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Feb 13th, 2003, 01:45 AM
Who is the best doubles team? Venus and Serena are extra dominate. W/ these records and still playing on the tour, i don't know why they aren't seeded 1 at anything they play. Take a look a where they are ranked ALL TIME. What got me the most was they were good on all surfaces.

Doubles Carpet Court Career

1. Serena Williams 15-0
2. Venus Williams 11-0

Doubles Clay Court Career

1. Serena Williams 9-1
1. Venus Williams 9-1

Doubles Grass Court Career

1. Serena Williams 14-0
1. Venus Williams 14-0

Doubles Hardcout Career (Wort performance so far)

7. Venus Williams 52-12
10. Serena Williams 53- 13

Doubles Indoor Career (*note first 3 places are 3-0)

4. Serena Williams 19-1
5. Venus Williams 15-1

Doubles Outdoor Career (*1 Hingis 197-32)

2. Venus Williams 71-12
3. Serena Williams 72-13

Doubles Win/Loss Career (*not 1 Navratilova 613-87- .876%)

2. Venus Williams- 86-13-.869%
3. Serena Williams- 91-14-.867%

The sisters don't play much doubles, but this shows you that when they do play, they win! But to me they are going to have to play and win a couple more tournies to even be considered amoung the greatest. Even though they have past them up by long shots on there winnings, they still need to play more. But I don't think they will. That is what sucks most about it. They have the ability to be a very dominate doubles team, and break all types of records in dubs to, but they only play in the slams. So I don't think we will see that. But Martina Hingis also had a very good showing in doubles. I believe she was top 10 or 5 in all categories.

Feb 13th, 2003, 04:23 AM
where do you get these stats? cool stats!!!!!!:wavey:

Feb 13th, 2003, 05:26 AM
forget it i thought the wtatour didnt have such statistics but i found out they do! however tenniscorner is a better site, plus its so slow to load.