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Jan 8th, 2003, 08:31 PM
Tatiana Panova vs. Olga Barabanschikova [Q]
Panova leads 3-1; 3-1 on hardcourts; 0-0 in 2003
1998-11-16 Pattaya Hardcourt R32 Olga Barabanschikova (BLR) 6-2 1-6 6-2
1999-02-22 Oklahoma City Indoor Hardcourt R32 Tatiana Panova (RUS) 3-6 6-1 6-2
2000-07-31 San Diego Hardcourt R16/Q Tatiana Panova (RUS) 6-2 5-7 6-3
2000-08-07 Los Angeles Hardcourt R16/Q Tatiana Panova (RUS) 6-0 6-1

Daniela Hantuchova [4] vs. Lindsay Davenport [6]
Davenport leads 1-0; 1-0 on hardcourts; 0-0 in 2003
2001-10-15 Zurich Indoor Hardcourt QF Lindsay Davenport (USA) 3-6 6-1 6-1

Amanda Coetzer vs. Justine Henin-Hardenne [3]
Coetzer leads 2-0; 1-0 on hardcourts; 0-0 in 2003
2000-08-21 New Haven Hardcourt R16 Amanda Coetzer (RSA) 6-2 4-6 6-1
2001-04-30 Hamburg Clay QF Amanda Coetzer (RSA) 7-5 4-6 6-2

Chanda Rubin [7] vs. Kim Clijsters [2]
Clijsters leads 3-0; 3-0 on hardcourts; 0-0 in 2003
2000-01-10 Hobart Hardcourt F Kim Clijsters (BEL) 2-6 6-2 6-2
2001-07-23 Stanford Hardcourt QF Kim Clijsters (BEL) 6-3 6-1
2002-11-04 WTA Championships Indoor Hardcourt R16 Kim Clijsters (BEL) 6-1 6-2

Mercury Rising
Jan 8th, 2003, 08:36 PM
Wow, Coetzer will be tough for Justine :eek:

Go JuJu and Kim!

Jan 8th, 2003, 08:45 PM
GO Amanda :) KIM , and Lindsay.

Jan 8th, 2003, 10:34 PM
U see everyone on this board predicts amanda will lose in straight sets, and not only straght sets but 6-2, 6-1 or 6-3 6-2
however they don't look at their statistics, Amanda beat Justine a few weeks before she reached the Sf in Roland Garros and the Finals of Wimbledon among other such notable results, She also beat her in New Haven where Justine was held as the new threat of tennis:)
I'm not saying Amanda is the favorite for this match, but Amanda does love playing players with justine's game. This won't be another 50 min win by justine, not at sydney, and if Justine overlooks Amanda, like most of justine fans do, then I won't be suprised if Amanda dispatches Justine in 2 straight sets;)

Amanda loves all the doubt she always has, first she was going t lose to Sugiyama, then Maggie, and now Justine, Only time will tell, but don't overook Amanda Coetzer she is more then just a 31 year old veteran who chases balls and waits for errors:)

Jan 8th, 2003, 10:37 PM
Thanks very much for posting that!

Jan 8th, 2003, 11:18 PM
Go Justine! (She'll beat Amanda in 2 or 3 sets ;) )

Jan 9th, 2003, 12:18 AM
It looks like the first set will be important for Amanda to win.:D Udachi Coetzer, outlast Henin for a great start to 2003.:D:D:D Vamos Lindsay, Tatiana and Chanda.:D