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Jan 13th, 2003, 12:25 PM
It's long...you've been warned.

My first port of call today was to Vodafone Arena (I have a Grounds Pass, so basically I can go anywhere except Rod Laver), to catch a bit of Justine...so that's where I'll begin

Justine Henin-Hardenne v Myriam Casanova
Sought refuge from the emerging sun in the shad at V/fone. Watched most of the first set and it wasn’t the most spectacular match. Myriam certainly goes for her shots and is definitely a player of the future, but she goes for too much too soon (typical of a kid her age) and thus hits many errors. Justine played herself slowly into the match, breaking for 4-2 and then it was all over pretty much. She just did enough to keep herself ahead, like a true top tenner does. Justine hit some great shots, but obviously first match in, she is not going to go for broke on every point. Myriam certainly wowed the crowd on some points, so she has nothing to be ashamed of

After this did some wondering around and caught glimpses of a few other matches….

Ai Sugiyama v Angelique Widjaja
Just caught a bit of set 3. Ai seemed to have the upper hand and Angie seemed buggered. Angie wasnt hitting as hard as I know she does, but who can blame her...it was extremely hot! I like Angie, and was hoping she'd pull it off, but Ai is just too experienced in situations like this.

Nadia Petrova v Greta Arn
Nadia totally overpowered Greta. Nadia’s serve was on song and she basically blew Arn off the court. Arn played pretty terribly, but even still she really had no chance out there (and yes Im biased, Nadia is a fave of mine)

Paola Suarez v Dally Randriantefy
A pretty flat match, not surprisingly, but I wanted to see a bit of Paola, as she is a fave of mine. Dally played pretty ordinary and you can tell she would definitely feel more at home on clay. Paola played pretty well, and was a class above her. Watched the latter stages of set 2, and she was relieved to finally win that game for the match as it was getting hotter and it was starting to get to her. Paola can certainly play on this stuff, she is not just a clay courter. Mixes it up well and can hit quite flat also.

Daniela Hantuchova v Fabiola Zuluaga
Saw most of set 2, and boy Fabiola can whack that ball. From her results, a lot of people could be forgiven for thinking that she is just a claycourter, but she really does have a game that can do damage on a hardcourt. She was matching Daniela in the power department and giving as good as she got on some points. Both players were obviously bothered by the heat, but still managed to produce some great rallies. Don’t know how the 3rd set was, quality wise, cos I didn’t watch it, but Fabiola can hold her head up high. Great effort indeed. Daniela on the other hand, will need to work on her timing and cut down on some errors if she wants to progress further. At this stage, if seedings hold up, I think Venus will beat her comfortably. Hopefully, Daniela will find better form this week.

I then wanted to go to Margaret Court, and watch a bit of Anna K, but after queuing for about 20 minutes, it was looking pretty hopeless in the ‘getting a seat’ department. Had a gutful so I just said stuff it and walked off to do some more roaming…when I….

Met Iva :) Yes, after 10 long dedicated years of fandom I got the chance to speak to her! (I patted her on the back last year, but that doesn’t count) She must have been watching Mario Ancic, and then walked past me as I was walking there to see some of his match, and she walked by and I just kind of said to myself “say something dammit!”…so after almost letting her slip through my fingers, I turned back and yelled “Iva!”…she was by herself and seemed in a good mood so I thought ‘what the hey’…she turned around and looked at this salad roll wielding freak rather suspiciously but I just told her I wished her luck for tomorrow to which she smiled and said thanks. After a rather awkward silence, I asked her if she is feeling confident and she just 'yeah yeah I feel good', and then I thought Id stop harrassing the poor girl and let her go do her thing, and told her I’ll see her play tomorrow, to which she smiled and said, 'OK cya'…..and then she left :kiss:

*continues report*

Adriana Serra-Zanetti v Elena Likhovtseva
Part of the reason I saw some of this was, cos it had a grassy knoll on the side of the court and shade. I was hot. Anyway, not much to report here but Adriana played solid tennis and Elena was just buggered you could tell. Adriana must love Melbourne! She just saved her ranking from sliding out of the 100.

Alexandra Stevenson v Elena Baltacha
Cant remember when I saw this, but I’ll slot it in here.Very curious to see Bally in action. She looked good, wearing a green and white striped top, kind of like a Wimby top ;) Anyway, she was just overpowered today big time. Saw some of set 1 and Elena played horribly, missing a lot of shots, and was obviously nervous. She has a great serve, but an awkward motion (holds the ball away from the racquet). Alex was hitting well and had too much firepower. She is in good form.

Should mention, I saw some players practicing hard throughout the day. Meghann Shaughnessy was quite the practice slut today, practicing with Daniela H On Vodafone in the morning, and then Kim Clijsters later. Also saw Andre Agassi get mobbed by heaps of annoying kids (no offence to any of those annoying kids reading), and Maggie Maleeva working up a sweat with Asa Svensson. Anyway, more tennis was seen...

Evie Dominikovic v Barbara Rittner
Long match, some good, some bad! Evie certainly can be frustrating, letting leads go by & playing very defensive tennis, rather than be aggressive. But her serve was working today (it’s a big one when it goes in) and she hit a few winners too. She should have won this in 2 and is lucky to have won, really. Barbara let 4-2 in set 3, and at 4-3, Evie called the trainer (a definite ploy) and then came out with heaps of confidence. Rittner also did her part in handing the match to Evie, but anyway well done Evie, Im really happy for her :) A win over Kremer wouldn't surprise me, but she'll have to lift her game to beat Anne. On an adjoining court I could hear Vanessa Webb scream in delight as she beat Sanchez Lorenzo. Good to see Vanessa win through! I only caught glimpses of it, and she did well to hang in there.

