View Full Version : In This Thread, I tell those bois who've never been laid, how to score (troof)

Car Key Boi
Dec 6th, 2002, 07:07 PM
If yuo don't shoot, yuo won't score, it's as simple as that.

All the slimiest creeps that frequent my local club all get regularly laid with women that i would have considered well beyond their due, both in looks and in character simply by playing the percentages and being able to swallow big hits and putting on a face of brass from the 98% of the women that turned them down with derision and contempt.


there is one chick out of a hundred at yuor local nightclub/bar that will go home with yuo and willingly fuck you. Yuo won't know which chick it is unless you go up to one hundred chicks and ask them if they want to crawl into bed with yuo.

But trust me, she is there, the one chick who will say 'yes', but is waiting on yuor ass to ask her.

get to work.
that is all