View Full Version : The Talent Pool Deepens...

Jan 5th, 2002, 12:17 PM
back in the "old" days women's tennis would be dominated by one or two players and pretty much all the excitement, all the things we remember now, were generated from their rivalries and epic battles, etc., etc., even as late as 98/99 with Martina and Lindsay going back and forth. Now it seems the talent pool has gotten deeper where players such as Clijsters, Henin and Dokic can come out of seemingly nowhere, break into the top ten and give the top players some trouble. Yes, some players are still more dominate than others, but honestly I'm not too shocked to see some of the lower seeds upset the higher ranked ones. As the talent level seems to be increasing again this year, do you think we'll ever see some really great, epic rivalries like the ones we've seen in the past or is the Battle for #1 going to be a free-for-all?

I'm personally happy to see the depth of talent increase since I think we get to see more great matches being played.