Sam Stosur v Conchita Martinez
A pretty good match! Particularly from Sam, boy did she deserve this today. A great little player, I was very impressed. She handled Conchi’s spins and moonballs (there weren’t too many of those moonballs tho) and attacked quite well, showing off a solid net game. Her double handed backhand is very good, serve is great and hard but her forehand needs a bit more work. Conchi just doesn’t look too motivated and was hitting loads of errors, but all credit to Sam. She deserved this and is a player to watch no doubt about it. Lots of her colleagues from the challenger circuit were supporting, like Sarah Stone, Gaby Baker, Nicole Sewell and Beti Sekulovski. Well done Sam, one of the highlights of the day :)

Anca Barna v Francesca Schiavone
For those of you that haven’t heard Francesca’s grunt (or 'eeee'), your missing out! Saw the latter stages of set 1, which Francesca took with some gutsy play. Long rallies and a grueling match, didn’t really mind who won as I like both, but great for Anca that she hung tough to win.

Nicole Pratt v Mashona Washington
Watched most of set 1, then left as we were confident Nicole would roll through. Mashona has a decent game, just is quite erratic. Anyway, to her credit she made a match out it, but Nicole too strong with the win.

Alicia Molik v Iroda Tulyaganova
Final match of a LONG day. Alicia started off in a blaze serving up a storm. But in set 2 Iroda found her range with some stinging shots. Iroda almost blew a 5-1 lead, when Alicia clawed her way back to 4-5, 30-30 on Iri’s serve. Then tragedy struck. She seemd to bounce on her ankle awkwardly and immediately went to the chair, to which the trainer was called. I had a feeling she'd call it quits after that. Anyway, she came back on to big applause, and then conceded 2 points and then just packed it in to the crowds dismay. A big hug at the net between the 2, and really this is so sad for Alicia. Not sure if its really serious (don’t think it is, not as bad as Lina last year anyway), but it really sux :(
Funny point during the match I should add was when Iroda, serving at 30-30 in set 2 I think it was, hit a volley that then bounced off her racket, hit her head and went over the net. The umpire then called it as Irodas point for 40-30! The crowd were stunned and booed as it was clearly interference amd Alicias point! Alicia went to argue, but then Iroda was like “no its 30-40, it hit my head” LOL. Great sportsmanship from Iroda, the crowd appreciated it. Anyway, bad luck to Alicia, it's very unfortunate :sad: Good luck to Iroda against Lindsay.

There, that’s its :o
Onto tomorrow.

Jan 13th, 2003, 12:58 PM
great stuff! congrats on meeting ur dIVA :D

Jan 13th, 2003, 01:59 PM
you met Iva? Wow :hearts:

Stosur beat Martinez?! :eek: God.

King Aaron
Jan 13th, 2003, 02:03 PM
Thanks a lot! :D :)
Obviously there were far too many great matches. Will you be seeing Venus play Ansley on Wednesday?

Jan 13th, 2003, 02:11 PM
I don't think should you should worry about writing too long reports for this crowd... Plenty thanks.

"Meghann Shaughnessy was quite the practice slut today." ;)

Jan 13th, 2003, 02:12 PM
Iroda scores with a header;)
What a pity the match should end with a injury:(

Jan 13th, 2003, 02:21 PM
sooooooooo sorry for Molik, as she was coming in in good form! Happy for Iroda though, hopefully this year she can regain some of the form of a couple of years ago. Thanks for the reports though!

Jan 13th, 2003, 02:21 PM
:D im glad vani was happy to win! I hope she does well!(vanessa)

Jan 13th, 2003, 02:41 PM
Go Terry! :D

Jan 13th, 2003, 02:44 PM
that was a cool report, TS

Jan 13th, 2003, 03:00 PM
thanx Terry for the report :)

and you stalked met Iva WOW ;)

Jan 13th, 2003, 03:07 PM
Thanks for the report! :D

Alicia :sad:

Princess Fiona
Jan 13th, 2003, 03:08 PM
Go Terry!! :bounce: You got to meet Iva? :D Wowwww...

I wonder if he'll get to meet Nico for me... ;)

Jan 13th, 2003, 03:45 PM
thank you so much :)

Jan 13th, 2003, 04:16 PM
Thanks for the report. I think Angelique mentioned in her website that she knew Ai loved pace since she is a counter-puncher and she would try not to give her opponent this opportunity.

I believe this explains why Angelique did not hit as hard as she usually does :) .

Ai is too experienced though :D .

Jan 13th, 2003, 05:52 PM
the longer the better! thanks very much!

myriam.... :sad:

Jan 14th, 2003, 12:13 PM
OK, day 2 report coming up! A mixed day for me, but enough of my dramas...

There wasnt anything that I really was looking forward to seeing first up so it was a good chance to do some good ol fashioned outside court roaming. Caught a few matches, some good and some TERRIBLE (hello Kapros)...I wanted to catch a bit of Maggie on court 6, so before I got there I had a look at court 4 which was adjacent to it...

Petra Mandula v Silvija Talaja
Silvija is a favorite of mine, but hasn't done anything spectacular since reaching a ranking of 18 around 3 years ago, but I was stil keen on seeing a bit of her match. A fairly closely contested first set with some long rallies and solid hitting, and I really couldnt separate the two as to who was playing better. Petra just looked more confident and Silvija made some silly mistakes to hand her the first set. Then it was over pretty quickly.

