View Full Version : Bad conditions put off Navratilova and Roddick in their loses..

Jan 9th, 2003, 10:27 AM
I saw andy;s match and it was sad to see him having to resort to slicing back the return of serve off both wings, and when he was serving the ball was flying all over and he was very annoyed!

I saw martina practice today and she had a small whinge to whoever she was hitting with about her doubles loss, saying she was annoyed that they played in the rain when she thought match shouldve been suspended as some other courts were being suspended??, and she complained about som,ething else but i didnt hear it all...still, she seemed to be happy out there and enjoing her training today ;)

they both tried to urge the umpire to suspend play unsuccessfuly...i cant understand why they didnt do so for roddick, it was ridiculous!!! sam saw me nearly get hit by a gate in those conditions;)