View Full Version : Hats off to Serena...and Venus..

Jan 23rd, 2003, 08:45 AM
Well just had to say something in tribute to Serena's performance today..that was pretty special.

For her to come back like that after running so much that day (Kim really worked her), was amazing. Poor Kimmy choked a fraction I think, not on matchpoint etc, that was AMAZING from Serena, but I was disapointed with Kims effort from 5-5...I hoped she could have found another level, but it wasnt there, and she was rushing...

But it was an awesome comeback from Serena, broke my heart, but cant help but admire it...

And also wanted to mention how great it is that Venus and Serena have made history by being in 4 straight slam finals, I dont think thats ever been done before..Not even by Martina and Chris... So my hats off to both Williams girls...

Jan 23rd, 2003, 08:52 AM
I only got home in time to see from 5-2 in the third,and was upset that Kim failed to serve well when she served for it at 5-4 (2doubles), but Serena got better and better so a great effort. Poor kimmy!

4 finals in a row OMG @ both sisters! FREAKS!!!!!!!;)

Jan 23rd, 2003, 08:54 AM
Both women displayed brilliance and frustration. But they are both champions. Congrats to Serena. Kimmie...there are GS titles in your future. I can smell it!