Maggie Maleeva v Marion Bartoli
Saw some of Marion last year when she lost to Pisnik in round 1, 9-7 in the 3rd, so I was keen to see a bit of her again against one of my oldest faves, Maggie. Marion had her on the ropes early and built a good lead and an upset looked likely, but to Maggie's credit she just stepped it up a gear and broke Marion's spirit with some tenacious play. It was all Maggie after that first set, a very impressive performance. As some of you know, Marion stands well inside the baseline to return first serves...I really dont see the point as she rarely uses it to her advantage!

Rita Grande v Aniko Kapros
This was a joke Im sure. Yes I know Kapros can play well (she does have some nice crafty groundies, and can crank some of them too), but she really was made to look like an amateur today (and a bad one). Rita almost got the double bagel but Aniko saved face with a credible game. That was it unfortunately. She still has a puffball serve, and that second serve is far beyond pathetic. Rita mixed it up well, slicing and hitting topspin and also attacking, but really she just had no competition today. I hate to say it, but Aniko was a lot worse than most of the players I saw in the qualifying competition, and if she doesnt make some MAJOR adjustments to her game, she will not improve in the rankings at all. To Aniko's credit, she looks in shape and has shed lots of weight, but at the same time, seems to have lost a lot of power in her groundies as well...should be interesting to see how this loss affects her.

Daja Bedanova v Iveta Benesova
Pretty good match here. I've liked Iveta ever since I saw her in qualies last year, and she is a good player to watch. She looked all but gone at 3-6 3-5 (Daja playing good but not overly impressive) and I saw a bit of it from this stage. Iveta really controlling the points and playing great tennis from a losing position, and a great effort to take the set. I didnt see the final set, but full credit to Daja for hanging in there. Daja seems to be in good form, and I get the feeling that if she plays a top player this week, she'll give a good account of herself.

Els Callen v Martina Sucha
Another nothing match. I dont know what Sucha's problem is lately, but she just seems lazy, un-motivated and just plain terrible. She is going to fall down the rankings and get the wake up call she needs. Els did nothing great, cos she didnt have to! Still a feisty competitor at her age, which should come as no surprise. She will give it her all against Serena though, should be a good match.

Yoon Jeong Cho v Eva Dyrberg
This was on showcourt 2 which would shock many people (but its really to showcase the Asian players, particularly for Asian TV) but to my surprise the stadium had a decent crowd! Good to see :) Eva had quite a few vocal fans as did Cho. Eva can really smack the ball, but since she hasnt played in so long she was obviously very rusty. Cho on the other hand wasnt very powerful today but hustled great, ran down everything and cranked it up when it needed to be done. Nice solid performance from what I saw, and it's a pity Eva has retired, she is quite a decent player.

So after walking around from court to court waiting for Eleni to come on court 13, I finally headed over there when the mens match finished (it meant missing Aussie junior Casey Dellacqua who I was curious to see, taking on Maja Matevzic, but hey duty called ;))

Eleni Daniilidou v Marissa Irvin
This was a tough hard fought win, and I watched the whole thing from start to finish. It was a packed outside court of mainly Greek fans cheering on Eleni. Last year the Greek fans were really loud, obnoxious and rude to Eleni's opponents, but this year they were great, well behaved. Eleni started off with a lot of confidence and Marissa was missing a lot of balls. Eleni raced to 4-2 and things were looking sweet. Then Marissa really picked up her game and started painting the lines, and frustrating Eleni with some fine shotmaking. Eleni also was missing lots of easy shots (Eleni's slice backhand today was awful) and she can thank her lucky stars she survived that set. Marissa, in total, had 3 set points in that set and in all honesty she was the better player in that set and shouldve won it. But she didnt, so we'll take it ;) Eleni then stepped up a notch, proved her worth and played a good set 2, to finally wrap it up 7-6 6-3. Tight, nerve-wracking stuff, but a good solid win. Not that impressive, she will have to step up for Amy Frazier. Anyway, super tanned Eleni takes on pale as a ghost Amy...quite the contrast & not only in style of play ;) Anyway, whilst Marissa played well, Eleni was far from her best and I got the feeling Marissa had to play really good tennis to beat her. It didnt work though, and even though the girl has talent, I dont see her going much higher than 50 in the rankings. Not aggressive enough, and doesnt have the 'killer instinct'.

After this match, had some time to kill before Iva came on...so caught a bit of a match I didnt want to miss...

Elena Bovina v Vera Zvonareva
Total blowout. Saw a lot of the second set and it was a commanding performance from Elena (she has arrived, she'll be top 15 in no time, top 10 soon after that). Vera played pretty bad, and Im sure is disappointed with her efforts. We know how good she can play, but I hope this loss doesnt affect her too deeply. Very ordinary effort.

