View Full Version : Who's gets Evie's wildcard if Evie doesnt need it? Stosur or Grahame

Dec 12th, 2002, 08:51 AM
At the moment Evie is just 3 places outside direct entry into the main draw!

Given that Eva Dyrberg is an oversight and still down as playing in the main draw that is likely to be cut to 2 places very soon and her chances are looking quite possible for getting direct entry!

However I have read several conflicting reports on who gets her wildcard!

Janet Young last month in an article stated that Samantha Stosur was next in line as Rachel the runner up in the first leg of challengers gets Evie's wildcard and then Samantha who was
runner up in the second leg gets the wildcard Rachel originally received. I thought this seemed a little bizarre and wrong however other media reported the same thing.

Now I read in The Age that Amanda Grahame gets it as she was 3rd behind Evie and Rachel in the first leg.

Does anyone know 100% who gets it???????

It should be Amanda and I hope it is. Regardless though Amanda and Samantha both deserve entry to the main draw via a wildcard!

It would just be nice though if Evie gets in so that it gives another Aussie a main draw berth

Dec 12th, 2002, 09:13 AM
I was always under the impression that Stosur would get it.

If Evie doesnt need it, then obviously the runner up in Queensland (McQuillan) gets Evie's...as McQuillan wont need her South Aussie one, then that will go to the runner up of that leg (Stosur). Im pretty sure thats how it works!

But I want Grahame to get it too, both her and Sam deserve a spot as you said.

Anyway, I still think Evie will need the WC as she is around 3rd on the next in list.