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Jul 29th, 2012, 06:26 PM
This weekend it were played the qualifications of the tenniseurope nations challenge u12. I'm very fond of this tournament because spain reach the final 8 the six years they played (spain didn't participate the first year, when Russia won with Khromacheva and Putintseva on their team), and that started the rise of good results of spanish girls in U14 and U16 tournaments (we didn't make much noise for a lot of years). In the first year spain end 5th, and Sorribes won all her matches (including Ostapenko, Vekic and Korasvilli).

This year the nations that make the final 8 are: Czech Republic, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain and Ukraine

You can watch all the results here http://www.tenniseurope.org/page.aspx?id=16493

The final will be between 9 and 12 of August, i think the main contenders are Ukraine, Czech Republic, Spain and the big favourite is Russia. Russia won without problems the winter cups, and even without Makarova, they destroy all their rivals in the qualification. It's true that their group wasn't the strongest (group B was very tough) but their victories were very impressive

Aug 7th, 2012, 10:21 AM
Final round nominations http://www.tenniseurope.org/file_download.aspx?id=381311&tid=1

Aug 8th, 2012, 06:06 PM
Group A

Great Britain

Group B

Czech Republic

Aug 11th, 2012, 05:53 PM
To watch the results http://www.tenniseurope.org/news_item.aspx?id=65472


Russia - Czech Republic


Ukraine - Serbia


Slovakia - Spain


Great Britain - Poland

Interesting facts, Laura Rohakova (slovakia) is undefeated girl (number one of the team) in the whole competition (qualyfication and final rounds). Russia's Potapova (number 2) is undefeated too. I think they are the only two players who didn't lose a match till now.

Czech Republic, Serbia and Spain have 2 wins and a lose on their group

Aug 12th, 2012, 09:59 AM
Spain ends 5, because they won the two individual matches.
The only undefeated player is Potapova, because Rohacova lost against Paula Arias Manjón 60 30 ret.
The rest of the matches are 1-0 in favour Russia, Ukraine and Poland

Aug 12th, 2012, 06:49 PM
Russia 2 Czech Republic 1

Ukraine 2 Serbia 1

Spain 3 Slovakia 0

Poland 2 Great Britain 1

Very tight competition this year