Cristina Torrens-Valero v Iva Majoli
Well well well. Looks like I mustve jinxed Iva yesterday :o Still quite bewildered at this result, but shit happens. Iva started off great, jumping to 3-1 and had 00-40 on CTV's serve. Then the wheels fell off and she lost the set 3-6. She played shockingly bad and uninspiring tennis, and was cursing at everything in sight...linesmen (there were loads of dodgy calls here), coach (she was chatting to him in Croatian the whole match and the umpire never saw :o). Iva played much better in the next 2 sets and it was actually a pretty good match. Cristina played very well, and thoroughly deserved the win. I think she actually hit more winners than Iva and was painting the lines at certain stages :eek: She really impressed me and a large section of the Spanish players were out there supporting her (Marrero, MJ Martinez, Martinez-Granados, Serna), whilst Kostanic was in Iva's corner. Iva fought well when she was down and gave it her all, especially in the final games. Serving at 3-5 in the 3rd, she was down 3 MP's but won 5 points in a row for the match with some awesome tennis. Unfortunately she couldt repeat it, with CTV winning on her 5th match point. It'd be very easy for me to roll my eyes at Iva and insult her, but there is no need and that would be unfair. SHe just got outplayed today, and actually fought really well. Cristina was the better player and played an aggressive match. Well deserved.

Anastasia Myskina v Eva Fislova
This was on the same time as Iva's match so after Iva won set 2, I raced over to showcourt 3 to see some of Nastya. Watched most of the latter staged of the match and it was good to see Nastya have no strapping on her shoulder. Eva Fislova played well in qualies and gave a good shot of it here, but she is just your typical baseliner really. Nastya didnt play great tennis, but just enough to prevail in 2 good sets. She was hitting quite hard, and making some errors, but overall a solid days work. Hopefully she'll get rid of some rust, and show us some good results here :)

Clarisa Fernandez v Adriana Szili
Saw the first set before heading off to Vodafone. A pity I saw nervous Adriana, before the good Adriana arrived in set 2! She is a very good looking young lady (sorry, had to say that) and I knew she was a talented girl, having watched her play before. Clarisa was a class above, naturally and mixed up her balls well, but when they actually got into long rallies it was Adriana that came out on top. She is a solid baseliner, and I see a good future (a few years to come yet), but she was out of her depth today. Good to see her almost take Clarisa out in the second set though (she blew 2 set points). So overall, both Adriana and Casey can be proud of their efforts :)

Amanda Coetzer v Barbara Schett
Hmmm...Jen, Iva and Babsi all gone in round 1. Tsk Tsk :p :o
Amanda is of course looking superfit and pretty motivated! Looks like she is not done yet. Babsi on the other hand, was screaming at herself and committing countless unforced errors (really stupid errors, the type where its just wrong...wrong :rolleyes: ) Pretty decent crowd on Vodafone for this, but by the middle of set 2 I had enough and felt like a bit of Elena D :drool:

Barbara Schwartz v Elena Dementieva
Saw a lot of the first set and some of the second, but missed the last set as I was watching Sharapova on an adjoing court (I could still see this scoreboard though, and was keeping an eye out). Elena was playing pretty good when I was there, and Schwartz was also hitting the ball well. She really has a beautiful game, and can crank out a winner from a tough position. When I left it was the middle of set 2 and I could sense a momentum shift. Elena's serve was starting to get woeful and she started to look as though she had already lost the match. Dont know what happened after as I wasnt there, but obviously it wasnt pretty for Elena. Still, at least she avoided a bagel. Always good.

Klara Koukalova v Maria Sharapova
Final match of another bloody long day (but a good day!). Saw pretty much the whole thing, just missed the first few games. Masha started off in a blaze, jumping to 4-1 and I was confident she would prevail easily. Then Klara (who looks a lot like Patty!) decided to wake up and start hitting amazing winners like she did in qualies. Also, Masha helped her out with some unfortunate mistakes as well. Pretty good match, and the second set was very tight, but I gotta say Masha got LOADS of dirty line calls which didnt help the cause at all (the whole crowd was dirty on the umpire!) By this stage the court 19 stands were starting to get jam packed and a real atmosphere was developing (always happens when most matches are done, and people like to snoop around the outer courts). Masha was unlucky to lose this, but Klara proved that she shouldnt be over-looked and as I suspected, she took the match. Klara is a real talent, just needs to get it more together mentally (a lot of the times it looks like she's going to burst into tears) and she'll get top 50 I feel. Masha won lots of fans today, and at 15 you cant be too disappointed in a fine Slam debut. Still, I wanted the match to go as it was really developing into a good one....anyway, better luck next year Masha :)

Oh well, there goes another one! Before I go I should mention Daniela Hantuchova was on the practice court ALL DAY today. She knows she needs to work on her off season rust if shes gonna make some noise. Saw the end of Pistolesi and Tu, and thought I was looking at a pair of 12 year olds when they shook hands at the net :o Oh, and the Swedes are definately "still" by far the most vocal of the fans!

Will take the day off tomorrow, but I'll be back on Thursday.

Jan 14th, 2003, 12:32 PM
Great job Terry!!! sorry bout Iva...

Elena D! even it was a toughie - i'd thought she scrap out of that one *sigh*

Sharky... :sad: :wavey:

Jan 14th, 2003, 12:38 PM
another great report :D

but don't be so slack to the shorties ;)

Jan 14th, 2003, 12:51 PM
thanks again Terry. Commiserations for Iva; I know your pain ;)

Jan 14th, 2003, 12:53 PM
Great report...as usual

Pfffff @ Hobart's 2002 jinx... Sucha def. Anabel, where are they now?

Uhmmmmmm, I smell another crazy party for Jen, Iva & Babsi last weekend.

