but it never saw the light of day:(

5. I'm probably the only one old enough to remember Princess, and "Say I'm your number 1"- but JUST BARELY;)

6. Rightous, I really like the sugarbabes. Out of all the boy/girl bands, I think they are by far the best. Overload, and Run For Cover are excellent pop tunes. Unfortunately, they were dropped by their record company, but fingers crossed they will be resigned to a different label.

7. Umfortunatley, I agree with Beige. I think R Kelly is borinmg, and so is P Diddy etc etc. I really can't get into US corporate R & B. I think Usher is tiresome as well (I know I'll get flamed for that!)

8.Have you heard either of Shara Nelson's solo albums from the early 90s? She is the vocalist from the first Massive Attack Album, who sang Unfinished Sympathy, and Safe from Harm. Her first Album was a major success with such fab hits as Down that Road, One Goodbye in Ten, Uptight, and many more.... She did a couple of tracks with Cuba in 99/2000

9. I love early Pet Shop Boys. I think that their cover art has always been brilliant. My fave of theirs is "Being Boring", which I tyhink is one of the best and ironic pop records ever made:)

Feb 5th, 2002, 03:09 AM
1. Beige,

Thanks for the Juliet Roberts trivia. I never knew any of that! Good for Juliet! Did you know that Juliet went on tour with take that singin Lulu's part of their remake of Relight my fire on their tour. Poor old Juliet, the end was nigh;) She released a cover of Donna Summer's Bad Girls in 1999. It wasn't bad!

2. Do you guys own any of the Rebirth of Cool Cds. There are a lot of great tracks on Vol 1,2 & 5. I think the series finished at 7, but 6 & 7 were awful- the onloy reason why I mention is that Courtney Pine is featured on one of them. Do you like Ronnie Jordan?

3. Love Scritti Politi. They had a comeback album in 2000, which was reasonably good.

4. As Rightous mentioned, Carleen did a brief stint with BNH on Apparently Nothing, and Satruday Night. It is rumored that BNH did a whole album with her, but it never saw the light of day:(

5. I'm probably the only one old enough to remember Princess, and "Say I'm your number 1"- but JUST BARELY;)

6. Rightous, I really like the sugarbabes. Out of all the boy/girl bands, I think they are by far the best. Overload, and Run For Cover are excellent pop tunes. Unfortunately, they were dropped by their record company, but fingers crossed they will be resigned to a different label.

7. Umfortunatley, I agree with Beige. I think R Kelly is borinmg, and so is P Diddy etc etc. I really can't get into US corporate R & B. I think Usher is tiresome as well (I know I'll get flamed for that!)

8.Have you heard either of Shara Nelson's solo albums from the early 90s? She is the vocalist from the first Massive Attack Album, who sang Unfinished Sympathy, and Safe from Harm. Her first Album was a major success with such fab hits as Down that Road, One Goodbye in Ten, Uptight, and many more.... She did a couple of tracks with Cuba in 99/2000

9. I love early Pet Shop Boys. I think that their cover art has always been brilliant. My fave of theirs is "Being Boring", which I tyhink is one of the best and ironic pop records ever made:)

Feb 5th, 2002, 04:30 AM
Beige, love the Juliet Roberts cat fight story. There's something about her voice I really like, particularly on "So Good" -- I have the remix of that song on some Euro dance CD and I love it.

Unfortunately, BCP you're not the only one old enough to remember "Say I'm Your Number One" ;) In fact, it's on my old school mix CD I made for working out at the gym.

I, too have to agree that R. Kelly is boring, although I really like "Your Body's Callin'" -- I think it's kinda smooth n' sexy.

BCP, thanks for the D'Influence info -- now I can try to hear some of their other stuff. Although, I'm having trouble even downloading "Good for We" now -- I can't seem to find it.

I loved Scritti Politi's "A Perfect Way" -- but that's about the only song I know by them. I didn't realize they had a comeback album out recently.

Feb 5th, 2002, 11:00 AM
Do you guys know much about Mary Mary? I really dug their 2 singles Shackles, and I Sing.

I was very pleased to find a copy of Ultra Nate's 1993 album One Woman's Insanity which has my fave Ultra Nate track How Long at lunchtime. There is even a track on the album produced by D'Influence...:bounce:

Feb 5th, 2002, 05:34 PM
Hey guys! :wavey:

1. BCP, those "rebirth" cds are familiar; I looked them up and they look fantastic. Recognized only a few names but the loops I listened to from different "Rebirth" compilations sounded very cool!

2. Princess' song is from 1986-1987 but you can still hear it today on a retro hour on some dance station. When I think of "Say I'm Your Number One", I also think of "Ce'st La Vie" by Robbie Nevil, "I Can't Wait" by Nu Shooz and "Lean On Me" by Club Nouveau. Not the greatest music but it's all part of 80's trivia.

3. G-Ha, Scritti Politti's best cuts, in my opinion, are "Wood Beez" and "Hypnotize".

4. Shara Nelson! OMG! I forgot all about her! She made a little noise here in the early 90's. Keep 'em coming, BCP. I love these blasts from the past! :)

5. The Pet Shop Boys. I had singles for "West End Girls" (the ORIGINAL version, not the smoothed out released in '86, I think)
and "Opportunities". To be honest, I never really got into The Pet Shop Boys which is almost blasphemous if you're gay male. Lol If it's any consolation I wasn't into Erasure or The Communards either. Alison Moyet/Yaz, yes but the aforementioned groups, no.

6. G-Ha, "Your Body's Callin" and the other hits from "12Play" are great but his sappy crap since "I Believe I Can Fly" is Sominex on cd. Lol

7. In '92, I saw Ultra open for (of all people) PM Dawn and Ultra was fantastic.

Feb 6th, 2002, 02:41 AM
I hated Erasure, and thought Communards was bland. I never really like Marc Almond and Soft Cell much either, but my boyfriend is a Marc Almond devotee.

I also love PM Dawn- they're excellent!

Did you ever like any of the Kim English stuff. Some of her records were ok, but she wasn't a real favourite of mine.... I think I'll reek some havoc on the "pop music" thread.......

Feb 6th, 2002, 05:59 PM
BCP, I didn't care for Soft Cell or Marc Almond solo either. Just never did anything for me despite its popularity.

"Set Adrift On Memory Bliss". :) PM Dawn were actually good eventhough the lead big guy spit all over us while he was rapping (we were that close to the stage, hehe). My fave is
"I Would Die For YOu" from "Bommerang" soundtrack.

Kim English wasn't memorable but I did like "Supernatural".

Next! ;)

Feb 7th, 2002, 02:35 AM
How about Liz Torres. I'm a bit young to appreciate her stuff, but she is always mentioned when there is talk about the roots of house. I think a lot of her stuff was produced by jellybean. I think he also did a lot of the production work on Madonna's first album....

Feb 7th, 2002, 07:11 AM
I have just reread this thread from start to finish and want to thank you guys for such an interesting thread.

Beige, I just picked up that you said that Cathy Dennis performed on Oprah!:eek: WOW, good for her. Did Oprah cry (well she always does when someone sings on her show!)

BTW guys it looks no one has really heard of Innocnce. You have to check them out.

Try finding the following tracks by them:

I'll be there
Someone to Love
One Love in my lifetime
Remember the day (ithink- my memory is really shot!)

Thansk once again for contributing to a great thread evryone!

Feb 7th, 2002, 09:31 AM
OMG! I found this excerpt from the Village Voice (it is actually the beginning of a review for Ritchie Hawtin's new CD). I COULD HAVE WRITTEN THIS:eek:

Play Mixy for Me
by Tricia Romano

Making mix tapes used to be an all-consuming passion. Spending hours, days, and nights wading through records, compiling, adding, subtracting, erasing, I'd make thematic cassettes—all women, all hard rock, all r&b. Or else, I'd just make 'em eclectic and nonsensical—pitting L7's "Pretend You're Dead" against Natalie Cole's "Unforgettable," Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth" against Guns 'N Roses' "Paradise City," Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" against (gasp) Kenny G's "Songbird."

When I was 10, and scratching was just reaching mass culture (Run-D.M.C.'s version of "Walk This Way" was on MTV, and Michael Jackson was still moonwalking), I ruined a few records (I think one was Quiet Riot's "Cum On Feel the Noize," but don't tell anyone) attempting some wickety wickety whack with a cheap, rusted needle. I also tried, with zero success, to remix songs by overlaying sound from the radio with a record on the platter, and dubbing it onto the tape recorder.

This, I imagine, is how a lot of DJs and producers made the leap from wrecking their Sony all-in-one home stereo systems to becoming geeky lords of the gadgetry domain. But DJ culture has long since co-opted the mix tape and turned it into one giant bore. In the early '90s—when rave culture wasn't quite so mainstream and mass-marketed, before 20/20 ran episodes warning parents about the hedonistic, drug-fueled all-night parties—DJ mix tapes were sometimes the only way (especially in small towns) for kids to get a taste of techno long after the E had worn off.

Now, it's a different story. In my desk drawer there are a few dozen mix CDs, most of them by so-called "superstar DJs"—a title as meaningless and overbequeathed as "supermodel." Most of the CDs are trance mixes (or, in preferred faux-sophisticated terminology, "progressive"), and nearly all of them are total crap. What unites these discs is their utter banality: All offer an unwavering stream of digitized perfection, with one innocuous record seeping seamlessly into the next. This is supposed to approximate a "live" club set, but producers edit out all mistakes, including the hiss on the records, the bumps in the groove, and thereby, the emotion and soul. So indistinguishable are mixes by John Digweed, Paul Van Dyk, Charles Feelgood, Kimball Collins, and Dave Ralph, I've begun to wonder if there's some giant Superstar DJ Factory in Trancelvania

Feb 7th, 2002, 07:26 PM
BCP, I moved here in 1988 at the rise in popularity of Latin Freestyle. Liz Torres was definitely one of the big Freestyle names. Truthfully, I couldn't stand the music. (Sorry to the fans)
My first apt. was in Spanish Harlem so I heard the music 24/7.
Liz Torres (sorry couldn't name a song), Noel, Corina, Lisette Melendez, Sweet Sensation, etc were all big names in this dance genre. Freestyle was popular in major American cities with large Latino communities. The biggest crossover name to come out of
Freestyle is the girl trio Expose who had hits like "Seasons Change", "The Point of No Return" and "Let Me Be The One". Whenever I hear dancey stuff from BSB, 98 Degrees and NSYNC I think of Latin Freestyle; it's the same beat. In fact, when I first heard BSB's "Quit Playing Games", I assumed they were Hispanic.

Great Voice article!! :) Lol@Quiet Riot sample!!

Cathy was on with Color Me Badd and a few other early 90's acts. Cathy demonstrated her famous neck isolations that Oprah tried to do but to no avail. Lol Oprah asked her something how did a white British girl come into this funky sound and CD cited clubs as her influence and how they are more mixed racially in the UK (I agree with that assessment).

Feb 7th, 2002, 10:45 PM
The name Liz Torres sounds really familiar, but I too couldn't name a song. You're right BCP, Jellybean worked with Madonna early on in her career. Don't quote me on this, but I think they met way back when she was part of the group "The Breakfast Club". They parted ways in the early 80s, but around '85 he released the single "Sidewalk Talk" under his name. I don't know who sang lead, but he got the now famous Madonna to do backing vocals on it. I think she did it mostly to repay him for all the stuff he did for her early on -- no doubt he worked that angle because with Madonna's name attached he knew it would sell.

Beige, I think I saw that Oprah you're talking about! Wasn't Tara Kemp on it too? She was similar to Cathy Dennis in that they are both white and had a funky/R&B sound.

Expose was part of that Latin dance sound that came out of Miami in the mid-80s which included among others, The Miami Sound Machine. Oh, Beige, I have some Expose trivia for you (cuz I know how you love trivia :)): they were the first artist to have 4 songs from their first album make Billboard's Top Ten. Not even Elvis or the Beatles accomplished that :eek:. Mariah and others have now duplicated this feat, but up to that point, no one had.

Feb 7th, 2002, 11:07 PM
Excellent, G-Ha. :D That's great triv! Ann, Gioia and Jeannette will always have their place in music history. :) Trivia question: what singer has the all time record (male, female or group) for having 7,
I repeat, SEVEN Top 5 hits from the same album? I doubt if anyone will break this record but this singer got a lot of mielage out of this one album evidentally.

YES! It was the same show with Tara Kemp! What happened to her?! I thought Tara was black when I first heard "Just Wanna Hold You Tight". I forget who else was on there besides Cathy, Tara, Color Me Badd. Maybe NKOTB? Great memory!

G-Ha, you're on a roll! I love "Sidewalk Talk"!!! I never knew who sang co-lead with Madonna on it. Speaking of Jellybean, do you remember Elissa Fiorillo, a singer he produced in the late 80's?
I really liked her...so she later worked with Prince in '91 then faded away. :(

Feb 8th, 2002, 12:46 AM
Im a fan of mary,mary and other gospel music artists like Kirk Franklin.

What do you guys think of Joe?
I think he is really good and his new song is cool.

Did you like Jodeci and Boyz to men?
I adore them and miss them dearly no one will replace them but Jagged edge are there to ease the pain!!

Feb 8th, 2002, 01:09 AM
BCP, my bad for not addressing it earlier and thanks for the save, Jessica. Yup, Mary Mary are great; loved "Shackles", which was really their only crossover song.

I like Joe's hits like "I Wanna Know" but he's not my favorite R&B
vocalist. Doesn't sound as good live.

I was both (still am) a Jodeci and Boyz II Men fan. They seemed to carry on the tradition of soul artists before them. BCP and DF, I don't see Jodeci in particular being popular outside of the US.
KC & JoJo's (frontmen for Jodeci) hit probably did well but I doubt it with Jodeci.

Jessica, my fave from Jodeci is "Phreek N U". I love it! :D

Boyz II Men had a nice run of crossover hits. "Bended Knee" is pop/R&B perfection. :)

Jagged Edge don't sound that good live but I won't deny that I like "Promise" and "Let's Get Married".

Thanks, Jessica and welcome aboard! :)

Feb 8th, 2002, 01:43 AM
Every now and then I hear "Just Wanna Hold You Tight" on San Diego's old school station and I always wonder what happened to Tara Kemp. She had another song out from that same album, "Piece of My Heart" which also got quite a bit of airplay, but then she disappeared. I don't think she ever made a second album.

I can't get over that we both saw that same Oprah show and actually remember who was on it! Although, I can't remember who else was there other than the ones you've mentioned.

Yeah, I love "Sidewalk Talk"! I have it on CD somewhere. And Elisa Fiorillo! Beige, I guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but it still amazes me how much music we have in common. I liked Elisa's "On the Way Up" from around '90 or '91.

BTW, I'm still working on your trivia question... :) That's a good one and I can't believe I don't know it!

Feb 8th, 2002, 05:27 AM
Hey guys, Some of the names that you mention are vaguely familiar to me. Tara Kemp, Lisette Melendez, Expose, etc, but I couldn'e really get into them either. I think that I liked a couple of Pebbles tracks, Mercedes Boy, and Benefit of the DEoubt (but that was when I was going through my Paula Abdul pahse! LOL!!;) )

Here something very exciting that I found on the net... A new D'Influence album out in the uk in March, and lots and lots of great guest voaclists on the album!!! I can't wait!:bounce:

Feb 8th, 2002, 08:22 AM
Here's the article that I found on the new D'Influence album


D-Influence, one of the UK's most consistent recording and production teams since their emergence in the early Nineties, return in 2002 with an exceptionally strong album titled 'D-Vas', for release on Dome in March.

It features vocal performances from no fewer than 11 female vocalists - ranging from well known names like Shola Ama, Ultra Nate, Romina Johnson, Dee C Lee and long-time D-Influence vocalist Sarah Anne Webb, to newcomers like Dyanna Fearon and Belle Montenegro.

The album covers a wide range of soulful styles, and highlights include the lead singles "Show Me Love" - fronted by Sarah Anne Webb - and Shola Ama's "This I Promise You", as well as Romina Johnson's remake of the Gladys Knight hit "Taste of Bitter Love".

Dee C Lee makes her return to recording after a long absence with the jazzy "La Dee Dah" and Louise Rose, a former member of the group Precious, is impressive on "32 Flavours".

Newcomer Dyanna Fearon is the niece of one of the founders of the British black music scene, Galaxy's Phil Fearon.

All but two of the songs on the 15-track album are written by the D-Influence production team, led by Kwame Kwaten.

The album is the first collaboration between D-Influence and Dome, the UK's leading R&B label.

The single "Show Me Love" featuring long-time D-Influence vocalist Sarah Anne Webb is released in March.

