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Dec 4th, 2002, 02:25 PM

LONDON (Reuters) - Shopaholic singer Elton John moved his wardrobe to a London storefront Wednesday to sell his Gucci, Versace and Prada cast-offs to raise money for his AIDS charity.
John and his partner David Furnish opened their "Out of the Closet" sale in a specially hired shop on London's Regent Street as people lined outside to snatch up thousands of celebrity bargains.

The pair had donated over 17,000 items, including 600 pairs of shoes, 200 belts, 100 pairs of sunglasses, alongside piles of jackets, coats, shirts, and ties.

Contributions from other stars included a gray Versace suit from soccer star David Beckham.

Other clothes on sale included the costume John wore at New York's Madison Square Garden in 1974 where John Lennon joined him for his last stage appearance.

It is the fourth time John, known for his legendary appetite for shopping, has opened shop to sell his clothes for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Dec 4th, 2002, 04:23 PM
Elton was there to open his fourth Out of the Closet venture in London's swanky Regent Street

Roll up, roll up for Elt's cast-offs
13.20PM GMT, 4 Dec 2002

Fashion fans are snapping up armfuls of flamboyant clothes, costumes and accessories belonging to Sir Elton John in his fourth sale of cast-offs for charity.

Elton was there to open his fourth Out of the Closet venture in London's swanky Regent Street.

All proceedings will go to the Elton John Aids Foundation to coincide with World Aids Day Week.

The shop feature items from the wardrobes of Sir Elton and his partner David Furnish, including some snazzy blue and yellow multi-coloured trousers.

According to Sir Elton's official website, around 52 rails will be jam-packed with clothes, including his famous stage outfit with musical notes that was worn in the 1970's.

There are hundreds of T-shirts, sweaters, overcoats, suits, shirts and shoes from designer labels such as Versace, Prada and Gucci.

Additionally, there are contributions from other celebrity friends of the foundation.

According to Sir Elton's official website, the shop will remain open until all the goods are sold.

At his last sale, in New Bond Street, just over 430,000 was raised in just four days.

Dec 4th, 2002, 06:26 PM
This is why I admire Elton so much. :)

Dec 4th, 2002, 10:30 PM