Well, after all Klara has done more than most of the players in maindraw...she reached singles WTA finals in 2001 & 2002

Rising Sun
Jan 14th, 2003, 12:57 PM
Thanks Terry for the report. :)

Can you elaborate more on Pistolesi & Tu acting like 12 year olds at the net? :confused:

Jan 14th, 2003, 01:15 PM
I saw most of the matches you saw. Koukalova and Bovina really impressed me today. I dont think Vera could have done much even if she had played a bit better, because of the way Bovina was playing. Vera was crying in the last change of ends, and also walked off crying and looking very angry. I havent seen much of her but she should get her mental act together if she really wants to be a top player. I dont know if she cries every time shes losing in a match but its just not necessary and only gonna hurt her.
I didnt get a chance to see Koukalova in quallies but it looked like she was in good form and she showed that today. In the last few games especially she was hitting winners everywhere, and there was really nothing Sharapova could do. I think she has a shot to do well against Seles, I think she'll take more games than Maria did when she played Monica. Klara can definitely do well in the future if she plays like that all the time.

And what do you mean when you say Elena L was buggered in the first report? Do you mean she was tired? The match was only two sets and I think Elenas fitness is better than that :confused:

Jan 14th, 2003, 01:24 PM
thanx Terry for the report again

Jan 14th, 2003, 01:58 PM
Thanks for the report, Terry.

Princess Fiona
Jan 14th, 2003, 02:30 PM
Thanks again Terry!! :kiss: Sorry about Iva :sad: but pleased for Lena!! :)

WILL he see Nico for me, I wonder? *siiiigh* ;)

Jan 14th, 2003, 02:34 PM
Thanks for the report TS, now rest your legs and get something to drink:)
It is more to come you know;)

King Aaron
Jan 14th, 2003, 02:36 PM
Thanks again Terry :)

I guess you won't be going to see Anlsey's match because it's at night

Jan 14th, 2003, 03:10 PM
thanks terry :)

can you keep an eye on tatiana poutchek tomorrow? and don't jinx her ;)

Jan 14th, 2003, 03:16 PM
oh yeah ... and do you know anything about mikaelian's injury?

Jan 14th, 2003, 04:20 PM
no need to jinx her... Cris will beat her easily

Jan 14th, 2003, 04:35 PM
thanks for your great reports :)

Jan 14th, 2003, 07:41 PM
spiceboy: we'll see ;)

i love both players ... but tatiana is my fav, so i gotta vote for her

Jan 14th, 2003, 07:51 PM
LOL at Klara! She usually looks like she is going to burst into tears because she often DOES! I've seen her play twice (both against Lucic) and she was balling her eyes for the last 2 games of the match and then after:rolleyes:

Jan 14th, 2003, 08:41 PM
What was that between Pistolesi and Meilen?
Thanks for the reports, BTW :D

Jan 14th, 2003, 11:07 PM
2ace2: I think he simply meant that Meilen and Anna are both very tiny players.

Jan 15th, 2003, 12:28 AM
Yes I meant cos they were so little and it looked pretty funny seeing them together, lol. No offence meant :o

Jerome, I'll try and catch some of her on Thursday...had Iva won, she would've played her!

Experimentee...I know Elena is very fit, she just looked hot and bothered from what I saw.

Oh I should also mention I was watching the end of the Serena-Loit match on the big screen in the garden, and it was jam packed! Lots of people rubbing their eyes in disbelief and going crazy for Loit! Amazing scenes...you could hear the center court crowd going crazy inside. Also, due to the fact I watched the Eleni and Iva matches pretty much in their entirety I missed some chances to see some players like Chanda, Kim & Mary. Maybe I'll get a chance on Thursday.

Jan 15th, 2003, 12:33 AM
you didnt see Monica?

Jan 15th, 2003, 12:44 AM
I saw Monica practising, but she played the night match and I didnt have tickets to the night session. If she is not put on center court on Thursday, I will get to see her :)

Jan 15th, 2003, 12:46 AM
iva :sad:

i remember meeting Iva last summer (she went on to lost 5 or 6 matches straight :o)

Jan 15th, 2003, 01:41 AM
TS rules!!!!

Another highly entertaining report from TS.
There were subtle hints of mischief, playfulness,
and even dare I say...stalking. A great report;
but can TS keep on producing the goods? :)

Jan 16th, 2003, 01:16 PM

I pretty much spent most of my day on Margaret Court Arena, but I still managed to catch some other matches. Like the other day, there wasnt anything on in the early matches that I was hanging to see, so I thought I'd go to court 6 for some Bovina ;)

Elena Bovina v Rita Grande
I dont really know what I can say about this match, other than Elena is playing awesome power tennis and I cant wait to see how she goes against higher ranked players (I guess we'll get a taste against Maggie in round 3). Rita simply had no answers for Elena's game today and basically was blown away. Elena has her thigh strapped, like in Sydney, but it doesnt really seem to be hindering her play all. Rita didnt play badly, she just wasnt given any opportunities and she was eaten alive today...so I guess this just shows how pathetic Kapros was the other day. Elena is looking the goods here. Look out Maggie :eek: Has Elena stopped grunting? :o I barely heard it today, only on a few points!

Nathalie Dechy v Daja Bedanova
I was surprised at the scoreline considering Daja has been in pretty good form, and taking Dechy's injury into account I expected a 3 setter here. Not a really interesting match but I saw some of it, and Dechy is playing good consistent tennis and the match with Eleni in the next round will be great I feel. Daja looked a little out of sorts today, and she would really have to be one of the most unpredictable players on tour. Anyway, she surrendered rather meekly and a pretty fine win for Nathalie.

