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Jun 21st, 2012, 10:48 PM
It's another Somalia but a forgotten one.

Yemen is located in the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula and bordered by oil-rich gulf countries.


Once a home for some of the oldest civilizations in the world


it's now the poorest country in the middle east.

Its economy is dependant on the small oil reserves which are expected to stop producing in 2017.
The GDP per capita in Yemen right now is around $2,000 compared to more than $100,000 in Qatar.
The unemployment rate in Yemen is more than 50%.

With protests, political instability and the absence of security in Yemen since the start of the Arab spring, the sitiuation in Yemen is alarming with more than 40% of the populatin starving.


About one million children under five suffer from malnutrition and Yemen has the second
highest rate of stunting in the world.
The country also suffers from severe shortage of water resources and the capital Sana'a is expected to be the first capital in the world to suffer from thirst and water depletion.

Marriage of underage girls became part of the solution to some families to ease the burden of spending.


And the boys are forced to work.
Around five million Yemeni kids out of eleven million are working to provide income for the family
Three million of them are not attending school and the other two million are combining work and school.


Absence of media coverage around the world to the problem of Yemen is questionable.
It's definitely making things get worse and there was only a small amount of aid from neighboring countries.

Please spread this everywhere you can.

King Halep
Jun 21st, 2012, 11:08 PM
USA is so interested in politics of this country they can save them

Jun 21st, 2012, 11:31 PM
USA is so interested in politics of this country they can save them

I'm putting more hope on the neighboring gulf countries which are enjoying stability and prosperity, the extreme opposite situation of Yemen.