CD Dome 159 SHOW ME LOVE Release March 11, 2002
12 Dome 159 SHOW ME LOVE
12 Domer 159 SHOW ME LOVE (Garage mixes)

Dome CD 30 D-VAS Release March 18, 2002
Dome LP 30 D-VAS (2 LP set)

Audio samples (Real Audio)

Show Me Love
This I Promise You
I Wanna Know You

Feb 8th, 2002, 05:33 PM
BCP, this is excellent! I love these type of compilations where there was some "love" behind the production (instead of haphazardly putting it together). The vocalists' names don't sound familiar but that never stopped me before. Hehe Really curious to hear Romina Johnson's version of "Taste of Bitter Love". This info just reminds me that I need to get out of my lounge scene and get back to the clubs!

I'm sure by now it's "ancient' abroad but what do you guys think of Basement Jaxx's "Where's Your Head At"?

Lol@Paula Abdul phase. I went through it as well but I tell ya, BCP, it was the videos that made me like Paula! "Mercedes Boy" was Pebbles', the former Mrs. LA Reid (now head of Arista), biggest hit. She was okay but seemed more like a gimmick to me. Karyn "Superwoman" White, her contemporary was much better and a real singer to boot. BCP, all those Latin artists (with the exception of Expose) did quite well on the dance charts and dance stations. India would be part of that group starting in the early 90's.

Elisa Fiorillo! WOW! :D G-Ha, you can thank Arsenio Hall for introducing me to Elisa! I knew her name from working with Jellybean on a single in the late 80's. Forget the title but it was listed as "recorded by Jellybean featuring Elisa Fiorillo". Now back to Arsenio-- I believe it was spring of '92 and Elisa opened his show with "On The Way Up" and I was totally in awe. She was a great performer, gorgeous, ethnically kind of vague (in my opinion) which is always cool and she worked with Prince, one of my faves. I ended buying her cd "I Am". Too bad she didn't have commercial success because she could've had a few years of success (in the US) like Taylor Dayne and Lisa Stansfield.

Feb 10th, 2002, 10:29 PM
Thought I would bump it up!!!!

Shola Ama I thought she has died into a Debbie Gibson existence, BCP did u hear her second album she tries too hard to do the whole American thing when she was very good at the thing she was doing, I love there cover of Taboo very funky. BCP and others have u heard of Hinda Hicks, very talented and very soulful.

I like Joe, 'I Wanna Know' is a great track I like his re-mix verison of 'Stutter' alot but he's too smooth for his own good. Jagged Edge's 'Where's the Party At' is wicked but the rest of their stuff is so bland and boring.

Boyz II Men-had some great songs, End of the Road, Four Seasons of Loneliness etc. but they just don't move quick enough with the times. And Paula Abdul's 'Opposites Attract' was quite disturbing for me as a kid, I didn't know it was legal for people to love their cats THAT much!!!;)

Feb 11th, 2002, 12:03 AM
Shola Ama was wicked whan she first came out, but the second album I was not feeling it at all.

Have any of you guys heard City Highs album? It is really good. I definately recomend it.

Lol @ Rightous - Paula Abdul is disturbing period.

Feb 11th, 2002, 12:07 AM
Jessica I love City High's album as I have said before they really represent, the City High Anthem is wicked disusses how teachers don't drive pupils enough and that there is a lack of black role-models in society.

lol @ Jess, Paula had some good hits, 'Rush' was good but she's a little too poppy for me and after displaying her love for a cat, It was bye-bye!!!;)

Feb 11th, 2002, 12:21 AM
Oh yeah I love the City High Anthem.

There lyrics have meaning and give out a positive message to black kids, all kids in society.

I love the song Caramel though - I think its wicked Eve is real cool too.

What is the name of the guy in the band the one in Sister Act?

Feb 11th, 2002, 03:26 AM
Hi Guys:wavey: I remember Elisa Fiorillo. I used to own a copy of On the Way Up. I bought her album on the strength of that single, and remember being very disappointed...but boy, was she one goodlooking lady.... That's right Beige, I think that "I am" was the only other track that I liked on the record.

Re: Taylor Dayne, she had a great voise, but was a bit "adult contemporary Rock" for me. She had a cut on her first album called "Do you want it right now". Degrees of Motion covered the track and made it a huge club hit with King Street Mixes.

re: Shola Ama- she was the original lead singer for D'Note a fantastic UK soul outfit. I loved her cover of You might need somebody (guys was that originally a Randy Crawford track?). I bought her first album, which was ok, and I didn't bother buying her second album, though I really liked the first single off it.

Rightous, I have heard of Hinda Hicks, but I haven't heard any of her stuff. Any tracks that you would recommend? I haven't heard of City High though. I gather they are soul as well?

For the UK guys, do you remeber Michelle Gayle from East Enders releasing a couple of albums. I really liked the work of her first album, which ahd the hits Freedom, and Looking Up. I thought that it was a great soul/pop album. I didn't like the singles off the second album, so I didn't bother to buy it. Also, she commissioned hideous mixes of the single like Tony de Vit mixes URGGGGHHH!!!- Hasn't Martine McCutheon followed suit, and had a reasonably successful solo singing career?

Did any of you buy the new Janet album out this year? I thought that it was a little disappointing. I thought the Velvet Rope was her best album. I loved "I get so lonely" I thought it was a brill track. This album she seems very obsessed with big dicks, and riding them all night long!!! LOL;)

Feb 11th, 2002, 03:42 AM
LOL- BCP Janet can be a little explicit.

I have her album I dont rate it really. i love the song trust a try, but the good tracks are few and far between the songs are mainly about sex and all sound the same.

I loved Michelle Gayle's early songs, but she has just faded away in the last 5/6 years.
Martine McCutcheon was doing well but has also faded out within the last year or so.

Do you remeber jordan Knight's song give it to you ? That was a wicked track!

Feb 11th, 2002, 06:11 PM
Rightous, I'm not a big Joe fan by any means but he has a history of coming out with one good song every year for the 5 years. My favorite Joe song is "Thank God I Found You" with Mariah and 98 Degrees. "I Wanna Know" is great, too. That kind of R&B I don't see doing well outside of America so I'm impressed that you like it, Marky. :)

BCP, yup, "I Am" wasn't great. I liked the cuts we mentioned and a Prince-penned tune called "Ooh This I Need". Taylor Dayne's "Do You Want It Right Now" wasn't the original version.
Ironically, the first person to record this song was someone we mentioned earlier in the thread: Siedah Garrett. It was a track from an 80's "Dave The Last Dance"-like flick called "Fast Forward".

Didn't buy Janet's album but liked a few of the hits especially her duet with Carly Simon (and Missy on the remix) for "Son of a Gun". "The Velvet Rope" was a great (underrated) album. Lots of adventuorus tracks and yup, BCP, Janet was horny with a capital H! Hehehe ;)

Jessica, I always liked Jordan Knight's falsetto and thought he could have a successful solo career, I think he has genuine talent and just needs material to showcase it.

Feb 12th, 2002, 02:28 AM
Thanks Beige. You learn something new everyday. I didn't know that Do you want it right now was a Sideah Garrett record!

Feb 14th, 2002, 01:41 PM
BCP have u heard of the Aust. artist Sia, she had a big hit a couple of years ago called 'Taken For Granted' the song was da bomb, its sampled a classical song, can't remember the song, she is releasing a new single/album, very cool.

Janet for me doesn't have a great voice and it can be annoying but I think Velvet Rope was her best album, I Get So Lonely and Get Til Its Gone r very cool, she was innvoative on that album but she is too nice and sweetly for me.

Feb 14th, 2002, 01:45 PM
Agree about Janet. A successful recording artist with no measurable personality. Did you guys know that Janet was actually on sitcoms as a kid? Before "Control" etc, she was on 4 different series, the last being "Fame".

BCP, was Kylie big before "Locomotion"? ;)

Feb 16th, 2002, 11:07 AM
Hi guys. Not been posting in here for a while!:wavey:

Rightous, I've never heard of Sia. Did she release her single in the UK and Ireland? My fave Australian singer is Deni Hines. She has done great work with the early 90s outfit Rockmelons (they made a great cover of A'int no sunshine), and had a really good solo album, which had D'Influence and Morales mixes for the single. Try "It's alright" and "Imagination" by Deni Hines. It was rumoured that she turned down the Brand New Heavies when they approached her to take over from Sideah Garrett (though I'm not sure how much merit you can give that rumour!)

LOL @ Beige. I don't know how I got labelled a Kylie Fan! To be honest, I'll break myown rule and say that she really annoys me. She has this smarty pants minnie mouse singing voice, and don't find her at all sexy. Her records aren't very interesting either. However, I do respect her longevity, and she does a good job keeping her fans happy. She derserves all the success she gets.

My Omar & Angie Stone remake of "be thankful for what you've got" arrived in the post today. IT IS THE BUSINESS! The Dodge mixes on the record are amazing, and Angie Stone's voacls are sent from heaven. Check it out if you can.

Guess wha, remember when we were kidding about Paula Abdul? I found a greatest hits of hers in a second habd CD shop, so I had to buy it! So funny, I've been listening to it all day!:o ;)

Beige, have you heard of Brian Powell, who was signed to talkin loud in the early 90's. He had a great acid jazz trach "I commit", but his album was disappointing.:)

Feb 17th, 2002, 09:29 PM
Btw, I saw a show on the TV last night called Sounds of the *0s, which is a UK show that shows live snippets of 80s acts on Top of the Pops etc. Last night they had Nenah Cherry singing Buffalo Stance. I used to Love nenah Cherry. Raw Like Sushi is an awesome album:)

I wonder what ever happened to her. I guess it was all over after the release of the single Buddy X, and the duet 7 seconds...

Feb 18th, 2002, 12:13 PM
BCP, lol! I feel the same way about Kylie! I just posted stuff about her because I thought you (and Adrian) were big fans. :)

Will do on Omar and Angie! Angie just gave frank radio interview discussing pressure from record label for her to lose weight. She said it didn't improve sales for others from the past like Jennifer Holiday so she didn't buy into it.

"You've got me knocked..out..turned inside out...you know you make my heart beat..." Hehehe, a little Paula for ya. Hey, BCP, I've done the same in second hand shops, picking up 80's compilations (New Wave usually). :) And nope, sorry dude, Brian Powell and "I Commit" don't ring a bell.

BCP, do you like Incognito's "Always There"? It's a nice arrangement. This song has been oft-recorded (originally from the late 70's)

BCP and Rightous, I just watched "Glitter", Mariah's movie over the weekend (it sucked) but I digress. A Brit actor plays the dj who discovers her. His name is Max Beesley. I looked him up on the net and he's recorded some acid jazz track called "Painful Truths". You guys know of him?

Lastly, you guys remember the song "Cantaloop" by Us3? It's used a lot in American commercials (adverts).

Feb 18th, 2002, 04:55 PM
Hinda Hicks was for me one of the best Soul singers to break out in the UK, now taken over by Beverly Knight. Try 'If U Want Me', 'I Wanna Be Your Lady', she is Soul with a hint of R'n'B. Sia is absolutely nuts, I saw an interview with her and she was mental but 'Taken For Granted' was a Top Ten hit in the UK and Ireland, she seems very innovative but please check out her song its way cool.

BCP haven't u heard of City High, they had a Massive worldwide hit with 'What would U do', very catchy, there album is very poignant and indeed very good.

lol @Gee Man, gee u mustn't have had much else to do than watch Mariah, I sorta didn't think she would bring us higher. So its that bad then, Max Beesley is so sleazy and slimy, I have heard some of his stuff, its very bad, he's going out with Scary Spice, Mel B. And sorry I haven't heard of the song u said, sorry:)

Feb 18th, 2002, 05:10 PM
Rightous, I ran 21K yesterday morning, went to church, I was exhausted so I needed something mindless to chill out with so Mariah did the trick. :p

BCP, my bad-- "Raw Like Sushi" was awesome! "Manchild" was brilliant and I have to hand it to Neneh: she had the whole urban American girl thing down pat. We had to remind ourselves that she and Monie Love were from Britain. (Eagle Eye on the other hands puts such bland music)

Feb 18th, 2002, 05:19 PM
lol I believe u;) and 21k gee I think I would be dead never mind someone to chill to!!!lol

Yeah i forgot about Neneh Cherry, I really liked her she always seemed to haev an edge, 'I got u under my skin' is so edgey and '7 seconds' with Youssor is very cool as well, and Eagle-Eye Cherry is about as innovative as water in Ireland;)

Were any of u guys into Sophie B. Hawkins, I have to admit to being a big fan, 'Damn I wish I was ur Lover', 'Right Beside U', 'As I Lay me Down to Sleep' were great hits, I haven't heard her new album 'Timber' but it has got rave reviews has anyone heard it!!

Feb 18th, 2002, 05:23 PM
simmer down, you mick, and don't trash bcp's great thread like you do others

"Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" (ahem, lol) has become an 'easy listening' radio classic-- you hear it at the dentist's office, or when my older brother's driving or at office karaoke parties. Lol Cool song and I like Sophie B. She's kind of openly gay. :)

Feb 18th, 2002, 05:26 PM
Me destory trends I have no idea what u mean, u on the other hand thats a different matter;)

I knew Sophie was a Lesbian, her lyrics do imply that esp. on Timber, but that doesn't mean I can't like her;):)

Oh I just heard the new remix of 'Brotha' by Angie Stone with Eve and Alicia Keys its wicked, Alicia really comes into her own:)

Feb 18th, 2002, 05:32 PM
Hey Marky! :wavey:

Angie, Alicia & Eve performed the remix in December (Billboard Awards) and they rocked! Angie's retro vibe and style of singing is so refreshing because she generates power without screaming at the top of her lungs. Mariah! lol ;)

Feb 19th, 2002, 05:02 AM

Thanks for the Paula Abdul! LOL! I love "Always there". It is one of Incognito's best records, and G-Ha will be pleased to know that it is probably Jocelyn Brown's best work ( I also love It's Alright with Nuyrocian Soul). The album which that track came from is absolutely brilliant.

I remember Cantaloop, and US3:) . Wiseguys reminds me a lot of US3 becaus eof the loops that they use.

Rightous, I saw the City High video today on the tele. It looks ok. Are they big in the UK and Ireland? I think the track was called Caramel:confused: I liked Damn, wish I was your lover, but never bought it. I don't know Sophie's other work. Rightous, you are into Britpop aren't you? What do you thionk of Damon Albarn's evolution into Gorillaz? He certainly seeing a lot of stateside success with that project.

I wish I had seen Angie, Alicia and Eve!:( ;)

BTW, did I see Tiffany released a new album last year....LOL!

As for running 21k, you crazy man!

.....and why oh why did India arie do a duet with john Mellencamp?!

Feb 19th, 2002, 01:14 PM
Hey BCP, the India-John Mellencamp is a remake of his own song.
He asked her to be on it for the updated version that was for a 9/11 charity record. I didn't really care for it (I saw them perform live at an Xmas special at Rockefeller Center) because John didn't give India anything special to do on the song. She was basically a back-up singer with a few co-lead parts. :rolleyes:

Tiffany did release an album last eyar and I think it was a Christian pop album. She was okay and so was Debbie Gibson but Martika was my girl. :) "Love Thy Will Be Done" and "Toy Soldiers" were guilty pleasures, hehe.

Gorillaz? Is that the Clint Eastwood song? Don't care for it. Just blah, really. BCP, yup, "Caramel" is City High's most recent hit.
Sorry Rightous--City High sucks live.

Thanks didn't know that was Jocelyn on "Always There". :)

BCP, you brought up Brit pop and it's interesting that Britpop of the 90's up to now wasn't popular stateside like the 80's invasion. Take That barely registered. SClub7 finally arrived last year only to disappear again. Everyone else (Bardot, WestLife, Boyzone, etc) have never scored a hit here. Even Westlife with Mariah was never released here. I saw their video with Mariah for "Against All Odds" for the first time on the plane to Dublin last May.

BCP, did Oz stations play Samantha Sang's version of "Emotion" again after Destiny's Child released theirs last year? Here on our local old school station, they would play them back-to-back and I still like Samantha's version better!

BCP, one last thing: who's more revered in Oz-- Kylie or Olivia Newton-John? ;)

Feb 19th, 2002, 10:01 PM
Hey Guys, BCP I think Damon and Blur were definely the most innovative among the whole Britpop crew, I really like Gorillaz, there are big in college dorms stateside, although saying that it can be a little repetitive but 'Clint Eastwood' is an immense song:)

Tiffany r u sure it was Christian pop, cos I just heard she is posing nude for April's edition of Playboy!!! If any of u get a chance listen to City High's album its very good, although I do agree they don't always cut it live but Claudette is an amazing singer, IMHO!!!