Meghann Shaughnessy v Ludmila Cervanova
My first look at Meghann this year (aside from seeing her on the practice courts) and I must say she was hitting pretty good! On the other hand, her opponent didnt give her anything at all and it was one of the most one sided matches I've had the mis-fortune of catching (luckily I didnt see much of it). Cervanova has no sting in her game, especially on this surface and she was taken to the cleaners by a motivated Meg. Bleh.

Clarisa Fernandez v Magui Serna
Caught a little of this after the Bovina match (it was on a near court), and it was a pretty lifeless affair. Magui was getting very frustrated with herself, and I would be too if I was missing some of the sitters she was missing. Clarisa was putting nothing into her groundies (she rarely does), but what she lacks in power she more than makes up for in deft slices, spins and tricky angles. Definately a clay courter through and through, but the type of player that isn't afraid to play on any surface. Always a step ahead of Magui and whilst I didnt see the end of it, I knew Clarisa would take it out :)

After this I went back to Margaret Court to watch the final set of the Blake-Acasuso match, as we wanted good seats to see the Navratilova doubles match. I've never seen her play live so I was very curious.

Navratilova/Kuznetsova v Pratt/Casanova
BIG crowd for this one. Luckily we had good front row seat behind play, so a great view :) Martina's still got it, the old bag ;) Watched the first set in its entirety, then left for the Eleni-Amy match, but the first set was pretty entertaining stuff and I felt Myriam Casanova was the best player in that set. Both her and Sveta actually wowed the crowd on some points with their power hitting. Martina was hitting a fair few errors in that set, but she also displayed some fine touch at the net (duh, lol). Lots of service breaks in that set, and aside from a few errors on both sides of the net it was good stuff, and the packed house loved it.

Then it was off to court 18 for my main event of the day :o

Eleni Daniilidou v Amy Frazier
New (or maybe not so new?) from the highly esteemed Amy Frazier House of Fashion - A floral jacket that looks like something out of a ladies auxillary. Yes a jacket full of flowers. After she took it off for the warm up she revealed a sleeveless white shirt with one of those flowers blown up on the side. At least no cardigan. Anyway, I know we all hang shit on Amy's 'lack of tan', and yes the joke gets a little tired but I couldnt help but crack up when a young semi-drunk British spectator yelled "Oh my god whats that? Its Casper the friendly Ghost!" Luckily Amy didnt hear it, but Im sure she has developed a thick skin (no pun intended) where matters of her complexion are concerned. Anyway, as you can tell Im babbling but really there is nothing much to say about this match. Eleni played great, but wasnt serving so well. Her groundies were spot on today, and she just looked like a winner when she stepped out on court. Amy played pretty terrible tennis, but she hit some nice winners. Her serve was way off today, and also Amy got a few bad calls (both girls did actually, the linespeople were asleep I think) and she lost her concentration, especially with a VERY pro Greek crowd. Overall, an awesome confident display from Eleni. After the match Amy was gracious and signed autographs (she is a very nice person, and a good sport), but it was Eleni that stole the show. I think she signed for everyone and spoke to almost EVERY fan and once again both me and my friend (who is also Greek) got the chance to shake her hand in congrats, and wish her luck for her next match. Bring on Saturday I say :)

After the Eleni match, caught some of Mary-Chanda on the TV screens in the corridors surrounding Rod Laver Arena. It was one set all at this stage, and Im sure as most of you saw on TV, Mary was losing ground pretty fast. Anyway, watching a bit of this on one of the screens, I turn around and realise Barbara Schett has been watching next to me, probably for about 5 minutes. LOL. She looks even better in person. I've taken off my stalker cap, so no ambush. Sorry :p

Anyway, Monica was coming on soon but more tennis was to be seen.

Maggie Maleeva v Yoon Jeong Cho
At this stage of the day it was getting a little hot. Not a scorcher of a day, but the kind where the sun is shining pretty brightly, making it tough for the players out on court. Saw most of the final set blow-out. Was Cho injured? She didnt seem to be moving as well as she normally does, and Maggie just completely dominated. One thing that would benefit Cho more, would be a more powerful serve. She's a small girl, and fairly slight so I can understand that will probably never happen, but I can see it getting eaten up by the big hitters. Anyway, Cho had a small but vocal section of Korean fans, but sadly for her they couldnt get her through. Happily for me, Maggie did ;) Maggie is playing solid tennis, and seems to be enjoying herself out there but I feel she is not playing well enough to beat Bovina next up. I'd say Bovina in 2 tight sets, but hopefully Maggie proves me wrong.

Anyway, after this caught the final stages of the Roddick match and got a good seat (front row, behind play, perfect view) for the Monica-Klara match. The young girls screaming at Andy for an autograph were really quite a sight. Pity the poor things.

Monica Seles v Klara Koukalova
I wont comment on this again, cos I wrote an entire thread on it....so go read that :p

Following this amazing match (not so much the play, but the drama) we were still in the mood for some tennis so caught the end of the Youzhny-Sirianni match. Good day overall with Eleni winning, but bad luck to Monica. Klara on the other hand has won me over this whole past week, all through qualifying and her 2 main draw matches. Jerome, I managed to catch a little of the first set of Poutchek v Torrens-Valero, and I thought Cristina would wrap this up in 2 as she was continuing her fine form from the Majoli win, and Tathiana was playing ordinary tennis. After the 1st set Tathiana went to the bathroom so I imagine everything went downhill for CTV after that ;)

Im back out there on Saturday.

