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Jan 8th, 2003, 12:11 PM
this is were the aussies have been placed in Quilifing

WC Lauren Cheung (NSW) v Ashley Teryn (USA)
Christina Wheeler (VIC) v Lenka Nemechova (CZE)
WC Lauren Breadmore (VIC) v (4) Tatiana Perebiynis (UKR)
WC Gabrielle Baker (QLD) v Andreea Vanc (ROM)
WC Tiffany Welford (QLD) v Celine Beigbeder (FRA)
Amanda Grahame (ACT) v Olga Blahotova (CZE)
WC Olivia Lukaszewic (SA) v Maria Goloviznina (RUS)
WC Sophie Ferguson (NSW) v Alena Vaskova (CZE)
WC Daniella Dominikovic (NSW) v Kristina Brandi (USA) Saori Obata (JPN)[11] v Bryanne Stewart (AUS)

who do you think could win their opening match??

I think



I'd be interested to hear what you think

Jan 8th, 2003, 02:53 PM
I think wheeler, baker and grahame will win in two sets.

I think Lauren, Olivia, and Obata can go either way.

Doominikovic jr. has a slight chance against brandi if she keeps UE under control and plays patient.

I cant see Fergusson and Welford winning their 1st rd for some reason...

ill see how many i got correct tommorow ;)! i really hope they all can do well and some prove me wrong

Jan 8th, 2003, 11:55 PM
well christina and lauren did get through, so lets keeps our fingers crossed for more success from the aussie girls!