It's just occurred to me that in this discussion of R'n'B/Soul we haven't discussed two of the most importnat acts int eh last 20 years, En Vogue and Sade. En Vogue are for me the most soulful and important 'girl group' since the Supremes, hits like 'Hold On', 'My Lovin (Never Gonna Get it)' and 'Don't Let Go' will stand the test of time.

Sade is IMHO just amazing, her voice just oozes soul and her songs r so smooth u could nearly spread them on toast, just an amazing artist, although it was strange that her last album did so well in the USA and not so most so in the UK/Ireland, BCP how did it do down ur neck of the woods.

Feb 19th, 2002, 11:52 PM
Hey guys:wavey: Sorry Beige, but Martika:eek: ewww;) Poor old tiffany, and debbie, are they the Brittney, and Christina of their time?

neither Kylie nor Olivia are as revered as Danni Minogue!:p ;)

Beige, Britpop is a termused to describe guitar/indioe Uk bands that produce popsongs like Blur, Oasis, Pulp, Suede, Superfurry animals etc. The plethora of girl/boy bands, well, I don't know what to call them! they have invented a new horrible band that has done a Buck Fizz cover. Can you believe that? A manufactured boy/girl band doing a covber of a track of a horrible boy/girl band track.

Hey Rightous, I like a lot of what en Vogue did. My fave track of theirs was "Whatever" which was off the EV3 (?) album when they became a three piece. I think I'll track down a copy of their greates hits, as I only have that one record. I also liked "Free your mind", which was kind of ballsey.

I love SADE. There has been a plethora of house bootlegs of some of the tracks off her last album over the last 12 months. I really love her latest album. I is extremely weel produced. the production is really minimalist, and allows a lot of space for SADE to really showcase her vocal talent.

Sade, Angie Stone, N'Dea Davenport, Sideah Garrett, Erykah Badu, etc to me are the real divas. Celine , Mariah, Whitney et al get all the credit because they appeal to the mainstream, and therefore the record companies put bucketloads of cash into promoting them to sell more units. I also fin d their material less appealing to me, and atuned to moving units....:)

Feb 20th, 2002, 12:53 PM
Thanks, BCP. Blur and Oasis definitely have a following stateside.
Don't know about the bands. Britpop sounds like what we call Modern Rock.

En Vogue, I liked both incarnations. Favorites include "Hold On" and the song from the movie "Set It Off"-- sorry I forget the title.

I LOVE Sade. Talk about a groundbreaker! Their albums hold up nicely-- have any of you listened to "Diamond Life" or "Promise" recently? Still sounds great. "Is It A Crime" and "Your Love Is King" are a couple of my faves.

BCP, I agree with your diva list!!! It's got to come from the soul and NOT motivated by record sales.

No problem about Martika. :p Lol ;) Yup, Tiff and Debbie are Britney and Christina of the late 80's...but not as rich nor as popular (at least in America)

BCP, you were in nappies and elementary school at the time but any thoughts on Helen Reddy? Lol ;) What about Lana Cantrell? ;)
But seriously...INXS? Midnight Oil? Silverchiar? Just curious. :)

Feb 20th, 2002, 02:40 PM
So Aust. brought u Dannii, Savage Garden (lol) and Kylie but Ireland give the world U2, The Corrs, Van Morrison, Ash, The Divine Comedy, The Cranberries, Enya and on a bad note Boyzone and Westlife and indifference Sam Mumba-what do u guys think of her.

Gee Man totoally agree with u, Sade's album stand the test of time and still sound fresh today. I really like the songs u mentioned and others like 'Smooth Operator' and 'Sweetest Taboo'. Oh the song by En Vogue was called 'Can't Let Go', BCP I have their greatest hits album its good and 'Free Ur Mind' is very ballsey....'Can't Change ur mind, u can't change my colour'.

BCP u are talking about allStars, I have to say I quite like them they produced a great pop hit called 'Bump in the Night', check it out its pop at its greatest, OMG my street cred is going down hill rapidly!!!!lol

Britpop is Rocky with a hint of pop, I like all the bands u named but some of them are finding it hard to move on and do different things, like Suede and Pulp, BCP what do u think of James.

I also agree with ur classification of divas but I think Mariah has had an impact, although her rep. gives her a bad name and people don't give her the respect she deserves. Although she is not in the same league as Sade and others.

Feb 20th, 2002, 03:05 PM
Marky, my bad about ignoring Irish contributions. The Chieftains, God bless 'em. ;)

Answer my pm, bro!

BCP, let me know if I get on your nerves about Aussie "icons". I like talking to people form abroad and getting local perspective on this and that. Peace! :)

nasty nick#2
Feb 20th, 2002, 03:16 PM
I like R&B, well atleast some R&B stuff, the latest few years that genre has turned worse and worse.

Feb 20th, 2002, 08:01 PM
Hey Guys!

Your so knowledgeable about music. My kind of people!

I love Mariah so dont cus anyone!

As for Hinda Hicks I totally agree with Mark. I think Hinda was fantastic she had the voice, and the style I've got her album and I really rate it.

Samantha Mumba - She Cannot sing. Her music is pop pretending its Rnb thats the worst kind of music.

LMAO - Allstars being talked about in a MUSIC Thread.

Sade is a classic artist. I agree her music is timeless.

Alicia Keyes - Has a fantastic album she is def one of my favorite artists.

I liked Oasis I think their version of Wonderwall was a classic.

Feb 20th, 2002, 09:28 PM
Hey Natsy Nick, Hey Jessica:wavey: fell free to bring us into line any time!;) :)

Beige, I'm gonna go back to the numbering system

1. It was hard growing up in Australia with the taste in music that I have. When I was in school, and even now, the mainstream are all about rock ie INXS, Midnight Oil, etc, and that horrible US college rock like Wheatus etc. Anyone attempting an R & B career in Aust is bound to fail, ie deni Hines. There is a hip hop and house underground here, but you really have to search it out , but no Beige, you are not getting on my nerves:) I can't think of an Australian artist who is currently recording that I like, except for Deni hines

2. Unfortunately (or Fortunately;) ) I am a bit young for Lana catrell or Helen reddy, though I know that I am Woman is landmark record. BTW, I also love Dusty Springfield's voice, and started to get interested in her when she did nWhat have I done to deserve this with the Pet Shop Boys. They also produced a couple of tracks for her afterwards. I saw her story on trashy Holltwood True Stories or something like that the other day, and didn't realise that she was a lesbian!

3. Rightous, Enya was the biggest selling artist worldwide in 2001. Can you believe that! Outsold, N'sync, Back Street Boys, and Brittney. She sold 3million copies of her latest ablum in the US last year alone. That's incredible when you consider that thriller, trhe biggest selling album of all time has sold about 8 million copies in almost 20 years. Ther are a lot of elevators in the world I guess! (j/k;) )

4. My fave britpop bands are Blur, Oasis, and Pulp (though I lost interest in Pulp after Common People). I think Damon Alb arn is a spunk, and Jarvis Cocker is cool. I'm not sure about James. Is he a fave of yours?

5. Jessica, I have been tempted to buy the Alicia Keys album. I was lukewarm on Fallin', but I like the second single off the album. After your recommendation, I think I'll take a punt.

6. Some news: Talkin Loud had signed up Elizabeth troy, the vocalist on MJ Cole's track "Hold on to me" I think that they have finally got their act together and are looking to release the first single in March. Look out for it, because I think that it'll be good. She has an amazing voice.

Feb 20th, 2002, 10:44 PM
BCP - I will put u in line especially when it comes to Mariah!

Dusty Springfield was a lesbian i had no idea! She had a great voice, and made some classic records.

Yep, BCP get the Alicia Keyes album. It has a kind of DAngelo vibe.

I agree about Elizabeth Troy she has a great voice and her songs with M.J cole have been good. They have had I think one top 10 hit in the U.K beginning of last year. Hopefully we will see more of them!

Feb 20th, 2002, 10:49 PM
Jessica, I like some of Mariah's records. When david Morales takes her in hand, iut is a match made in heaven. I love the Fantasy remix by Morales. My fave Mariah records are honey, Anytime you need a friend, and Make it happen.

Has she been resigned to a new label? If not, I have no doubt that she will come back stronger.:)

Feb 20th, 2002, 11:42 PM
BTW NAsty Nick. I agree with you. I don't relate to a lot of the US corporate R & B, but there is a cluster of great nu-soul vocalists doing great work out there.

Feb 21st, 2002, 12:32 PM
BCP, kindred spirits! What you described about being an "outcast" musically was my entire grammar and high school experience! I came of age in the 70's and so when I was a teenager it was all about KISS, Aerosmith (before they got soft),
Black Sabbath, etc. If you liked anything with a beat you were labelled a fag so I just dealt with it. When I got to college in '80 I was hoping to meet like-minded music fans but ended up in a Punk/New Wave circle. Great people but I was the odd man out, if you will. So I just learned to adapt. By late 1986 I was living in Europe and for the first time I felt free and connected to others who liked dance, R&B and house. Pump up the volume! :D

Hey again Jessica! :wavey: I wanted to ask you, BCP and Rightous about American R&B: how are you guys being exposed to in your respective countries? I know House and Acid Jazz (rTrance, Ambient, etc) is universal but I'm curious how you guys hear the latest from people like Angie Stone, Jagged Edge, D'Angelo. Are there R&B stations where you live? Or do you rely on MTV or other music video outlets or do you hear it all online? Just curious. :)

Sade has a new live album called "Lovers Live" that's getting great reviews. :)

BCP, no it's FORTUNATE that you were a baby when Helen and Lana were in their prime. Hehe Deni Hines? I looked her up and found a remix album with tracks like "It's Alright". House music?
Hey, you never said anything about Silverchair! ;)

That Enya song from last eyar is used for promos of "Friends". Gag! My niece used the song in her wedding last year. Double gag! ;) Give me "Orinoco Flow' any time. :)

Guys, I don't know too many MJ Cole tracks but I have to ask: do you guys find 2-Step "limited"? The MJ cuts played here all sound the same but I find that even with Craig David's 2-step songs. I just think 2-Step doesn't have the flexiblity of Acid Jazz and House.

Feb 21st, 2002, 08:37 PM
BCP - Mariah has parted with Virgin records and is in talks with Def Jam rcords. The lastest i've heard.
I love all those songs you mentioned of Mariahs!

Beige - There are a couple of radio stations dedicated to dance and r&B but they mainly focus on British R&B or very comercial American artists like Destinys Child, Jennifer Lopez, Mya, Usher.

We get MTV Base over here which is great they play Jagged Edge, Angie Stone, Erykah Badu, and that sort of thing so i can chill to that!

Feb 21st, 2002, 09:46 PM
Beige, Australia is loike how Jessica described her country (I assume you live in the UK?). The corporate R & B stuff like Mya, Pink, Usher, P Diddy sells lots of units here. But the more sublime stuff like Angie Stone, Erykah Badu etc is readily available, but doesn't sell well. Oh well. I don't mind that:)

Deni is more soul/pop. Her best tracks are It's alright (D'influence mix), Imagination (D'Influence mix), and I like the way (original mix).

re: 2-step. I think that 99.9% of 2-step is crap. Great work is being done by MJ Cole, Artful Dodger, and Wookie. I can see how some people see 2-step as same same. However, I see all that college rock as same same, and trance as same same. I think that you really have to into something to see the differences:)

Feb 21st, 2002, 10:26 PM
Hello all, I know what u mean about being the only person who liked R'n'B in ur school and locality, like I live in Ireland, its not exactly an R'n'B kingdom but its getting there:)

BCP Yeah Enya's success is all very strange, her album has now sold near 7 million albums in the USA alone, that is mental. She is massive in mainland Europe as well. She hs always been a big sales shifter, she is now reaching over 40 million albums sold, thats amazing. Her sound is timeless and I think there will always be a market for it, also I guess her success in the USA may have been heighten due to the fact that her music is very non-threatening and unconversatile.

Yeah as Jessica said we have MTV Base, which plays mainstream R'n'B along side less successful acts but maybe better acts like Angie, Jill etc. But R'n'B is definely now reaching the more mainstream channels and also I guess there is definely a blurring of the edges between Pop and R'n'B.

Elizabeth Troy is I agree with u BCP very talented, I heard her in a live session a couple of months ago and her voice is breathtaking it sent shivers down my spine, I hope she gets the right producers and material to show case it:)

Feb 21st, 2002, 10:59 PM
Wow Rightous, I would have LOVED to have seen Elizabeth Troy live!

Feb 22nd, 2002, 01:16 PM
Rightous, you got that right about the "blurred" line between Pop and R&B. It's always been there but things stayed segregated for a long time until about 4-5 years ago when the pop acts started to blatantly use more of a watered down soul sound. It's all gravy. :D

It's nice to know that the Angie Stones, Erykah Badus and D'Angelos (among others-- they're been dubbed something like "The Neo Soul Movement") can find an audience outside of the States. Angie Stone was just on the radio recently and she said that her record company puts her "success" in perspective:
for Angie to go platinum (1 million units sold) is an an achievement. Her label doesn't expect Mariah/Janet type numbers and are quite satisified with her modest sales which actually surpassed the label's expectations considering she is not Top 40 radio-friendly. That's really cool that they supposrt her like that. :)

BCP, so true and "duh" to me for not realizing that about 2-step. So many times I've been told that House and Acid Jazz "all sounds the same" and I roll my eyes. Hehe

Feb 25th, 2002, 02:20 AM
I got my hands on a promo copy of the first D'Influence single from the new album. It's really good, all the things you would expect from D'influence: sublime vocals, killer bassline.... Part 2 has remixes from someone that I've never heard of, but it just looked ALL WRONG. If you are looking for D'Influence stuff, give the remixes A MISS, as you cannot go past the original productions.:)

Feb 25th, 2002, 01:31 PM
Thanks, BCP, for the heads up. I found "Show Me Love" but it wasn't available for downloading or even listening. Will try again later in the week.

I'm not sure if this film has opened in your neck of the woods but here's info on a new documentary called "Scratch" about djs that's getting some good buzz in NYC:


Feb 25th, 2002, 09:04 PM
Cool Beige....Thanks for the link!:)

Feb 26th, 2002, 02:40 AM
I get the feeling D'influence are going to be everywhere coming up to the release of their album. They have just done mixes for the new Ultra Nate recdord to be released on Giant Step. There are also mixes by Blaze. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Feb 26th, 2002, 11:41 PM
Hey dudes, just checking in, Yeah Elizabeth was very cool, she knows her craft well, as I said she needs to find the right poducers and hopefully she can market herself well.

What do u guys think of the whole hip-hop thing of Ja Rule, Dr Dre etc. to me they have lost the point of what it is all about, I dare one of them to listen to The Miseducation of..... thats what hip-hoppers should be rapping about not fucking each others mothers etc. although saying that I do like Ja Rule and Dre but have they lost the message??????

Feb 27th, 2002, 12:18 AM
Hey Rightous. I agree re: modern hip-hop. I can't get into it, and find it really aggressive. I LOVE oldskooler like de la Soul, Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, Guru, and Gangstarr. I think that the Jazzamatazz series which Guru has done (3 albums now) is simply brilliant. I think that first onewas released in 91, the second in 96, and the third, Street soul was last year. He uses the hottest soul singers of the time on each one. eg:

the first one had Carleen Anderson, n'dea davenport, DC Lee, and many more

the second one had Jamiroquai, Shara Nelson, Chaka Khan, , and many more

the thrid one has Angie stone, Craig David, Kelis, Erykah Badu, and many more.

The latest de la soul album is brilliant, but last year's effort with Chaka Khan called "all good" is the best hip-hop record I have heard since the early 90s. Have you guys ever heard the old d la soul record which they did with Jungle Brothers, and A Tribe Called Quest in the early 90s called "do your dang". It is a hip hop classic. I saw a copy on ebay going for USD275!:eek: :eek: I own a copy, and got it for AUD15 when it first came out.

Re: Eminem- what are your thoughts. I'm not into his music at all, but I thought that Stan was a brilliant track, and lyrically, it was very clever.

I am gay, and I know that a lot of gay groups are against him etc. Sometimes though I think that what he is all about is expressing views as if he held them to show the world how ridiculous they are- does that makes sense?

I guess what I am trying to say is that he may or may not hold the views which he says in his songs. His primary objective is to convey these hateful views in a way which the poeple who really do hold those views would to show everyone how hateful and destructive they really sound. Am I giving him too much credit? Do you agree?

Feb 27th, 2002, 12:28 AM
I completely agree with ya BCP I don't really feel their music but I like some of it, Dre is a wicked producer but does he really represent, Lauryn Hill's album is what hip-hop albums should eb about, representing the views of the nation and what is important. I have never heard of Guru, I meant check him out, I really like the artists he has worked with. Actually I have never been a fan of Badu, she annoys me I'm Gee Man and BCP but she does.