Jan 16th, 2003, 01:36 PM
Thanks for the report. I didnt go today but I managed to catch some tennis on tv and it looks like Mary Pierce has put on so much weight! She was always a big girl but shes looking much bigger than when i last saw her and its mostly fat. I thought she was a good weight a couple of years ago, but now i wouldnt hesistate to call her fat. I love her, but shes gotta lose some weight and her movement today was worse than anything i'd seen from her before so its obviously costing her.

Jan 16th, 2003, 01:39 PM
I completely agree. I like Mary too and dont wish to insult her or her fans, but I have never seen her that big before. I obviously didn't watch the whole match, but I imagine that played a huge role in her final set fade out.

Jan 16th, 2003, 02:11 PM
Originally posted by TS

but it was Eleni that stole the show. I think she signed for everyone and spoke to almost EVERY fan and once again both me and my friend (who is also Greek) got the chance to shake her hand in congrats, and wish her luck for her next match. Bring on Saturday I say :)

After the Eleni match, caught some of Mary-Chanda on the TV screens in the corridors surrounding Rod Laver Arena. It was one set all at this stage, and Im sure as most of you saw on TV, Mary was losing ground pretty fast. Anyway, watching a bit of this on one of the screens, I turn around and realise Barbara Schett has been watching next to me, probably for about 5 minutes. LOL. She looks even better in person. I've taken off my stalker cap, so no ambush. Sorry :p

LOL @ Terry on Babsi! ;)
glad you got to see her up close! :eek: :D

Great report once again!
Have fun on Saturday!


Jan 16th, 2003, 02:21 PM
thanx Terry for the reports :)

Elena seems to be on fire :) (she better keep it up) :)

King Aaron
Jan 16th, 2003, 02:51 PM
Thanks Terry. :D

Jan 16th, 2003, 03:27 PM
Originally posted by Experimentee
Vera was crying in the last change of ends, and also walked off crying and looking very angry. I havent seen much of her but she should get her mental act together if she really wants to be a top player. I dont know if she cries every time shes losing in a match but its just not necessary and only gonna hurt her.

Come on, experimntee, puh-leeeeze -- the thing I *LOVE* about Vera is that she expresses her emotions all the time -- it is such *pleasure* to see her roll her eyes and stamp her feet at her bad shots and exult in her good ones! Don't wish for her to stop being human -- crying on court is what makes Vera Vera. There may be "no crying in baseball" but I definitely think the more crying in tennis, the better!!! :)

BTW, great report, Terry -- keep 'em comin'!

Jan 16th, 2003, 03:45 PM
thanks terry :)

poor tatiana is going to get killed by kim ;) -- i hope she wins a game

Princess Fiona
Jan 16th, 2003, 04:10 PM
Thanks Majoli man!! :worship: :)

Jan 17th, 2003, 04:50 AM
Thanks :D

Jan 17th, 2003, 07:54 AM
enjoyed your report TS :)

I agree with Experimentee about Vera, the more she lets her emotions get the better of her, the harder it will be for her to finish matches off. I can see why fans like the emotional side of Vera but in the long run she needs to control her emotions,Vera is only 18 so she might grow out of it like Venus did.

Jan 17th, 2003, 04:41 PM
Originally posted by TS

New (or maybe not so new?) from the highly esteemed Amy Frazier House of Fashion - A floral jacket that looks like something out of a ladies auxillary. Yes a jacket full of flowers. After she took it off for the warm up she revealed a sleeveless white shirt with one of those flowers blown up on the side. At least no cardigan. Anyway, I know we all hang shit on Amy's 'lack of tan', and yes the joke gets a little tired but I couldnt help but crack up when a young semi-drunk British spectator yelled "Oh my god whats that? Its Casper the friendly Ghost!" [/B]

lol :D

thanks once again for your fantastic reports :)

agree with Experimentee about Vera, it's really not a pleasant sight and it affects her game, some players play better when they get mad and lets her emotions out but this is not the case IMO, it's very childish.

Jan 17th, 2003, 04:46 PM
Vera's not grown out of this,
she's been doing this for years :sad: :(

Jan 17th, 2003, 05:00 PM
thanks a lot :kiss:

The Crow
Jan 17th, 2003, 05:29 PM
Thanks Terry.

I agree about Vera, it's one thing showing emotions, it's a whole other thing when you show emotions after every lost point and let it affect your game.

Jan 18th, 2003, 01:24 AM
Clarisa was putting nothing into her groundies (she rarely does)

I don't agree at all, I've seen her play in person and she really kills the ball and has a big lefty serve

Jan 18th, 2003, 01:35 AM
Cheers Terry...keep em coming

Jan 19th, 2003, 01:22 AM

Woke up still in two minds about whether I was going to go as I wasnt operating on much sleep, and just about the time when I had decided sleep was looking more attractive my friend calls me up from Melbourne Park and Im like "yeah Im almost there", when in fact I wasn't even dressed.

Anyway, got my shit together and got there in time to catch some good tennis. First match I saw some of was Shaughnessy v Koukalova

Meghan Shaughnessy v Klara Koukalova
Well, having watched 4 of Klara's 5 matches so far, I thought I might as well do it again. Today, she was still hitting more winners than her opponent, but at the same time committing unforced errors on big points. Meghann looked very solid and always in control. Serving great, and looking like she's ready to rekindle the form that took her to the top 15. We'll see I guess. The second set, which I saw the last half of, was a lot closer than the scoreline suggests, and Klara certainly had her chances. But the gulf in the rankings was exposed and Meghann won the big points and in the end put Klara away comfortably. Should be a great match with Bovina in the 4th round.

