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Jan 9th, 2003, 12:37 PM
I'll keep this one short and simple. Actually i have no other choice cos i wasnt really concentrating on the tennis all that match...ive kinda over-indulged in it and only went today to take advantage of free corp. tix :)!

Anyway when i first arrived i was hustling along to see Olga.B when i stumbled upon Nav. practicing, and i stopeed to watch her train for a bit. I was impressed with her game, shes so fit and hits the ball great, great volleys ofcourse ;)...shes a lady who enjoys her training sessions and is really friendly to all. She said hi to some of the tournament staff and asked one how their day was, and she got along so well withher hitting partners. She was mocking one of the guys when she came up with a flukey volley winner past them and was quite funny!

Olga v Panova started off very tight. Olga once again dissplayed alot of variety but Tatianna didnt struggle with it, and to beat her u need to overpower her consistently. It was on serve until Olga was 3-4 down and the tennis was fairly even, but Olga fluffed a few points she shouldve won and BOY did she slam that racket! A piece fell out, and seeing she was down break point she chose to play on instead of get a warning ;). That was the break that decided the match, Olga didnt recover from it and then got drilled in the second set by some very solid hitting by Panova, and her own UE rate rising too high. She's on the way back and probably lost today cos she wasnt as fresh as Tatianna who didnt have to play 3 qually matches in gruelling heat!

I saw Amanda V Justine and i was expecting Amanda to win. She had game point for 5-2 but no consolidation :(, then in set two at 4-4 Amanda got broken again. It was a match i thnik Amanda shouldve won in current form, but she just didnt have things go her way on the key points.

The anna/rubin match was a real stinker, but i had to sit thru it cos a few of my friends hadnt seen anna play. Anna and Amanda volleyed well, but the tennis was really poor.

I had alot of fun at the FANFEST today. I just missed out on Tataiana Panova at autograph islandwhich sucked, i wanted to get the chance to meet her :sad: . Then a friend of mine forced me to play the mini-games.
I first tried that 'diving volley' game and would not dive, and that raquet was so small and i jus couldnt get the target....
then moved on to the one where it has two guys playing 'doubles' but the ball just comes to u and u have to hit a target! I played it a few times and one of the times i think i got the target about 80% of the time :eek: and i was hitting ALL OUT, yet the guy didnt give me a prize after that which he was meant to if u hit the bullseye...i got some compliments by people watching on my fh but they probably think im some psycho the way i was trying to murder the ball. :o BTW - on one of my follow throughs it nearly hit my head cos i was concentrating on the target soo much and compromised technique

other notes:
-i took pics of panova and navratilova but cant post them for a few days as i had a crappy disposable, and not my usual digital with me today.
- one of my friends dared me to say 'Go Jelena' on centre court a few times and i did once or twice in Amandas an Annas matches...got quite a few stares ;) but i was getting tired of the tennis.
- the guys in the corp. box were really annoying.all they did was eat eat eat all these platters and so much junk food, and were complaining that they had to wait for drinks etc..really annoying fussy ppl :(!

Its my last day of going to the tennis (women's) probably til next years adidas and i got kinda bored today as i attended 4 days which is too much IMO ;)...but i had to over indulge cos we wont have any tourneys in Sydney till next yr :( ...

Mateo Mathieu
Jan 9th, 2003, 12:56 PM
And I saw you when you came out from the FanFest :p I was the person who sit on grass behind the Court 1 :p

Jan 9th, 2003, 12:57 PM
thanx Stevo :)
you did a great job all week :)

Jan 9th, 2003, 01:21 PM
I probably saw all of you in Fanfest - but I have no idea what you look like <g>

I had a lovely time on my final day in Fanfest today - 2 shifts which went from 8.30-12 then 2.30-6pm <g> had fun during the break on the bean bags opposite the big screen <g>

most memorable fanfest moment was picking up the balls behind the wall @ Doubles Trouble and gashing my leg then getting hit in the side of my face by a kid who decided no they're not going to hit Beat the Brick but my face instead at full force :) I'm going to have a nice bruise tomorrow morning <g>

Jan 9th, 2003, 01:30 PM
which games did u work? im sure u saw me in there...i spent alot of time in there when Juan Carlos Ferrero was on , how boring!

One of my friend nearly got one of u guys...he said he just missed and heclocked that fh..but i was more carefull ;)..

Jan 9th, 2003, 01:35 PM
I worked on all the games except Menace Tennis from Sunday through to today - I was on Double Trouble this morning and Beat the Bricks this afternoon.

The one session I wasn't there was when JCF came to sign since I had the late shift that day :)

Jan 9th, 2003, 01:48 PM
beat the bricks..lol i didnt play that, it looked the MOST boring one to play ;)! isnt it just hitting against a 'wonky' brick wall ;)!

anyway i doubt ull remember me but i had tight blue jeans and a blue sports jacket rolled to my elbows...i did have a t-short but i couldnt be bothered getting it out fromt he bottom of my bag LOL

ur soo lucky..i guess u met all those players at fanfest?

King Aaron
Jan 9th, 2003, 02:02 PM
Thanks Steve. :) Ditto with what Eggy said.

Jan 9th, 2003, 02:08 PM
I almost met them all - all being the ones that were on when I was there except for Blake, Ferrero and Dominikivic.

I was there for Davenport's one on the first day, would have loved to stay to get an autograph but the Q&A had to satisfy me enough - have to try and track her down today <g>