And I agree with u about Eminem, he does it so people can challenge themselves, if u listen to his music and agree with what he says, what does that make u, he is testing his audience to look inside themsleves. I do like some of stuff and the way he twisted Dido's song was amazing.

Btw did any of u hear Sparkle's 'Be Careful' a couple of years ago, I really love that song:)

Feb 27th, 2002, 01:34 PM
Today's hip hop is uninspired. Nelly? Yuck! The creativity and the humor of groups you guys mentioned like De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest is sorely missing! :(

BCP, I remember the first Jazzamatazz. It was brilliant! "No Time To Play" (Carleen on vocals?) was my jam. :D Sorry dude don't recall the DLS/Jungle Bros/Tribe collaboration. $275! Wow.

I like Eminem and I even enjoyed the entire "Marshall Mathers" cd. BCP, I agree about Eminem; that's exactly how I saw him and his satirical approach to controversial issues. That's exactly what Public Enemy did. I got into an argument with gay friends when they saw me dancing to "The Real Slim Shady". They said I was advocating his homophobia and I just kept on dancing. Hehe :) Eminem is ridiculing small-minded people. It's clear to me...or maybe I'm just not uptight like some people. Lol

Marky, I liked "Be Careful". Sparkle may come forward with damaging info on the recent R. Kelly scandal. (If you didn't know:
videotapes have surfaced of R. Kelly having sex with underage girls)

G-Ha! WHERE ARE YOU? Check in! :)

Feb 27th, 2002, 09:48 PM
Hey Beige:wavey: It was D C Lee (singer from the Style Council, and Paul Weller's wife) who sang the lead vocal for No Time to Play. N'dea Davenport sang the leads vocal for a brilliant track "Trust me" from the same album. Trust me was remixed by CJ MacKintosh, and became an instant classic.

I haven't heard of "Be careful", but I'll check it out:)

Yes, where is G-Ha?

Feb 27th, 2002, 10:00 PM
:wavey: guys!

I love that Sparkle song!!

Eminem.. I think he is a lyrical genius, but as for his songs and personality a bit shallow really, He is a very angry person, and he takes it out on everyone!

I agree Stan was a classic song the way the video inparticular was structured was extremely clever!

Does anyone here like Blackstreet?
I am a huge fan of them and i miss them alot :(

Feb 28th, 2002, 07:34 PM
BCP, HERE WE GO AGAIN! :D I LOVE Style Council!! "Long Hot Summer" is one of my all time favorite 80's songs!!! AND........
"Trust Me" was another early 90s favorite jam and reminds me completely of how much fun I had with my posse at that time. It was N'Dea and Kool Moe Dee right? I even recall the sepia toned video with N'Dea and the rapper tooling around lower Manhattan in a convertible. :)

Hey Jessica! :wavey: Blackstreet has broken up but I'm sure Teddy Riley will be back with another group. My fave was "Before I Let You Go". :)

Feb 28th, 2002, 09:26 PM
Style Council and Swing Out Sister were my fave 80s bands (and I liked a lot of the Spandau Ballet, and Duran Duran stuff). My fave Style Council records are Have you ever Had it Blue, The Lodgers, Walls come Tumblin Down, and of course, Shout to the Top.

Trust me was N'Dea Davenport and Guru off the first Jazamatazz album. I never saw the video:( Wish I had.

Jessica, I don't know much of Blackstreet's stuff, but I liked the record they did with Janet, Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

BTW They screened the Brit Awards last night, and it only occurred to me then that Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head sample's New Order's Blue Monday....DUH...silly me:rolleyes:

Mar 1st, 2002, 01:48 AM
....and I also found out that Can't get you out of my head was originally offered to Sophie Bextor-Ellis who turned it down. She must be kicking herself......

(Beige, you must be thinking for someone who doesn't like Kylie, I know an awful lot about her.....;) :p )

Mar 1st, 2002, 02:20 PM
"Shout To The Top"! :D BCP, back then my friends used to compare Style Council to Squeeze and while I liked both groups I didn't see a similarity. For lack of a better word, Squeeze was, in my opinion, not "loungey" like SC.

"Blue Monday"?! Get out of here. Really? They must really slow it down for Kylie's song. LOL@ about the Kylie info. My friends "bust my chops" for the same reasons when I cite Britney or Christine facts. ;)

Mar 1st, 2002, 11:00 PM
ballchangeplease--I just had to pop in here to say that anyone who likes Swing Out Sister is a friend of mine. :D I love them!

Mar 2nd, 2002, 03:06 AM
Hey Moon:wavey: Good to see you in here!:)

I love Swing Out Sister. My favourite records of theirs are Surrender, Twighlight world, and many more. I think that Corrine drewey, the lead singer, is one of the most stylish women I have seen.

Did you know that they were still recording albums? They are only getting released in Japan, where they are still massive, but the rest of the world has seemed to have forgotten about them:(

Who are your other favourites?:)

Mar 4th, 2002, 05:17 AM
BCP--Surrender is one of my favorite songs by SOS, but my absolute favorite was this song called Where in the World? It was on the same album with Waiting Game. Anyway You on My Mind, Where in the World...the whole side of that cassette, are all my favorites! I know they are still making records. I think the latest one I have is from 1997, and I actually just finished listening to it, lol.

I don't know if Sylvester has been mentioned yet in this thread, but I just heard an old song by him over the weekend (the song was called Dance? or Dancing Heat?), and I remember once again how much I used to like him. I'm gonna have to go buy one of his CDS.

BCP--my favorites right now are Sade, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston (her last album) and No Doubt. I listen to my old tapes from the 80s more than anything, and most of the time I can't bring myself to listen to the radio.
If it wasn't for my tapes and CDs, I don't know what I would do.

Mar 4th, 2002, 06:32 AM
Moon, it's great to hear from another music lover. Those SOS tracks you mentioned were from thye second album. I think it was called Kaleidoscope. I also love Where in the world, and you on my mind.

Re: Sylvester- I think that Mighty Real is probably the most covered song on the planet (well almost anyway!)

I LOVE Sade. I think her latest album is absolutely brilliant. Though I love Janet, I thought that the last album was a bit disappointing.

I have never been a Whitney fan though. I think she is extremely talented, but I'm a bit worried about her. Do you think she will pull through her current turmoil?

Mar 4th, 2002, 12:51 PM
Hey Moon! :wavey: Welcome aboard!

My two cents on SOS: liked the hits you get mentioned and a personal fave is "Am I The Same Girl" from this album:


The sample on "AM I The Same Girl" still baffles me. It was a popular instrumental in the late 60's and I've never been able to come up with the name. One day hopefully. Hehe :)

Moon, that Sylvester song is "Dance (Disco Heat)" from 1979. "...Cookin' on my feet in the disco heat..." :) On that song as well as other tracks, Sylvester was backed by the duo called Two Tons O' Fun who later became The Weather Girls of "It's Raining Men" fame. Trivia question for all of you: what singer was one of The Weather Girls?

Do any of you own "Lovers Live", Sade's latest? I gave it to a friend for her birthday and she's completely loving it! :)

Moon, how do you like No Doubt's new musical direction?

Mar 4th, 2002, 04:52 PM
Hey guys:wavey: , I know I haven't been in here in a while, but I just had to pop in to answer Beige's trivia question: Martha Wash was part of Two Tons of Fun (I always forget the other member's name, though).

Beige, here's one back at ya: why did Two Tons of Fun change their name to The Weather Girls?

BTW, I love "Am I the Same Girl"! I, too knew they sampled in that song, but I could never figure out what the original was either. I had no idea they were still creating music even if only in Japan.

I also like Sylvester. "Might Real" is a great song. Sylvestor was an innovator -- he was RuPaul before RuPaul.

Mar 4th, 2002, 05:17 PM
G-Ha! :wavey: every time i write your name i can't help but think of a-ha and "take on me" hehe Welcome back, smartypants! :)

G-Ha is correct. Martha "I Sang Zelma Davis' Vocals And Sued To Get Paid" Wash was indeed a member of Two Tons O' Fun. I think the reason they changed to The Weather Girls was contractual-- Sylvester may have owned the 'Tons' group name or something legal like that. Am in the ballpark? :)

"Mighty Real" is great and oft-recorded. Least favorite version for yours truly? Sandra Bernhard! Wouldn't be so bad if it was a song parody but Sandra was serious. Lol

Back to Sylvester, who I respected-- I always felt (half joking) that Luther Vandross would've been Sylvester if he wasn't so uptight. I could've seen Luther as an androgynous performer but he had already carved out a niche for himself in the balladeering world.

RuPaul, I used to see perform at a local festival called Wigstock (the same one in the indie film of the same name) and was happy to see him parlay club scene celebrity into a legitimate career. My favorite Ru song (and video) is "Back To My Roots". :)

Mar 4th, 2002, 09:59 PM
Gee Man I heard Dawn Robinson's 'Envious' the song isn't up to much but the video is amazing, one of the best I have ever seen, so artstic and imagative.

Sade's 'lovers Rock' Album is very cool, chilled back and funky, she does what she does extremely well.

btw what do u guys think of Mya, I have her last album its very good, alot better than I thought it would be, I think she lacks direction i.e. what market to aim for.

Mar 4th, 2002, 10:37 PM
I don't like Mya's vocals, they are too wimpy and airy.She is a great dancer though. Sade's "Lovers rock" was a disappointment IMO. I guess I expected more. Don't get me wrong it wasn't bad but like I said I expected more.

Mar 4th, 2002, 11:50 PM
Hey Rightous:wavey: Unfortunately, I find Mya really annoying, and I think her music is very pop/corporate. She does have a big following though. What's Dawn's video like?

Hey Eza, I'm surprised you were disappointed with Lover's Rock. I thought that the minimal production on the tracks really showcased Sade's voice, and highlighted how good the songs themselves actuallt were.

Who are your favs Eza?:)

Mar 4th, 2002, 11:58 PM
hey BCP:wavey: Yeah alot of people say that, her voice is very breathy and girly I suppose, I have read alot of her interviews and she is a very intelligent girl, she is not like Pink and Christina and some others and is not about being over the top etc. Her album is good, and I like her collobarations with Pras, Blackstreet and others.

BCO her video is hard to describe, its very arty, u have to see it I can't really describe it. But I was disappointed by the song but her album has got good reviews so it might be good, I'll have to see the other songs off the album to see.

Yeah I'm with you BCP, cos the whole big-beat thing and elecronic thing has taken away from singing etc. (although I do like that) but its nice to hear something simple and someone's voice that is warm and smoothing:)

Mar 4th, 2002, 11:58 PM
:wavey: Guys!!!

Mya is beautiful and an amazing mover, but her voice dosent do alot for me not enough emotion.

I havent seen Dawn Robinsons video yet, but I reckon it'll be wicked En Vogue were brilliant!!

Does anyone like Brian McKnight...his track with Mariah is beautiful and I think he is as good as Luther.

Mar 5th, 2002, 12:13 AM
Rigtous, is Dawn releasing a solo album then? I wonder how she will go. If the first single isn't strong, it does not bode well. Sometimes vocalists leave great groups to go solo, and it all goes wrong. Other times, I guess they become amazingly successful.

Hey Jessica:wavey: I have never really heard enough of Brian Mcknight to like or dislike him. Was the duet with Mariah ever a single? BTW, I heard Mariah is currently working on her next album. Is this true?

I used to like some of Luther Vandross's early work, but then he became too schmultzy, and I got bored. You can put Will Downing in that category as well.

Mar 5th, 2002, 12:26 AM
Yeah BCP has has finished her album, I think she was orginally going to down the rock chick mode (a bit like a female version of Lenny 'Fly Away' K), the song is ok but I hope the album is better, Dawn had been apart of two great groups 'en Vogue' and 'Lucy pearl'.

:wavey: Jessica, the song he did was a cover of Mariah's 'Whenever u Call', I'm sorry but I find him a little boring and bit like what BCP said about Luther, I heard a few of his songs I'm not a fan.

I really wish Mariah would just go into a studio on her own, with no longer producers cos I think she would produce an album that will be true to her heart:)

Mar 5th, 2002, 05:19 AM
Wow. I can't believe that was 2 Tons of Fun singing background for Sylvester. I really liked their voices. Anybody remember the song they did called, Just Us? I really liked that song. You guys are really bringing back memories.

BCP, you're right You On My Mind etc., are from Kaleidoscope World. I have all their albums I believe, up until the latest one I have from 97 or 98. So Beige, I do have Get In Touch With Yourself, which I also liked. :) The title track was one of my favorites on that album. I never figured out why Swing Out Sister didn't make it big over here. Corinne Drewery had so much style, and they seemed so different than alot of the stuff that is out there. oh well...

bcp--I agree completely about Luther. He was great in the beginning, but then he turned into the balladeer (is that a word?) and he's kinda corny now.

Beige--I love No Doubt's last album. Hey Baby is my favorite song on the album. All the reggae stuff is awesome. I really loved Tragic Kingdom, but I skipped Return To Saturn, although I'm sure I will get it at some point.

I loved Lover's Rock. It's not my favorite Sade album--that would be Stronger than Pride-- but I still like it.

Same with Janet, not her best, but I like it more than most of what I here these days.

Not at all interested in Mya, or any other chicks running around in their underwear. I understand the need to sell themselves, but when I see someone dressed skimpily, it just makes me think that they don't have any talent. I haven't heard anything from Mya to convince me otherwise.

Mar 5th, 2002, 01:20 PM
First things first-- Welcome, Eza! :wavey:

1. BCP, Dawn relased her solo album in January and it's gotten no buzz at all. Rightous, I didn't care for Dawn Robinson's debut single "Envious". Frankly, I thought the song was beneath Dawn's abilities and "Envious" seems like a song that Aaliyah or Brandy rejected. I wish she had gone the "black rock chick" route because there's a market waiting to be cornered. BCP, I really don't know if Dawn can do it solo. I wish her luck though because of my fondness for En Vogue.

2. Mya, I have nothing against her but vocally she has yet to impress me. As I told Moon before these young female pop/R&B singers just don't compare with those from the past i.e. Stacy Lattisaw and Tracie Spencer, for example. Look them up if you're curious because vocals were Stacy and Tracie's priorities.

3. Jessica, I love "Whenever You Call" with Brian & Mariah! I know it's a syruppy ballad :o but their voices blend so nicely on that cut. It's even better than the original version Mariah did solo on "Butterfly". Brian McKnight has never done anything for me. He's so bland but he's not the only one. Besides this song with Mariah, I like Brian's duet with Vanessa Williams from 1992-1993 called "Love Is". P.S. Vanessa discovered Brian and he used to open for her in concert years ago. Anyone have any favorite Vanessa Williams uptempo tracks? I love the remixes for "Running Back To You", "Work To Do" and her very House-y song called "Freedom Dance (Get Free")

4. BCP and Moon, I always thought that SOS would have an Everything But The Girl type of success and following. Corinne had more stage presence than Tracy Thorn from EBTG so I thought SOS' record company would capitalize on that but they didn't. BCP, it sucks too that the American radio format that would be most likely to endorse SOS would be what they call "Adult Contemporary" (geared towards a "mature" audience). That's where you can hear EBTG so SOS would be thrown in there as well. :rolleyes:

5. "Lovers Rock" I liked because it was stripped down but it's true that it didn't the usual "oomph" you expect from a Sade recording. For those that were disappointed the new live album "Lovers Live" should make up for it. :) My friend said it's a recording of Sade's tour from last summer. I remember working in a record store back in college ('85-'86) and some of the other employees dismissing "Diamond Life" as a one hit wonder. :rolleyes: India Arie opened for Sade last summer and said that it was great to open for one of her musical inspirations. :) Moon, you mentioned singers and sexiness and Sade is a prime example of someone who is sexy without having to resort to being scantily clad! (Mariah, you hear that?! Lol) And come to think of it for all of Sade's fashion sense, she never dressed "hootchie". You go girl! :)

6. The other Weather Girl's name is Izora Armstead. Moon, I love "Just Us"! "Workin' workin'...squeezin' squeezin'..." :D It's on this compilation I have called "Give Your Body Up" that also includes "Somebody Else's Guy" and "Now That We Found Love" by Third World.

7. Agree with you guys about Luther. Classic Luther is the early 80's material. Then he became so "middle-of--the-road" (a balladeer, hehe) that I lost interest. BCP, Will Downing succumbed to the pressure of his record company to try and cross over like Luther and it didn't work.

