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Feb 16th, 2003, 02:38 PM
Has anyone seen the latest tennis week magazine. I don't have a scanner but there is an article on the last page called the Untouchables about Venus and Serena written by Johnette Howard. she has some nice words about the Williams domination. Billie Jean's words were "To me, it's a racist comment, "They're bad for tennis". "I think they're the best things that have ever happened to women's tennis. I mean, would people say it's bad to have these two sisters doing all this if they were white?... She goes on to speak about the dominance saying it wasn't an issue when Chris Evert was hoarding titles or Martina Navratilova was putting together a 74 match winning streak. And where was the outcry when Steffi Graf was pulling off her golden slam in 1988. "People liked the dominance of those champions", King says. "They thought it was great". She thinks what the Williams sisters have done is equally great....

I must say nice words by Billie Jean, she goes on further to praise them. I must say I agree with her .:)