View Full Version : "who is the most handsome male tennis player on the circuit?” from Hong Kong

Dec 30th, 2002, 02:15 PM
Here are some responses from the players at the press conference of Hong Kong Ladies Chanllenge 2003:

The players are all giggling, enjoying themselves in this relaxed environment.

Miss Shuai, the next youngest player, partners up with Miss Sharapova expressing her lack of interest for men at this stage in her life. It’s Miss Stevenson’s turn to break the ice – “okay… I’m going to have to say Agassi because he’s also probably one of the nicest guy’s on the circuit.”

Miss Maleeva goes with the Aussie flavour in Pat Rafter; Miss Dementieva confidently replies Kafelnikov, whilst Miss Rubin says she’s not too interested in the men on the circuit yet she’s willing to point out who she finds most attractive in the conference room at present.

A somewhat embarrassed MC tries to brush off her suggestion, but he’s cut short by a zealous Miss Stevenson – “oh wait… the best looking male player ever was definitely Stefan Edberg. He was a great guy too,” the other women both agree and disagree before Miss Stevenson finally ends the discussion with a few words that have the entire room in stitches – “but he has a great butt, seriously!”

Dec 30th, 2002, 04:09 PM
I frequently question Alex's shot selection, but the girl knows her stuff when it comes to butt selection.