8. Rightous, Mariah should either do her new album solo (BCP, it's been reported that she's back in the studio) OR work with NEW producers. It's fine if she wants to stay in R&B but stop with the wannabe hip hop/Mary J. Blige cuts like she's done in recent years. "Loverboy" and "Heartbreaker" while catchy were actually sample-laden crap.

9. Moon, I'm happy for No Doubt's musical change. They (and it's like Sade for me-- it's Gwen, no doubt, wink, BUT the guys count, too) jumped out of the blocks so quickly and gained notoriety even faster that "Return of Saturn" had so much pressure on it. It didn't do well but good to see them rebound nicely with "Rock Steady". Cynics have said they're selling out (working with hip hop, reggae, electronica artists) but ND is actually playing it smart. For the sake of longevity, in my opinion, they have to branch out....especially when you have a lead singer like Gwen. :)

10. Lastly, I have to give Janet Jackson her due. Like BCP, I prefer the raunchiness, hehe, of "The Velvet Rope" but I salute Janet for hanging tough 16 years after her breakthrough with "Control". She and Madonna can still teach the Britneys and Christinas a thing or two about sustaining a music career. Hey do you think any of these young female singers will have the staying power of say a Janet, Madonna or Whitney? Whether it's a big deal to you or not, Janet had a #1 single last year ("All For You")at age 35. :) Moon, did you see Janet's special from Hawaii??!! The "Would You Mind" sequence was um...um...um... ;)

Mar 5th, 2002, 01:30 PM
What the hell is going on in here. I just found this thread. Is this some sort of music critique thread.

BTW I love lovers Rock by Sade. My favorite song on the album is Immigrant the one she made about her father and his struggles in England.

Mar 5th, 2002, 01:40 PM
BHS! :wavey:

Does that mean you're happy to see us? :)

I love "Immigrant", "By Your Side" and "Slave Song" from "Lovers Rock". :)


Look at the line-up for the live album:

1. Cherish The Day
2. Somebody Already Broke My Heart
3. Smooth Operator
4. Jezebel
5. Kiss Of Life
6. Slave Song
7. The Sweetest Gift
8. The Sweetest Taboo
9. Paradise
10. No Ordinary Love
11. By Your Side
12. Flow
13. Is It A Crime

I know lots of our faves are missing but that's how rich Sade's music is. :D

Mar 5th, 2002, 02:00 PM
WOW only 13 songs. She (the band) could have easily included 17 songs on that album. I have a strange feeling I will be seeing the Live volume 2. :)

Mar 5th, 2002, 02:32 PM
BHS, of cour$e, we will see a Volume 2 but it's Sade so it's okay. :)

Does anyone know Sade's songs "Maureen" and "Tar Baby"? They are two of my favorites. :)

Mar 5th, 2002, 03:41 PM
I have heard of Tar baby but it is not my favorite by any mean. My favorite Sade song is 'Is it a crime'. I just love the way she take you from high to low. The song is just filled with so much emotion. The brass section in the song is terrific also.

Mar 5th, 2002, 03:57 PM
Does anyone out there like Nina Simone.

Mar 5th, 2002, 05:14 PM
BHS, "Is It A Crime" is a gorgeous song and really demonstrates Sade's abilities as a musical storyteller.

As for Nina Simone, I know who she is but exposure is limited. I was living abroad in the late 80's and my roommate at the time played "Ne Me Quitta Pas" all the time. I know NS is highly revered. Is she compared to Josephine Baker or Billie Holiday?

Mar 5th, 2002, 05:49 PM
Nina Simone is not so far back. She is around the 70's. She is considered jazz and has as i would call it a rustic voice. She was also a political activist and therefore her music would not appeal to some who thought her message was to strong. She sang a few well known songs, like "I loves you Porgy"and "Two Women". If you want to find out more about her you should watch the movie "The point of no return". It was the movie that the tv show la femme nikita was based on. It stars Bridget Fonda. The entire soundtrack of the movie i think is about Nina Simone.

Mar 5th, 2002, 05:55 PM
Thanks, bhs. I just listened to a few loops from the soundtrack. Really nice..."I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl", in particular. :)

Mar 6th, 2002, 05:31 AM
Hey guys!

BCP--I didn't answer your question about Whitney Houston in my last post. I am worried for her too. I think she is totally into drugs now (after seeing her on the Michael Jackson special), and I really hope that she gets the help she needs before she ends up dead. It's really sad. Her voice is not what it used to be either, although I really like her last album Your Love Is My Love. Arista just paid her all this money to keep her on their label. But I am doubtful that she will be able to produce anthing significant until she can get her act together.

Beige--re:Lover's Live. I'm not really a big fan of live albums. I don't know why, I've never really been into concerts. Normally when I do here someone in person, I'm a bit disappointed. Not really the concert going type. Also re: Sade, I love her song Maureen. It actually reminds me of an old friend of mine, so I always think about her when I think of that song.

Totally agree with Brian McKnight. The very definition of the word bland. Nothing outstanding about him whatsoever. I don't even think he's all that goodlooking.

I like that song Get Free by Vanessa as well. :) It was on the Save the Best For Last album, right? I used to have it on tape, but the tape got messed up, but I always remember that song. If I remember correctly, they played it during the first episode of Melrose Place. :o Don't ask me why I remember these things, I just do. :o

Mar 6th, 2002, 11:58 AM
Moon, OMG! I remember that "Melrose" episode, too! They played "Freedom Dance (Get Free)" when the entire cast including the other Vanessa Williams jumped into the pool.
Lol, that you remember and yeah it was on the "Comfort Zone" album. (Vanessa/Brian McKnight's "Love Is" was played a few times on "90210")

I hear ya about "Live" albums-- I remember being so agitated back in 1986 when I bought Pat Benatar's "Live From Earth" album. It sucked!!!

BCP, what do you think about the Chemical Brothers? They have a new cd out and I'm thinking about getting it.

Rightous, I think of you every time I hear "Where The Party At"
(Jagged Edge). It's old but Top 40 still plays it.

Mar 6th, 2002, 05:53 PM
BCP, just had to tell you: right now, 12:52EST, I'm enjoying my lunch as the my local radio station's playing Ten City's "That's The Way Love Is" (retro hour). :D I miss those club days!

Mar 7th, 2002, 08:53 AM
Hey everyone:wavey: :bounce: Look what happens when I go away for a few days....YOU ALL HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME!:( ;)

1. BHS, Immigrant is my absolute FAVOURITE track off Lovers Rock. The minimal production on the album has allowed house producers to bootleg some incredible house bootlegs off the tracks. Sade rocks! I don't really know much about Nina Simone. I need to get a bit more educated about the great Jazz singers who have influenced so many.

2. OMG Beige. I haven't heard the name Tracy Spencer for so long. Didn't she have a no 1 album at 15 or something. She had a huge hit with the word House in the title? I always think of Shanice "I love your smile" whenever I hear Tracy Spencer

3. Guys, I think there are so many great vocalists out their singing terrible material. It's a bug bear I've had all through trhis thread! I guess we can add Dawn to the list......

4. Moon, it is soo wonderful to meet someone who is still buying SOS albums. There's not many of us left!

5. I agree with you Moon. Normally, I'm not too keen on live albums. BUT I think the Sade album would be good to hear, and I am looking forward to the Jill Scott live album, which is not out in Australia yet. I also wnat to check out the track she did with 4 hero, which is meant to be amazing

5. Beige, That's the way love is is an absolute classic. My ultimate house record though is Allison Limerick's Where love lives

6. Guys, what do you think of Vanessa Williams? I think she has a great voice, but I have never liked any of her tracks....they sound like a poor man's Janet, and like she couldn't quite afford Jam & Lewis on production

7. Moon, I'm with you. I hope Whitney gets help soon. I also worry about her daughter. Doing that much drugs means no matter how good you think you're covering it up, kids know something isn't right. I can imagine that Whitney's behaviour would be very erratic as well...LOL I have visions of that movie Mommy Dearest!;)

8.Were you guys ever into Deelite? I think that they were so ahead of their time, and extremely clever. I only asked, because I pulled out World Clique the other day to play, and it bought back a lot of memories. I think they were so clever, but Towa Tei's solo stuff left me cold. I wonder what Lady Miss Kier is doing today.

9. Also, I really like Definition of Sound, and Monie Love. Hip house was so big in the early 90s...I wish it would make a comeback.

10. It's really great to chat with you guys!:D

Mar 7th, 2002, 01:19 PM
1. Hey BCP! :wavey: Tracie Spencer was discovered on Star Search (just like Britney, Justin T. and Shanice) when she was 9 or 10 years old. Her claim to fame at that time was this beautiful version of John Lennon's "Imagine". Her voice was so strong for someone that young. Anyway to answer your question-- the song was "This House" and the house version of it was quite popular commercially and in the clubs.

2. BCP, that's why people are shocked when these female singers actually come out with a song worthy of their vocie and then scratch their heads: "I had no idea she could really sing." Lol

3. Jill Scott's live album is incredible! Let us know what you think.

4. I agree about Vanessa. I liked her uptempo tracks like "Freedom Dance" and her first single "The Right Stuff" but you're right, BCP, it was never really on the Jam/Lewis or Teddy Riley level.

5. Deelite!@ :D I've seen them live 3 times. Was a huge fan of Lady Miss Kier-- loved her style, attitude, dancing. "What Is Love" is my favorite.

6. What was Monie Love's hit? I know who she is (she still works as a radio dj here on our hip hop station) She had a housey rap song from the early 90's. I love her British accent. Of ocurse she and Latifah made the classic "Ladies First".

Mar 7th, 2002, 01:32 PM
BCP- That Jill Scott album was off the Hizzy. It was so good I told everyone I knew to go out and get it. It went up couple thousand in sales after that. I can't help but to think that was due to me.:)

Back to Star Search. Does anyone remember seeing Countess Vaughn. She is the girl that plays Kim in the Parker and on Moesha. She won the whole damn competition. That was the year that they jumbled up the contestants and had her competing against a grown man if memory serves me right. I thought she would be so successful after that. I guess she chose the acting part instead of music. Strange choice becuase she was so talented vocally.

About DeeLite, i really like their famous hit Grove is in the Heart. That was such an unual song and video. When it comes on the retro station it can still get me going.

Vanessa williams: I would not call her a Janet wannabe, because her voice to me is better than janet and this is coming from a Janet fan. She has a beautiful song on ther first album it is called "dreaming". It did not get much air play but it is still my favorite on the album.

What do you guys think about Maxwell, Bilal, and Macy Gray.

Mar 7th, 2002, 02:14 PM
Hey bhs, I haven't heard or read one bad review of "Experience",
Jill Scott's live album. :) Speaking of Jill, I was listening to a local radio show after the Grammys and they brought up Mary J. Blige who complained in NME magazine about Jill, Angie Stone, Erykah Badu, India Arie and other members of the so-called "neo-Soul" movement. The report said that Mary J. resents the critics for NOT including Mary J. in the "neo-soul" group and how commercial music critics rave lovingly about Jill or Angie's album but just dismiss Mary J's latest as another solid effort or something like that. I had to laugh because while I'm not a Mary J. fan, per se, I do know that she is no slouch and has had a really good career (10 years now). I would NOT include Mary in that group because Mary's music is commercially viable while Jill's or Angie's or Erykah's is not. I just got the feeling that now that she is more of a veteran than a newbie, Mary J. is feeling unappreciated and resents that India Arie, for example, is seen as "artistic" whereas Mary is looked at as "mainstream". Just my opinion, though. :)

bhs, i remember Countess winning Star Search! She would shortly after join the cast of the Marla Gibbs sitcom "227" on NBC.
Her voice was amazing and I thought she'd having a recording career but I suspect there might have been both within Countess and her handlers some esteem issues (read: Countess' weight). "The Parkers" isn't the greatest but I do catch it from time to time because I like Countess and Mo'Nique and nice to see Jenna Von Oy (Six from "Blossom") all grown up too. :)

Oh, BCP, Shanice had that one POP hit with "I Love Your Smile".
She could sing and is better than her material. She still does back-up work for Babyface's LaFace label.

bsh, Deelite's Groove Is In The Heart" video-- I love Lady Miss Kier's retro moves. I used to laugh because at that time '90-'91,
people thought Kier came up with those moves in the video and I had to "check" some people: Tut, tut. Those are steps that were done on "Soul Train" in the 70's so don't give Kier too many "props". Hehe ;)

I agree about Vanessa, bhs. She is a fine singer. Really made for Broadway. She's getting ready to do "Into The Woods" here on the Great White Way. "Dreaming" is great as is "Darlin' I". :)

Maxwell, I LOVE. As a singer and performer he has it all. The debut "Urban Hang Suite" made me sit up and listen. Rich R&B, free of samples. Just groove, guts and soul. :D

Bilal is more of a bridge gapper between the old school and the new school. "Soul Sista" is da bomb!

Macy Gray. Never got into her. Saw a couple of live performances and liked her presentation with Sly & Family Stone-esque band but Macy herself is not enticing in the least. Her voice is so grating that I can't feel the soul. Sorry to say it but I see one hit wonder written all over her. :(

Mar 7th, 2002, 06:22 PM
Wow, this thread has a life of its own lately! I'll need to post here more often so I don't have to play catch up, but here goes:

Beige, your answer about the name change to the Weather Girls actually sounds more plausible, but Martha said in an interview that the change was due to lyrics in "It's Raining Men". The song begins with, "Hi, we're your weather girls..." and apparently people in clubs were going up to DJs requesting that song by the "Weather Girls" thinking that was actually the group's name. So even though the song was recorded under the name 2 Tons O' Fun, the fans sort of renamed them the Weather Girls, and the name stuck so the group went with it.

Beige, I was sure I was the only one on the planet that owns Give Your Body Up! It's the one with the 2 half-naked guys on the cover, right? First we see the same Oprah show from 1991 and now this! This is getting really scary...;)

Oh, and about RuPaul...I saw him perfrom live back in '92 in West Hollywood, when Supermodel had just come out. It was my first time at a gay club, so whenever I think of my initial "coming out" I think of RuPaul (fondly)!

Beige, Money Love's song from the early 90's was "It's a Shame" which sampled the 70's classic of the same name. And Ladies First is my fav Queen Latifah song.

I also remember watching Countess on Star Search and 227. I always thought she was a better singer than actress so I wasn't quite sure why she went the acting route.

I liked Vanessa's first 2 albums. My favs are "Dreamin'" and "Running Back to You". But then it seemed like most of the stuff she was putting out were sappy ballads, so I soon got over her. And I can't stand Brian McKnight, so I think I partially resent her for bringing him to our ears! ;)

My Whitney tidbit: I have a friend of a friend (you know the routine) who works at Arista in NY, so I heard the stories about Whitney's drug addiction and that she was a lesbian several years ago. I would tell other friends about this and NO ONE believed me! "Oh but she's married with kids" and "no way does she do drugs". I do feel sorry for her though, and hope she gets it together.

Mar 7th, 2002, 06:29 PM
OMG! G-Ha as we say back in Cali, "Way scary!" :eek: :D
This is a pic of the album that both G-Ha and I own.


I love the songs on it (including "Somebody Else's Guy") but when I first saw the album cover, I thought to myself: "Fire Island". :rolleyes: Lol

Welcome back, G-Ha! :D

P.S. Which W. Hollywood club?

Mar 7th, 2002, 06:37 PM
Beige, you're killin me! I can't believe you have that pic handy, just in case :D

Yeah, I was a bit hesitant to go up to the counter with that CD, but I really wanted "Somebody Else's Guy" and it was either that CD or "Glad to Be Gay" so I chose the former!

Mar 7th, 2002, 06:40 PM
The pic is compliments of CDNow. I remember thinking: "could they have made the cover any faggier?!" Lol ;) The classic "Love Is The Message" by MFSB is on there, too. :)

Mar 7th, 2002, 06:53 PM
The club was Studio One, which later became Axis and now I think it's called something else, but I'm kind of outta the loop since I don't live in LA anymore.

Mar 7th, 2002, 06:54 PM
:wavey: Guys!! :)

LOL beige..Yep looks pretty camp to me!

Men are hopeless maybe i should try women like Whitney...
(I probably love men too much..like you guys!)

Naa best of luck to Whitney in her recovery!

Keep posting your great posts.. I really enjoy reading them!

Mar 7th, 2002, 07:04 PM
Welcome back G-HA and Hello Brickie:wavey:

Deelite, BCP I have to agree they were so in head of their times, I guess Kylie is doing their stuff of thing now, the lead singer was so funky and the other just looked like ex-cons:)

Poor Vanessa, the only song I really know of heres is 'Save the best for last', is was a beautiful song, I saw her sing at Pravotti's song in Rome thign last week, and she was beautiful but it was obvious he had no idea who the heck she was:)

Beige I love Shnice 'I love your Smile' its just makes you happy and smile everytime you hear it, she was so beautiful as well, did she disappear into Drug rehab.

