View Full Version : Tank Jobs

Sep 1st, 2012, 06:40 PM
After watching Kerber-Venus the other night and seeing her tank several points and games late set 2/early set 3(and still win!) and remembering her doing the same shit against Lisicki during the Wimby QF(and again still win)..i wonder how many players blatantly tank and do they still win depsite tanking?

Obviously the czech darlings Iveta and Klara have been known to have "mailed in" performances from time to time......
Though not a fan, i can't remember Serena EVER tanking yet in the Razzano match this year she was tanking like no other until 0-5 down.....
And during the start of her fall, Dokic did and epic tank job one year at the US Open against Bovina(i remember her not moving for balls right next to her and even ,IIRC, walking to the chair before a point was finished).

With all that said, i don't ever remember a player tanking yet still winning(so bravo to Kerber, though that negative attitude will surely catch up to her-Cincy Final for ex.).