Elena Bovina v Maggie Maleeva
Weird match to say the least, but pretty good at the same time! I saw the second set of this, and it was a pretty even contest, with both players having many chances. Funny thing happened when Maggie went up 4-2. The strapping on Bovina's thigh came loose and one of the bandages/tape thingy was hanging down. Elena tried to put it back but it wouldnt sit, so she went to the umpire to see if the trainer could be called to bring some more tape. Then a funny thing happened, which I haven't seen on a court before. Maggie told the umpire she had some tape in her bag, and then the umpire asked Bovina if she wanted it...so then you see ELena walk over to Maggie and Maggie hands her some tape. lol. This tape wasnt working though, so the trainer did come out and had to do it all over again. So for those of you wondering if there was an injury time out for Elena before the 7th game of the second set, dont worry it was just loose bandages ;)
Maggie did well to keep focus and win that set, but I still had the feeling Elena would somehow grit out the win. Had to leave as my friend messaged me saying Federer was off the court at Vodafone and Eleni would be on soon, so thats where I raced off to!

Eleni Daniilidou v Nathalie Dechy
Had to fight off a mass exodus of Swedes as I made my way to V/fone. But I got there and had one of the best seats in the house. Sitting second row from the front on the side (across from the umpires chair). A very healthy crowd for this match, which pleasantly surprised me, and of course Eleni had her Greek supporters there. A funy thing happened before this match started...I was wearing my Barcelona football top and was sitting innocently watching the warm up when none other than umpire Jorge Diaz, who was sitting near me (near where the players walk out, obviously he mightve been working the next match) comes up to me to compliment my top :o Funny thing is, this top of mine has caused drama all week....I wore it to the Majoli match and got strange looks from Spanish fans, when I was NOT cheering for the Torrens Valero :o Anyway, enough rambling about my apparell, onto the match!!! Dechy started off well, breaking the Eleni serve but was immediately broken back. For the first 3 games, Eleni was wearing just a plain headband, but decided that wasnt working, so ditched it and grabbed her white cap which she put on (backwards of course). All was right with the world again. Eleni had her cap on, and started to play better :p A pretty awkward set of tennis. Sooo many breaks of service, in fact Dechy failed to hold at all in that set, with Eleni holding once. Bizarre. Eleni was playing good tennis, particularly off her groundies, but her serve was terrible. Eleni was averaging speeds of 120-140 km/h, which is plain ridiculous. I think she is testing out some sort of soft spin thing, but please Eleni stop that. Dechy didnt play too badly, she just didnt do enough with the balls, but still produced some good tennis. Eleni stepped up a gear in the second set and after almost blowing a 4-1 lead she then regrouped and put Nathalie away for the match. Impressive performance from Eleni, who is playing some great tennis from the back of the court....lets see how she fares against the big cheese of the tour on Monday. I cant wait.

Chanda Rubin v Barbara Schwartz
Watched the first few games. Chanda paying good tennis, and obviously relieved to get by Mary the other day! Barbara didnt play too badly, she is a very good player as we know, but her luck finally ran out. Wanted to go watch Myskina-Fernandez on MCA after this, as they were in the final set, but because Andy Roddick was on after them, forget trying to get a seat. I bet Nastya and Clarisa didnt know what hit them with that huge crowd ;) Well I was a tad pissed off, but hey what can you do. Went to court 2 to see a bit of an entertaining mens match with El Aynouai against Lopez...so after this, decided to stay for the Coetzer match.

Amanda Coetzer v Anna Pistolesi
This was over quick. Thankfully. From the first few rallies I was starting to moan and having uncomfortable flashbacks of the Coetzer-Martinez match from US Open 98, but thankfully Amanda played good, aggressive tennis and put Anna away quickly. Anna really played ordinary, average tennis and I know she had a great year last year, but when she played like she did yesterday one has to wonder...how? Maybe she had a bad day, and I guess Amanda does own her. Anyway, she was outclassed big time. Good performance Amanda, but I fear she'll be on the receiving end against Kim on Monday. Let's hope not.

Obviously not as many matches seen as its now round 3, but still a great day and Im glad I got my ass out of bed to go.

Well that's it! Thanks for all the compliments, its been a pleasure writing these. I personally love it when posters do reports from tournaments, so I thought I'd repay the favour here. To give a cliched quote from various tennis players 'Its been a great week..."


Jan 19th, 2003, 02:14 AM
Thanks TS. Allez Amanda!!! :bounce:

Jan 19th, 2003, 04:14 AM
thanks terry :)

Princess Fiona
Jan 19th, 2003, 01:30 PM
Onya Terry!! :wavey: :bounce:

pssst... I thought I saw you in the crowd for the Daniilidou vs. Dechy match (the few points I saw) - maybe it was you... ;) :D

King Aaron
Jan 19th, 2003, 02:44 PM
Thanks Terry!!! :D

Jan 19th, 2003, 11:14 PM
hmm I've been there every day and we've hardly been to the same matches at all! lol Only Amanda's and Klara's!

Klara has two new fans! (Me and Ulla). We saw her in the second round of quallies (went to watch Wheeler and ended up liking Klara). She was very inpressive. I saw her match against Seles, and it was brilliant, but she really played bad against Meghann! Nothing like the way she played against Monica. She always looked so dejected against Meghann. And you are right! She does look like Patty!

Jan 20th, 2003, 02:37 AM
Thanks for your reports- I have just come back from 8 days (went to final qualiy day) at the tennis- had a great time- I can't beleive it- I was at pretty much everyone of the same matches!