Yeah I really feel that people have dismissed Mary J as of late, with Alicia and other stealing the limelight, in fairness she has released one of the best songs of the last year 'Family Affair' and her album ain't bad either.

Brickie i just love Maxwell, his voice is amazing so soulful and pure, i saw Macy Gray in concert about 2 years ago and she was nuts, she starting having sex with her microphone, and performing oral sexon her shoe, but I like her stuff but am a better fan of her protigue Sunshine Anderson.

Janet I'm sorry but what has done for music.

And Gee Man, keep that close beside do ya;)

Mar 7th, 2002, 07:39 PM
Rightous (hey bro), I liked Sunshine Anderson's first single "Heard It All Before" but then her album just fizzled.

Hey Jessica! :wavey: Nice to see ya girly! :)

Jessica and BCP, any thoughts on Sunshine Anderson???

Question for the Non-Americans: what American R&B, House and Acid Jazz acts have you seen live in your respective nations?
(Inspired by Rightous' Macy Gray story) IF you haven't seen any, tell us what you heard about local concerts by American acts. Most of the time when a foreign act (esp. from Europe) appears here, there's lots of buzz. When I went to see Craig David last summer, I thought it'll be low key, low attendance because he was new. Uh..what was I thinking?! The line to get into the venue was like one for Wimby tix!!!

BCP, does Melbourne's gay scene play what we call here HiNRG

g-ha, i used to go to studio one! loved the big space though the music was too HiNRG for me at times. hehe

Mar 8th, 2002, 03:44 AM
Beige and G-Ha, you are scaring me with CD covers like that!;) You are both killing me!!!

Beige, the gay scene here is awful, but I guess it is the same the world over. My friends and I are labelled homophobic homosexuals, not becuase we hate gay people, but becuase we can't bring ourselves to go to gay bars/clubs/events for the following reasons:

* the music is always unbearable. It is either Kylie;) , Bardot, or Celine Dion/Whitney dance mixes (URRRRGHHHH!), to Hi NRG, trance, hard house (EWWWWW!!!!), or big handbag house (POOOHSSSS!!!!!), or vazquez/tenaglia Fag house. Much too much ugliness to bear
* then of course there are the really tragic queens that populate clubland, wanting to be Kylie, or Bardot or Madonna, or the club kids....purleassssse! As mentioned earlier in this thread, club land is full of very insecure F*cked up people.

Don't get me wrong, we are proud of being gay, but we don't related to gay culture at all! I find the guys on that cover sooo unattractive.... (Did that come out too harshly?:confused: )

BHS, you are making me want the Jill Scott live album even more!

As for Mary J, I don't like a lot of her material, and I have tried unsuccessfully to like any of her albums. I think that she has an odd track here or there which is good, and I think that family affair is the best single she has released. More of the same please. I would say the same thing about Faith Evans. She also needs better material. I hear the latest album is positively awful.
I think her best track is Love like This.

Maxwell I LOVE, but I was a bit disappointed in the latest album. What are your thoughts?

I haven't heard much of Bilal's stuff but what I have heard I liked.

Macy Gray. I really liked the debut album. I thought it was one of the most originally simple releases in years. Beige, I understand what you say about her voice, I sometines find it grating as well, but generally I think she is very talented. It took me a long time to get into the Id, but it has really grown on me.
More Kylie (be nice Rightous and G-Ha). Did you know that Macy Gray approached Kylie after they performed at some awards ceremony. She told Kylie that she loved the track CGOMH, and was it her first release?

Sunshine Anderson. All I have heard is the single "Heard it all before" There were great house mixes. Ben Watt from Everything but the girl did a great mix. Is there much of a buzz around her?

Mar 8th, 2002, 05:21 AM
I believe Monie had another hit called "Monie in the Middle". I don't know how big it was outside the states though.

G-Ha, I know what you mean about the Whitney "rumor mill". We were born in the same town, and her family still lives in the area. Believe me, people talk!

I love Maxwell, and I like his latest CD. I don't own it, but my Mom does, and I've listened to it several times. I love the song LIFETIME. And I love all his videos. Yall know how expensive it can be to make music videos right? Well me and my sister always joke about how cheap/artsy Maxwell's videos look. Sometimes, it's just him sitting in a hotel room, lol. That is one guy who will never die broke, lol.

lmao@that Album cover. You guys actually had the guts to go up to the counter with that? :eek:

You guys are totally right about Vanessa. Great voice, but so-so material. I think the Comfort Zone album was her best work.

I used to like Macy, but I think it was kind of a passing fad with me. After a while she just got annoying, esp. with her showing up high everywhere she went.

lol@Mary being resentful of the neo-soul crowd. Somebody needs to sit Mary down and tell her, that she is just not that kind of artist. Mary has been around awhile, but like someone said earlier, I always like one of her songs here and their, but she has never really impressed me much. Plus I saw her sing live once, and she sounded like crap.

Mar 8th, 2002, 05:36 AM
Hey Moon, I wonder what Whitney's family thinks about it all. I think that they would be quite religious etc. Hey, is Dionne warwick related to Whitney? I love dionne. she's a bit of a glamour, and the Burt Bacarach stuff she did was amazing. No one comes close to her version of Walk On By.

Monie love also have hits called the Power, and Full Term Lover. She was signed to Cooltempo, who had very very cool artists in the early 90s like Kenny Thomas, and Shara Nelson. Monie Love has a lot of her work remixed by Farley and Hller under the guise of Roach Motel. I used to cane those dubs when I played out in the early 90s. She also did a track called Ring my bell with Adeva.

Moon, I think you and I should sit Mary down, and tell her some home truths;) Let's start with the awful styling used in the Family Affair video........

Mar 8th, 2002, 12:46 PM
If you are talking about Dionne Warwick songs that no one has ever been able to come close to, one that comes to mind would be "Alfie". I have heard many a version from Cher to Babra Streiesand and I am sorry that is a song that only Dionne could sing.

Mary J has a few good songs, and she should not want to be classified in the neo-soul genre. For all we know it could be a passing fad. Mary is well on her way to becoming an R and B legend.

Mar 8th, 2002, 01:10 PM
Lol@Moon and BCP re: Mary. That's why I had to roll my eyes because it is so OBVIOUS to music fans that Mary comes from such a different place musically than the neo soul songstresses. DUH, Mary! On that radio show, Jeannie Hopper (the show's host) said that Mary was feeling neglected in that the young singers like Brandy and Christina don't cite Mary as an influence but they waste no time praising Janet Jackson. Lol Mary please get a clue!

BCP, we are kindred spirits!!! You've been to NYC so you know the gay scene. I go out in Chelsea just a handful of times a year and usually it's just happy hour. Suffice it to say: I prefer to go to
a straight club and get my dance on to music I like than go to a gay club where I have to hear that gay thumping shit! They have kept HiNRG alive for decades and I'm sick of it. Gag!

As for the album cover-- I know, so faggy, lol, but I tell ya the songs were cool. Besides "Just Us", "Love Is The Message" and "Somebody Else's Guy", the cd has the signature Roy Ayers'
song "Running Away"-- "dooby doo, run run run"-- as well as Sylvester's "Over and Over". :)

And since we all had a good laugh at the cd cover, here are the covers of the other 2 volumes of "Club Classics & House Favorites" (I own them as well, blush):


Songs include "Funky Sensation" (Gwen McCrae), "Always There" (Side Effect-- this is the original version later remade by Jocelyn Brown) and "Over Like A Fat Rat" (Fonda Rae)


Songs include "Vertigo/Relight My Fire" (Dan Hartman), "I Want To Thank You" (Alicia Myers) and "Runaway Love" (Linda Clifford)

Don't fret if you don't recognize the songs because trust me, like all good dance/club music, they have been remade by recent singers/groups or at least sampled.

Moon, I remember "Monie in the Middle" too as well as "It's a Shame" (thanks G-Ha). BCP, Monie and Adeva! Wow! I missed that-- do you know if that was a remake of the old disco classic?
Oh speaking of Monie, I liked how she fused house and rap in her songs. Hip House was a short-lived phase with Latifah's "Come Into My House" being the anthem. :)

BCP, it looked promising for Sunshine Anderson last spring and then her follow-up single just fizzled. I thought she had some promise.

Hey bhs! Like BCP, I love Dionne's Bachrach classics. Just great pop music! Honorable mention: Dionne with The Spinners on "Then Came You". That song always makes me happy. :D

bhs, as for Mary, I applaud her longevity. I had no idea when "You Remind Me" came out 10 years ago that she'd have a highly successful career. Like Moon said, Mary is NOT that kind of artist so she shouldn't even worry about being part of Jill, Angie and company. My criticism about Mary is that she became a star in R&B and Hi Hop without any competition. The urban media dubbed her "Queen of Hip Hop and R&B" before she even put out 3 albums. Mary was the dominant black radio female of the 90's but neither Mary, her handlers nor her fans should delude themselves into thinking that Mary's success could've happened in previous decades. In the 80's, for example, the popular Anita Baker had to compete against Stephanie Mills, Regina Belle, Cherelle, Miki Howard while fending off veterans like Aretha, Chaka and Patti. Mary had Toni Braxton, who had a different vibe, and that was it. I'm happy for Mary's success but at the same time I acknowledge her success in its proper context.

Mar 8th, 2002, 01:15 PM
Beige what is going on with Anita Baker. I have not heard anything about her in a long time. She has such a sweet mellow voice. Has she ender her career or is she taking a break. A long break I might add. I have everything she has ever done and I am still looking for more.

Mar 8th, 2002, 01:48 PM
bhs, I love Anita, too! I saw her live twice and she was great! Anita was unfortunately dropped by Elektra, her long time label, a few years ago. I don't know what she's up to these days. I think it was hard for Anita's quiet storm sound to adjust to today's hip hop ballad (Dru Hill, Blackstreet) and that's why her label dropped her. Really sad. "You Bring Me Joy" (from Rapture) and "Feel The Need" (from The Songstress) are my all time favorites. Honorable mention: "Aint No Need To Worry", Anita with The Winans.
Also bhs, do you remember the infamous Anita/Luther Vandross feud? They toured together and the divas did NOT get along!!
En Vogue also had conflicts with Luther when they toured with him. Must be the up and down weight that makes people squabble with Luther. ;)

Mar 9th, 2002, 03:51 PM
This thread is getting too gay for me, next you know we will be talking about Kylie;)

Sunshine Anderson album is very good, its not as ballsy as 'Hear it All befoe' but I love 'Lunch Or Dinner' its very chilled and she has a brillant voice, I just hope she gets better material, I like her style:)

I'm sorry but I wanna bury Janet in a coffin and fly it to space, she is SO annoying, she has released one good album 'control' she produces very non-substance material and lacks any creativity, I'm sorry but as you a guessing I'm not a fan:)

Also guys what do you think of Dusty Springfield, I think was she of THE best ever, her voice has so much to offer, I'm just sprry she is gone.

Mar 9th, 2002, 08:12 PM
:wavey: everyone! :)

Lol Mark, It is getting a bit gay! :)

But please however tempted you are do not sing' YMCA' :fiery:

I like Sunshine Anderson I think her material though is excuse the pun: "heard it all before'.

Mary J has an amazing voice, but it can actually get annoying! Her albums seem to have 4 good songs and 8 bad ones..Her greatest hits album would be amazing though because some of her songs are classic!

I love Maxwell his voice is beautiful and his lyrics are great I think he is totally underated in the U.K. Whener, Whatever, Whenever sung live is just out of this world!

Ooh Ive just seen dawn Robinson's video 'Envious' its alright a little different. im sure it'll grow on me.

Has anyone heard the song by Tweet & Missy - Oh my
Its really cool a little saucy though :eek:

Thry keep on playing garage music :mad:
I like it, but everyone is just like yeah man I cant sing to well, but i can alot of noise. With all So Solid crew, oxide and Neutrino, 50:50, and its all bullshit.
Bring back CRAIG DAVID....please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 10th, 2002, 06:16 AM
Rightous, "come out, come out wherever you are!";) :p

I never knew you found Janet annoting. I think thjat she has consistently delivered quality material right up to the latest album, which you all know annoys me.

Jessica, who is tweety?

BTW I read an Angie Stone article in Vibe: I nenver knew she was going out with D'Angelo, and that they had a child together!:eek: The artcle says that a lot of the reason that they broke up was that D'Angelo was under intense pressure to drop her for her weight:( That's D'Angelo's loss! I think she is beautiful......

Mar 10th, 2002, 06:21 AM
btw Rightous, re: Dusty Springfield, I think she has an amazing voice, so crystal clear and simple, a bit like Karen Carpenter's. I never was intereswted in her until she did that record with the Pet Shop Boys, "What have I done to deserve this". They also produced another couple of tracks for her. I saw a profile on her on cable TV. I didn't realise that she was a lesbian. In addition, she battled alcoholism for much of her life.

Mar 10th, 2002, 05:21 PM
Yeah BCP I must be hiding in the closet:p :p

Janet's voice just annoys me, I thought 'Control' was a great album and also i liked 'Velvet Rope' but she hasn't done anything for music, she is IMHO utterly forgettable, sorry:)

Yeah I knew Dusty was a Lesbian, she had an awful life, full of tradegy and pain, I guess thats why she was a big gay cult following;) But 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' and 'Son of A Preacher Man' to name a few are just amazing songs.

BCP Tweet is Missy Elliot's new protige I haven't knew the song but apparently she is making big waves in the USA.

Jess maybe we should try and keep the thread on the straight and narrow:p :cool:

I know what you mean about Garage music, there's too much of it now and its all the bloody same, big beats and crap rapping, I wish it would go away and also the USA can keep Craig David.

Mar 10th, 2002, 05:24 PM
BCP to use the Ebonics vernacular, D'Angelo is her baby daddy.

Mar 10th, 2002, 07:46 PM
Angie Stone and D'Angelo dated....I had NO Idea. Thats sweet!
What a bastard though going on about her weight he has no idea and that definitly is his loss.
The media really do mess things up though. poor Angie!

As for Janet Control, Velvet rope..classics.
All for you...i agree very forgetable.

What about Michael what do you guys think of him?
I love him History is the best album EVER!! Apart from Mariahs Greatest Hits!!!
Thriller is apparently the best album ever but ive actually...shocking..never heard it! it has fanastic songs though billie Jean has to be my favourite.

Craig David is hot stuff. We need him here!

Mark, How can we go about keeping this thread straight...I honestly cant think what your suggesting;) :angel:

Mar 10th, 2002, 11:13 PM

Missy must be humping Tweety then:eek: ;) I remember when Mel B did "I want you back" with Missy, and then declared that Missy was the biggest dyke she had ever met! Missy refused to have anything further to do with her and hasn't spoken to her since.

BTW you Brits keep on comingup with more classifications of garage. First it was speed garage, then 2-step garage, and now broken-beat URRRGGHHHH! Too much to keep up with.

It' s funny you class So solid crew as garage. I don't think they are at all, but then again I have only heard that horrible 21 Seconds records.

Jessica, Michael Jackson is a god in my eyes! I think that I stated that in my first post on this thread. Michael, and Stevie Wonder!

Mar 11th, 2002, 05:48 AM
First things first, I need to way in on Janet Jackson.
She has consistently delivered high quality albums for the past 15 years! And that is saying alot with all the mess that is out there today. I also must say that Rhythm Nation 1814 is probably one of my top five albums ever!!

BCP--re: Whitney, yes, her family is very religious, and I'm sure they're all concerned about her. I have a feeling that her daugher spends more time with grandma Cissy, and the nanny more than with her parents. And yes, Dionne is her cousin. I am also a big fan Dionne back in the day. Her collaborations with the Spinners and Burt Bacharach are my favorites.

I new about D'Angelo and Angie Stone, but I had no idea that was why they broke up. It makes me lose some respect for D'Angelo. :( hearing how he treated her.

you're right BCP, Mary J needs a new stylist! Almost every time I see Mary I find myself saying, what the hell is that she's wearing! Although I must say, her outfit for the grammys looked pretty cool.

If Anita Baker got dumped by Elektra that is disappointing. But it was my understanding that she retired from the business after having her two sons. I remember she really wanted to get pregnant and was having some trouble conceiving. After she had the first kid, she kinda just dwindled away after that...

About Missy being gay...My gadar has been buzzing about her for quite some time, and when I saw that this Tweety person was her "protege" I thought there might be something going on...btw--she's been spending alot of time with Janet lately too ;)
and which one is MelB? I always get them confused.

Also, I'd just like to second BCP when he says that Michael and Stevie are my gods too! Love them both, and as far as I'm concerned, they have both reached the pinnacle of the music industry. IMO they don't have anything to prove. In fact, that is my prob. with Michael now. I think he's still under the impression that it's 1983 and he's gonna out do himself. I would love to sit him down and just say "Mike, it ain't gonna happen!"
BTW--I don't think his latest album was as bad as people made it out to be, but it could have been better.

Jessica--you need to listen to Thriller, and Off the Wall by Michael Jackson. 2 of the best albums ever made!

Mar 11th, 2002, 01:31 PM
Ugh! I wrote out one of my usual lengthy replies and then pc freezes. #$@! So consider yourselves lucky. ;)

1. I know Janet's not as popular outside of the US but that probably doesN't explain why our friend Rightous doesn't care for her. :p The amazing thing is the amount of hits that Janet hAs racked up in 16 years AND SHE'S ONLY 35! Just watched her concert from Hawaii and was amazed by how many hits she performed and she didn't even do all of them!! (BCP, she did 25 or more songs and still couldn't squeeze in "I Get Lonely" :( )

2. Tweet's got a catchy and provocative song in "Oops (Oh My)" but we'll have to wait and see if she flourishes or flounders. ;) [Don't confuse it with "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)" by Blue Cantrell]

3. Missy is a "Supa Dupa GUY". ;) Is anyone really surprised? Oh Moon, Mel B is the Spice Girl of color.

4. Anita Baker had several miscarriages. :sad: Reportedly, she, hubby and family are doing fine in Grosse Point, Michigan. Hopefully she will be back. [You guys not familiar? Check out "Rapture", an 80's classic and critical fave, too]

5. Hey Rightous, ease up on Craig David. Saw him in concert last summer and he rocked the house. So much better than Usher! Black radio hasn't embraced his cd but my fave dj plays him on occasion as her "pick of the day"--- this is the song where she can play something that's not on the station's playlist and she's chosen "7 Days", "Fill Me IN" (R&B version) and "Last Night" a few times.

6. As for 2-Step and its hybrids, I like it even if I get tired of it sometimes BUT I'd rather hear that then the faggy music they play in gay clubs! :)

7. Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder have done sappy songs I detest like "Heal The World" and "I Just Called To Say I Love You" but it's their old school music that's classic! "Off The Wall" and "Songs In The Key Of Life" are must-haves!!! They have other great albums but those are my favorites.

Mar 11th, 2002, 01:31 PM
Moon, there is a nice little rumor going on in Miami about Missy and Trina. Appearantly everyone in Miami knows or thinks that Trina is a lesbian. She and missy have been seen together in the clubs etc.

Mar 11th, 2002, 01:56 PM
Lol@bhs! My fave dj goofs on Missy and Trina all the time! Speaking of rappers, how about Da Brat? Too easy although she's glammed it up some. Lol ;)

bhs, you knew about the late, great Phyllis Hyman right? The one and only time I saw Phyllis live was at a supper club type venue and there were lots of lesbians in the audience. Phyllis even made some "girl bar humor" jokes. ;)

Mar 11th, 2002, 02:15 PM
Beige, it is such a shame that such a talent is lost. Two of my favorite singers are Phyllis Hyman and Anita Baker. I just love that smoky, mellow voice. For some reason that is why i cant get into Toni braxton, i just see her as a cheap knockoff. She tries to hard to get that deep smoky voice. She got her start singing a song that was intended for Anita Baker, "Love should have brought you home".

Mar 11th, 2002, 02:22 PM
bhs, that is great trivia about "Love Should've Brought You". I never knew that.

Also, speaking of Phyllis and Anita: did you know that Anita was supposed to sing "Be One" from the "School Daze" soundtrack but Elektra (Anita's label) "tripped" on Spike Lee (money-related) and he opted for Phyllis to sing the ballad. Same thing with casting: Vanessa Williams was Spike's first choice to be the head Wannabe but her mgmt tried to get more money out of Spike and so he backed out and gave the role to Tisha Campbell.

Mar 12th, 2002, 05:32 AM
is Trina the same person as Tweet? I'm really bad with names, lol.
Interesting tidbit, re: Love Shoulda Brought You...But honestly, I can't see anyone but Toni singing that song.

Mar 12th, 2002, 05:43 AM
Moon, Trina is a south florida rap singer she had a hit with the song "pullover that ass to fat." She also sings with missy in the song "one minute man."

Mar 12th, 2002, 06:42 AM
Hey guys:wavey: Moon, I completely agree with you about Janet. I love most of the things that she has put out, but if you made me select my faves, they would be

"When I think of you", "That's the way love goes", " Got 'til its gone" ,and "I get lonely"

Rightous, I can understand why craig David gets under your skin. I was in London in 2000 when he was beginning to make it big, and he was everywhere. I got really sick of seeing him. But I think that he is incredibly talented (though I do think he is groomed to within an inch of his life! LOL!)

I know she has been mentioned before in this thread, but I wonder what Nenah Cherry is doing. I miss her!:(

Mar 12th, 2002, 01:23 PM
hey guys:wavey:

Yeah sorry for the hating on janet and Craig but they just don't do it for me as much as others, although I so like some of Janet's stuff 'I Get So Lonely' 'Got Til It's Gone' 'Black Cat' and Rythmn Nation. But her voice is kinda annoying.

I bought Beverly Knights new album, simply brillant, guys if you are going to buy one album this year, buy this please its what music should be about:)

I was watching a Mel B interview yesterday (she is presenting acting in the Virginal Monlogues) but she said that her and Missy are going to record a few tracks together, I really can't wait:rolleyes:

BCP yeah I miss Neneh as well, at least her brother has stopped recording;)

Mar 12th, 2002, 05:42 PM
Rightous, I completely agree about Eagle Eye! Boring songs and performer! :rolleyes:

No clue why Neneh floundered. :confused:

Rightous, both you and Kisha have mentioned Beverley Knight but no airplay here yet. Would be nice to see more UK R&B cross over to the States. What's Bev's hit?

Moon, I see your point about "Love Should've Brought You". My favorite Toni Braxton track is "How Many Ways". Love it! Moon and bhs, do you guys remember the video Toni did with Shemar Moore from "Y&R"? :)

Not sure if anyone mentioned it before but do you guys remember Angie Stone's group Vertical Hold from the early 90s?

Mar 12th, 2002, 06:20 PM

UK R&B isnt really much to rave about. Lyden David Hall, Hinda Hicks and Beverly Knight are the only good ones, and Hinda and Lyden have slowly disappeared.
British R&B is quite laughable really remember Fierce? and N-Tyce?

What do you think of Usher?
I think he has a great voice and style his 1st album was really good. I fear though recently he has turned into pop.

Anyone know what happened to TLC have they officially split or what?

Mar 12th, 2002, 08:13 PM
Hey Jessica! :wavey:

I don't mind Usher but between Usher and Craid David, who do you guys like better? Personally I think CD is more talented. BCP,
what did you mean about Craig's clothes? Too tight? He looked awful on the Grammys.

Jess and Rightous, since you guys know Jagged Edge-- were their first hits "Let's Get Married" and "promise" known in the UK and Ireland? I guess I feel same way about JE that BCP feels for Kylie (read: closet fan) Lol. ;)

Later guys! :cool:

Mar 12th, 2002, 09:40 PM
You all seem determined to get me out of the Kylie closet! I would if I were in it!!!:p :p ;)

Rightous, I never knew Nenah's brother recorded....EWWWW. Much like the Braxtons, though I didn't mind their cover of The Boss mixed by Masters at Work in 1997.

Beige, re: CD, I meant he is always immaculately plucked, manicured, and moisturised, each time I see him. He puts in more attention to his grooming than Dolly Parton!

Jessica, I like Lynden david Hall. I think that artists like him, Lisa Stansfield, et al, their music is timeless, so it is never trendy, and so they never sell enough records to have a secure career.

I hate band with names like Fierce and N-Tyce.....I would never give them a chance!:)

I don't breally like Usher. I think he represents the mainstream of US R&B ie YAWWWWNNNNNNNN!

(I think I must be in a whingey mood this morning;) )

Mar 12th, 2002, 11:34 PM
:wavey: funky divas (and Closet Kylie Fans :p )

JE I have heard 'Let's get Married' but I find them a little boring, 'Where's the party At' is so banging, I wish they woul put some funk into their songs.

CD is over-hyped esp. in the UK, he is everywhere, I jusy wish he would calm it down and GO away for a while, at first i thought yeah he's good, now its so in over-kill.

I like Usher, I have his 8701 album and its good, he's not in the same league as Maxwell but he's fine IMHO.

Gee Man, This is Beverly's 3rd album, she has had many hits-her last couple where 'Get Up' a Jamica inspired party song, simply brillant and 'Shoula, Woulda, Coulda' a nice mid-tempo song, she is in a different league to any artist in the UK, you all have to down load some of her stuff, NOW:)!!!lol

BCP you haven't heard of Eayle Eye Cherry:p

Mar 13th, 2002, 01:33 PM
BCP, this Neneh's brother, Eagle-Eye. He's cute but boring. Had a hit called "Save Tonight" back in '99.


The chorus went on like this:

Save tonight
And fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I’ll be gone

Maxwell fans, what did you think about Usher putting lyrics of
Maxwell's "Fortunate" in Usher's "You Got It Bad"?! I was like--
what the fu... -- Usher has a lot of freakin' nerve! ;)

Jessica, I heard TLC was working on a new album so reportedly
they're still a group even if Left Eye does her solo stuff. My fave song is "Baby Baby Baby". Yours?

Hey any of you guys remember The Bucketheads' "The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)"? Was fun for a hot minute back in the mid 90's. :)

Click on link below if you need a refresher.


Mar 13th, 2002, 09:49 PM
I was going to ask whether anyone had heard Lisa Lopez's solo album. I couldn't bring myself to buy it because of the kiddy packaging.

Beige, I remember The Bomb. Kenny Dope from Masters at Work is still probably living off the royalties, but I thought it was a hideous record........

Mar 14th, 2002, 01:45 PM
BCP, I believe that it was Rightous who mentioned Left Eye's new solo name N.I.N.A. -- the album is due out shortly. Lol@kiddie packaging. That Lisa Lopes album flopped! Lisa is actually my LEAST fave member of TLC. It's a toss-up for between Chilli and T-Boz.

I agree, BCP, "The Bomb" reeked a bad stench but I like it (laughing at it actually) because in America it's one of those "crossover" club songs that people at suburban weddings think are really cool (like that they are so "hip" because they know it). Stateside, "The Bomb" is on par with "The Power" and "Rhythm Is A Dancer", for example. Bad songs that originated in the clubs that somehow crossed over.

Mar 14th, 2002, 03:44 PM
Did Maxwell release a new version of This womans work. I have been listening to my local radio station and they have been playing that song 2-3 times a day. it sounds slightly different. What is up with that. You got one hit with the song let it go. What ever happened the the Rand B group Jade. The had a couple hit songs like "don't walk away".

Mar 14th, 2002, 05:22 PM
bhs, do we listen to the same station?! I'm hearing "This Womans' Work" several times a week, and this has been going on for about a month or so. Also, was "TWW" used in "Love and Basktetball"? A local dj said it was but I don't remember it on the soundtrack. I loved the Maxwell remix of "Sumthin Sumthin" from the "Love Jones" soundtrack.

bhs, I liked Jade. Did they have a song called "Mr. No Good" or some odl school sounding title like that? I remember Jade was around during the R&B girl group explosion following En Vogue, SWV, Brownstone, Kut Klose, Ex-Girlfriend, Eternal, X-Scape. -- Jessica, Rigthous and BCP, any of those groups sound familiar besides En Vogue? Those groups would kill for Destiny's Child success and many of them were more talented than DC. I loved X-Scape's "Kickin It".

Mar 14th, 2002, 05:35 PM
Mmm I would love to hear Maxwell's new version of TWW, but alas living here I probably never will;)

I remember Jade very well, of the otheres you mentioned I have heard of them all expect for X-SCAPE and Ex-Girlfreiend. I really like Brownstone, one of their singers Maxee tried in vain to release a solo album, her Dackchild produced song 'Into Your Eyes' bombed big time here, it tried like number 72 or something. SWV 'Right Here' like alot of groups they didn't get the right material. Beige I suppose what makes DC so successful is that they are in command (well at least Beyonce) and she writes and produces so they will always have the material, and they always get the right producers. Gee I didn't know you guys got Eternal, not my fave but they were good.

Has someone heard of Kelis, I bought her new Album (one of the like 3000 in the UK) it bombed BIG time, I like it but its no-where near as good as her 1st, but it has some really good songs, but they tend to merge all into each other, like the 1st its produced by the hot producers of the now, The Neptunes.

Mar 14th, 2002, 05:43 PM
Rightous, I still listen to Kelis' first album. Her latest isn't even on the radar stateside. Anwyay her debut (just listened to it last weekend) is one my faves in recent years. The songs grow on you and it feels like such a journey. Faves for me are "Mafia"
and "Ghetto Children".


Mar 14th, 2002, 05:47 PM
Gee Man I still listen to it all the time, and I agree the songs do grow on ya, I liek the ones you mentioned and the Roller Rink as well and you can't beat the raw captured hatred in 'Caught Out There'. She is a talent, she has guested on so many other artists work, Usher, Busta Ryhmes, NERD, ODB to name a few, I just hope she doesn't fall by the way side:(

Mar 14th, 2002, 06:14 PM
I also liked Jade and some of those other girl groups. En Vogue is a given, but I also got into some stuff by SWV, Brownstone, etc.

I remember Brownstone's first hit came out when I was in college at UCLA. It was kind of a big deal there, because one of the members of Brownstone had attended UCLA just prior to release of the single. She had also won UCLA's Spring Sing, an annual singing contest a year or two before forming Brownstone.

Ex-Girlfriend is another name I haven't heard in a while. They did some backing vocals for Jasmine Guy -- Beige, I know you remember her.

Someone mentioned School Daze somewhere in this thread...I really like "Be Alone Tonight" by Tisha Campbell from that soundtrack. She tried a career in singing after that song, but it never really got going.

rightous, thanks for the Beverly info. If she's one of the best UK soul performers at the moment, she's definitely worth checking out.

Oh, and I just have to add that I have always felt Toni Braxton was a cheap knock-off of Anita Baker. Toni tries way too hard to be deep and soulfull whereas it's effortless for Anita. I always found Anita to be very classy as well. I was so happy when she beat out Whitney for all those awards back in '87 (was it the Grammys or AMAs?)

One last thing...I love "Oops (Oh My)"! That song is so scandalous! I love how her shirt's up over her head and her skirt drops to her feet, and she has NO IDEA who's doing these things to her! :o Honey, open your eyes!

Mar 14th, 2002, 07:16 PM
bhs! Guess what song is playing right now??!! "This Woman's Work"! I don't get it. :confused:

Hey G-Ha!:wavey: Hehe, I have Tisha Campbell's solo album! Her song "Push" was my jam for a hot minute. :) Tisha's video was the bomb!

I saw Brownstone sing the National Anthem at Arthur Ashe Kids day back in '96. One of them, Kina released a rock album in '00, got rave reviews but she fizzled despite some hype. (She had short dyed blond hair) Res, another Brownstoner, hehe, has an album out right now. Has a little buzz around her (mostly industry)

G-Ha, "Try mayyyy, try maayyyyyyy.." I loved it! Had cd single of Jasmine's semi-hit. Always wanted to see Jasmine do "Chicago" but never got around to it.

Lol@about Tweet's song. UK/Aussies, have you guys heard it yet? it's nothing special but just popular for suggestive lyrics and scenario. Lol

Mar 21st, 2002, 05:27 AM
For anyone interested, I just bought the second Mary J Blige single "Dance for me". I'm not too enamoured of the single mix, but there is a great 2-step mix by Sunship. There is also a house mix. I've never heard of the producer before, and can't decide whether I like it or not (at least she didn't commission Thunderpuss mixes:rolleyes: ). Moon, it looks like Mary was listening to us, and got herself a makeover. She looks great (a little like Halle Berry)

Also, the second single off the new D'Influence album (D-VAS) has Shola Ama on lead vocals, and is excellent.

Beige, out of the girl groups you mentioned in an earlier post, I have heard of all of them, except for Kut Klose (what a horrible name), and Ex-Girlfriend (ditto!). I wasn't really a fan of any of them.

Rightous, I LOVE Kelis, and wondered what her second album sounded like. She did a track with Guru on Jazzamatazz (streetsoul), called Supalove. It is awesome.

I hear that Cece Peniston is about to realease a new album with Syeve Silk Hurley as producer.

My B/F loves Anita Baker, but (I know I'll get flamed for this) I find her a bit boring. Also, I never understood Patti LaBelle. I think the last thing I saw of hers here was that single she did for that Julie Newmar drag movie with Patrick swayze. I remeber the frankie Knuckles mix being ok, but it was a bit "drag" for me.....

Mar 21st, 2002, 01:03 PM
Hey BCP! :wavey:

Kisha mentioned "Dance For Me" and I don't know this song but I'm familiar with American record companies releasing different singles abroad. I found the Sunship mixes online but unfortunately there was no audio link. Would love to hear 2-Step Mary. :)

I look forward to hearing Cece's with Silk.

No problem about Anita Baker. A lot of hardcore R&B lovers never warmed up to her. My friend Cynthia used to crack me up with her pitch perfect imitiation of Anita's drone all the time. She didn't like Anita either.

I think as fans of black-based music we all have different tastes in ballads. Some people like them more pop sounding with a catchy chorus and lyrics. Some people like their ballads starting out slow then building to a screaming crescendo. And others like it raw, honest, unpretentious. How do guys like your ballads?
I like all three but favor the raw and honest. :)

LOL re: Patti Labelle. She's a gay icon in America so I understand what you're saying, BCP. You may like her work with her group Labelle (the original "Lady Marmalade") better than her solo recordings. :)

Mar 23rd, 2002, 04:05 PM
BCP I like 'Dance For Me' remixes, Beige she is releasing 'No More Drama' as her new single, its very emotional and I like thw way in the video she wears no make-up and its all back to rrots, no make-up, jewellery, and fur, its her going back to the roots.

BCP Kelis' new album is good, I like it but its not as edgy as the first, as you sort og fell you have heard it all before, but it does have its moments. 'New, Fresh and New' is very innnovative, Pefect Day is Rock Angst with Neptunes Beats, I feel that Kelis got stuck on what people felt she should be doing, instead of doing something different.

As I mentioned in another thread, D'Influence prodeuced a track on Beverly Knight's new album, the album is truly superb, and Musiq Soulchild features on a duet called 'Beautiful Contradiction'.

Mar 26th, 2002, 01:06 PM

On the Anita Baker/Toni Braxton thing, I like Toni I was reading an article of her a year or so ago and she said that Frankie Knuckles made her sing that sexy, low voice as he liked and didn't want her to experiment with her voice or use her vocial range.

Mar 26th, 2002, 09:52 PM
Hey Rightous:wavey: Really, Toni said that? ....what an ingrate;)

re: Kylie;) I notice she has commissioned hardhouse and progressive mixes of "In your eyes" on possibly the worst record label on the planet, Tripoli Trax. PPPPEWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Rightous, what do you think of Misteeq? I can't get into them at all......I think they are sort of cheesy 2-step, but they are having a bit of success........

Mar 27th, 2002, 12:29 AM
Also, for all you Massive Attack fans, there is a new album coming out probably at the end of the year........:)

Mar 27th, 2002, 12:23 PM
Hey guys! :wavey:

Lol@Toni B. Well, she hasn't tried to change her singing style at all so obviously she knows NOT to bite the hand that feeds.

BCP, for someone who doesn't care for Kylie... :p ;)

Look forward to the new Massive Attack album!

Mar 27th, 2002, 09:39 PM
:wavey: Beige, mark, BCP

How ya'll doin'

I love Brownstone, and jade great songs out in the 90's really loved 'Dont Walk Away' - I can still groove to it now. - A sign
of a classic!

Love Toni's vocals....She has a deep sexy voice...her songs are good to *cough*... lets say ...Get down too ;). Not that i've done so ...

Who's records do u guys like to get down too?

Im so excited about these 2 songs I heard 2day:

Cassius Henry - Broke (english guy i was so suprised!)

Glen Lewis - Dont You forget it ( Great Great GREAT track) Maxwell D'Angelo...stylee

Mar 27th, 2002, 09:40 PM
lol at my man beige, yeah BCP for someone who doesn't like her you don't half go on and on about her:p :rolleyes:

beige i though Toni did do a little experimenting on The Heat although as she says she knows not to bite the hands that feeds:)

BCP Mmm Mis-teeq am so not a fan, I like their Garage remix of their first single 'Why' but they are so repretitve but they have had a lot of success. And Massive Attcak, good to see them coming back.

Mar 27th, 2002, 10:04 PM

I finally got a copy of Jill Scott Experience. It's brilliant! I really love the track she did with 4 Hero, and the track Gimme on the second disc.........:)

Mar 28th, 2002, 09:56 PM
Im gonna get on great wit all you guys! i love nearly everyone mentioned here!

Tell me guys, what do you think of Lil Mo?

i love her so much!

Mar 29th, 2002, 01:03 PM
Hey Ty! Welcome aboard. I'm not a big fan of Lil Mo. Nothing against her. I like her track with Carl Thomas. Friends of mine just saw Lil Mo at a music festival and they wondered if she was pregnant because she looked quite bloated and gave a lethargic performance (their words, not mine, hehe)

Hey BCP, Rightous and Jessica! :wavey:

Jessica, records to "get down to"-- in the US that could mean 2 things. ;) But I think that you mean "getting horizontal" (or "vertical" for you adventurous types, hehe). Truthfully, I prefer the natural sounds when I'm "getting busy". ;) Sade and old Luther is sexy music. Jodeci's early ballads are good, in my opinion, for getting one in a "raunchy" mood. Ditto for early R. Kelly. (In contrast, "I Believe I Can Fly" makes me want to puke, hehe) Stardust's "Music Sounds Better..." gets one hot in a club on 'E' kind of way. ;)

Jessica, I LOVE Glenn Lewis' "Don't You Forget It"! Like Tamia, Glenn's from Toronto. Rightous I think you'll like it. Nothing earth-shattering BUT so much better than Usher...although I am completely "feeling" Usher's semi new song "U Don't Have To Call" go here for a loop (it's #8) --->>> http://cdnow.com/cgi-bin/mserver/SID=350407326/pagename=/RP/CDN/FIND/album.html/artistid=USHER/itemid=1405026

Jessica, I have to remind myself sometimes that you're not American because you're up on your R&B. No disrespect intended with that comment (read: that I'm saying that other countires are so behind the US-- not my intention at all, and FYI: I'm not patriotic, hehe) :) Glenn Lewis and Jagged Edge, for example, are NOT crossover acts like Brandy and Usher so it's great that you and Rightous are keeping up on all types of R&B. :)

Speaking of R&B, BCP-- Jill Scott! :D "Gimme" and "High Post Brotha" are my faves! When you listen to Jill, you really see why Mary J. Blige has the commercial visibility and Jill has the cult following and critical success. I really like Mary J but she she is stuck in a formula while Jill subsribes to her own groove. :)

Mar 29th, 2002, 07:44 PM
Hey Beige!

Lil Mo, pregnant? possibly, i dunno really! i think that she just gets tired easily and sometimes lacks enthusiasm (sp?). I dont understand why, she struggled hard to get there, and now shes there she is half hearted.

I hear on Marys 'No More Drama' video Mariah Carey and P Diddy appear in it. I think if they do then itsreally flattering for Mary and its a nice touch for fans.:)

Mar 29th, 2002, 10:55 PM
hey Guys:wavey:

Gee Lil' Mo is like Ja Rule and Ashansti and the rent a hit thing, I like her song is it Superwoman but thats about it and the Remix of Ja Rule's song, she seems to be very one-dimension, sorry.

Jess yeah I have heard that Henry song 'Broke' its very rockin have you heard the 'new' Craig David thing, its called FreakMode its all very chilled and funky, no real edge but its grand, I don't know who its by.

Beige, Ty, BCP, Jess can you help me I heard this song on Mtv Base and its so slamin but I don't know who its by, its a woman singer and lyrics go like 'Round and round wego, I don't know what you came here for, Round and Round we go, considerign your bags are packed and out the door', can anyone of you help???

Beige I think at the minute Britain is producing so much R'n'B music of its own that it will be you having to keep up with us;) But I try and stay in with the US scene of my friends in CT sewnds me stuff over every so often. Btw have you heard any of Beverly Knight's stuff yet, jess did you buy the album.

BCP I hear you got tickets for Kylie's Sydeny concert :p

Mar 30th, 2002, 06:56 PM
hey rightous! Maybe its this you are looking for:

Artist: Jonell f/ Method Man
Album: How High Soundtrack
Song: Round & Round

All the game that you were spittin, I know that you was trippin
Never thought to see me dippin but I had to get missin
I'm tired of you stressin me, why don't you let it be
Comin around cussin me, fuckin wit me mentally
Goodbye, you wanna see my face some more
So long, pack your bags wan't you out the door
Cause, every time that I play this ruggy
Time and time again it's gonna rain
It's gonna rain it's gonna rain it's gonna rain

[Method Man]
There you go again flippin on me
One minute we the shit next minute you shittin on me
So what's the problem huh?
No wait, let me guess, gimme some space
And some place to get a load of your chest
No better yet you don't get enough attention at home
And when I'm gone I don't even think to pickup the phone
I'm dead wrong, now your fed up, packin my stuff, fuckin my head up
And I see it in your face right now you wish I shut up

[Chorus: Jonell]
I really don't know what you came here for
Round and around we go!
Consider your bags outside the door
Round and around we go!
I really don't know what you came here for
Round and around we go!
Consider your bags outside the door
Round and around we go!

If you don't understand where I'm comin from
then my heart is tellin me you're not the one
All the games you played and now you lied
You're not the one, for me no more so baby bye bye
Pack yo' bags and get to steppin
You got to let it go you need to stop trippin
I hope you don't think I'll let you back in
cause youse, a, fool

[Chorus: Jonell]
I really don't know what you came here for
Round and around we go!
Consider your bags outside the door
Round and around we go!
I really don't know what you came here for
Round and around we go!
Consider your bags outside the door
Round and around we go!

Don't waste, your time
Ya blew me once but not a second time
Now it's time for you, to go away
I packed your things nothing else for us to say......but...bye!!!

[Method Man]
I was gutter when ya met me, gutter when ya left me
Gutter when ya came back face it nothin can change that
Not romance nor romance counselin
You drop the ball now i'm bouncin
Find me a room burn an ounce and
Waitin for my baby to call foregiven and
On some break up to makeup shit givin me draws
I dore mi amor, but everytime she choose to go to war
I'm lookin at the front door

To-day I made up my mind - to get away
Every-day, I sit and pray, everyday, every-day
To-day I made up my mind - to get away
Every-day, I sit and pray, everyday, every-day

[Chorus: Jonell]
I really don't know what you came here for
Round and around we go!
Consider your bags outside the door
Round and around we go!
I really don't know what you came here for
Round and around we go!
Consider your bags outside the door
Round and around we go!

Apr 1st, 2002, 05:30 PM
That's a cool song, Ty. Hey, do you happen to know where the Method Man, Red Man and Toni Braxton song is from? Is that from the "How High" soundtrack too?

Hey guys! :wavey:

Apr 1st, 2002, 05:41 PM
hey beige!

i dont have the soundtrack, but i think that it could well be on it.

I am set looking at a track listing. If you know what the name is, then i can tell you if its on there!

Apr 1st, 2002, 05:44 PM
hey beige - just found it! It does come from the soundtrack! Here is the words:

Artist: Method Man & Redman f/ Toni Braxton
Album: How High soundtrack
Song: Part II

[Intro: Toni Braxton (Redman/Method Man)]
I, I get so high

(Redman: Yo ladies and gentlemen.. we got Toni Braxton up in the house)
(Method Man: So high that I can kiss the sky bitch)
(Redman: We live up in here y'all, let's get high)
(Method Man: Motherfucker get high)

High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)

[Method Man]
Tical shittin again -- spittin to win
Loaded guns, clip in the end, none sicker than him
Yes indeed, I'm ill as any STD's or sex disease
These dirty rats want extra cheese
On that piece of the pie, now ask me how high?
Until ya reach for the sky blame the crooked letter I
That's my home, 23's wrapped in chrome
Not only snap on y'all niggaz but I'll snap dem bones
Slap your dome, make you leave that crack alone
You got the, key to the city but the latch is on
I gots it locked, bringin the noise bringin the Funk Doctor Spock
Bringin my boys bringin you lungs
Pop the glock but only if you feel this shit
Jack the Ripper, don't make me have to kill this bitch
Back to get'cha put it in check that's the Mista
Meth with his wood on your neck, shut your lips up

[Chorus - Toni Braxton (Redman & Method Man)]
I, I get so high (Smoke cheeba cheeba smoke cheeba cheeba)
I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky)
I, I get, so high (Brick City and The Crooked Letter I)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)

You can, call on the man when the party is borin
I'll have these hoes strippin till it's part of the mornin
I love a fat chick, with a body enormous
It ain't about the weight yo it's how they performin
My dash is 180, my weed half a pound
When the smoke in the air my nose like basset hounds
I don't stash the dro', nigga divide
I'm that nigga that ride with trigga to give a supply
High, is how I stay all the time
(Method Man: Niggaz close your doors)
Yo bitches shut all your blinds
If I'm, hard to find take two puffs and pass
I stay back but my Benz moved up a class
It's Doc and Meth the format is real sickenin
Contagious, we out for Mr. Biggs women
You better shut your trap when my dogs around
We pissin on fire hydrants, so walk around bitch!

[Chorus: Toni Braxton (Redman & Method Man)]
I, I get so high (Smoke cheeba cheeba smoke cheeba cheeba)
I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky)
I, I get, so high (Brick City and The Crooked Letter I)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)

[Method Man]
Mista Method Man, puttin in work, foot in the dirt
Like it's all good, roll through yo' hood, pushin a hearse
I wish y'all would, come aruond like Clint Eastwood
As if your, reppin your hood in my neck of the woods
Street gorillas in the PJ's, grimy bitch
I wear the same shit for three days, find me lit
Blunt sparks like Felipe - fuck the he say, the she say
Adjust the microphone, plus the cliche

Yo, call me the Bob Backlund, I'll break backs on hoes
that look like Toni Braxton, come run with these boney masked men
I'm out the gutter, I'm to send your baby mother
out for rubbers, we fuckin tonight
Bitches wanna crowd around, how I'm cuffin the mic
I'm a gorilla, leave a banana stuck in your pipe
Cause I'm a real block winner, the Doc inna
Bitch one of my balls bigger than the Epcot Center!

[Chorus: Toni Braxton (Redman & Method Man)]
I, I get so high (Smoke cheeba cheeba smoke cheeba cheeba)
I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky)
I, I get, so high (Brick City and The Crooked Letter I)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
I, I get so high (Smoke cheeba cheeba smoke cheeba cheeba)
I, can touch the sky (You so high that I can kiss the sky sky)
I, I get, so high (Brick City and The Crooked Letter I)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)
High (Let's Get)

i will listen out for you singing and rapping along!!

Apr 1st, 2002, 05:46 PM
My local station used to play the song a lot last Fall until about Xmas. I think it's called "I Get So High". Method Man and Redman trade rhymes and then Toni chimes in here and there. Don't kill yourself. It may just be remix of some track on the soundtrack. Thanks!

I just found out Jonell's name last month. My local dj played it a lot without ever saying her name. I wonder if she'll be the next Ashanti. ;)

Apr 1st, 2002, 05:47 PM
Thanks, Ty! You came through again! :)

Apr 1st, 2002, 05:53 PM
Thats cool dude! Anytime!:)

Apr 4th, 2002, 06:17 AM
Wow, I've been away a couple of weeks, and what happens, there are big flaming threads in tennis!

Anyway, hi Ty:wavey: welcome to the thread.

Moon, and other Swing out sister fans, there is a new SSO release called Breakout, which is a collection of the older singlkes and rare b-sides. Very very excellent (it may only be available on Japanese import).

I was also pleased to pick up on my travels a copy of a collection of Loose Ends remixes. Does anyone remember Loose Ends? Love them.

Still not heard anything about Tweety here in Australia.

Rightous, you mentioned Sia earlier. She is starting to get a lot of press here because she is releasing an album. Funny that it has taken her home country so much longer to catch on.

Later guys......:)

Apr 4th, 2002, 12:06 PM
Hey BCP! :wavey:

The SSO import will be probably cost a fortune here but I'll look out for it. Are imports expensive in your countries? Sometimes an import remix of one song, say from Japan, can run about $10-12 US.

I love "Loose Ends"! The "Little Spice" and "Zagora" albums are two of my 80s' faves. :)

Oh, BCP, Tweet's song "Oops (Oh My)" is #1 here and I'm sure we will se threads about the song from the Non-American members of the board once the song gets more airplay abroad. It's NOT a great song, in my opinion, BUT the suggestive lyrics and subject of masturbation IS the reason the song has done so well. In a nutshell everyone: People feel so "naughty" when they sing it. Lol