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Jun 13th, 2012, 02:45 PM
Police: Man sets woman on fire, chases her with machete

Victim taken to Delray Medical Center trauma unit

Author: Roger Lohse (http://www.local10.com/Local-10-Reporter/-/1717430/3146744/-/34qescz/-/index.html), Local 10 Reporter, rlohse@Local10.com
Janine Stanwood (http://www.local10.com/General-Assignment-Reporter/-/1717430/3072028/-/1288sfrz/-/index.html) , General Assignment Reporter, jstanwood@Local10.com
Published On: Jun 11 2012 08:52:57 AM EDT Updated On: Jun 11 2012 11:52:30 PM EDT

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A woman is fighting for her life in a hospital after she was set on fire, according to police.

Boynton Beach police said they were called to the 7-Eleven store and gas station at 7038 Lawrence Road around 3 a.m. Monday after a report of a woman being set on fire.

WATCH: Surveillance video (http://www.local10.com/news/Surveillance-video-Woman-set-on-fire-WARNING-Very-disturbing/-/1717324/14774138/-/5ajt6xz/-/index.html) (WARNING: Extremely disturbing)

When they arrived, officers said the victim had fresh burns to her face and body. They also said they found her shirt on fire on the ground.

Police said Roosevelt Mondesir (http://www.local10.com/news/-/1717324/14775140/-/ue92ht/-/index.html), 52, threw gasoline on the 44-year-old victim and then set her on fire.

The woman said she went to the station to meet with Mondesir, who is the father of her 4-year-old son. She went to the station because Mondesir was supposed to transfer the boy to her because they share custody.

When she saw Mondesir did not have her son, she tried to leave. She said Mondesir chased after her with a red gas can in hand, threw gasoline on her and set her on fire.

While trying to put out the fire, the victim noticed that Mondesir began chasing her with a machete. She then ran into the 7-Eleven and tried to hold the doors closed until police arrived.

The victim was transported to the Delray Medical Center trauma unit. She was listed in fair condition Monday.

Witnesses told police that Mondesir took off running after the attack. Officers set up a perimeter and used a K-9 unit to find him in bushes nearby.

Mondesir was taken into custody and transported to Bethesda Hospital with minor burns. He was treated at the hospital before being booked into the Palm Beach County Jail.

He is charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Police said the attack was caught on surveillance video, which they released Monday afternoon.

People who live in Mondesir's Lake Worth community said the couple recently broke up, and Mondesir was upset when the victim moved out of the house they shared.

"I've never seen him act violently. Other people, like the neighbors, said that he's been really upset since they broke up," said neighbor Pat Kohl.

Another neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said three children lived with the couple in the home. She did not know whether the man and woman were married but said she did not realize their relationship was in trouble until recently.

"She was standing out in the driveway by her car on the phone, and I said, 'Is there anything I can do to help?' and she said, 'I'm calling the police so I can get my stuff out,'" the neighbor said.

Palm Beach County court records show the victim filed a domestic violence injunction against Mondesir on May 29th, but it was dismissed.

(Source (http://www.local10.com/news/Police-Man-set-woman-on-fire-in-Boynton-Beach/-/1717324/14767758/-/hxpu7s/-/index.html))

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Can someone post that gif of Bugs Bunny sawing Florida off?

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I'll do it myself


Hopefully it will end up in Antarctica :bigwave:

Super Dave
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I'll do it myself


Hopefully it will end up in Antarctica :bigwave:

This has to be the most appropriate gif ever. :lol:

I can't believe I have to go there in 2 months :scared: Anyone know of a good discount machete website?

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Because the women shouldn’t be left out...

Gina Virgilio Allegedly Set Boyfriend Michael Gonzalez On Fire

MARK THIESSEN | 06/11/12 09:54 PM ET http://s.huffpost.com/images/v/ap_wire.png

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An Anchorage woman is being held on $1 million bond after being accused of setting a gasoline-fueled fire to kill her boyfriend.

Gina Virgilio allegedly doused her sleeping
boyfriend in gasoline and set him on fire in
their Alaska home.

Gina Virgilio, 25, was arraigned Monday on first-degree murder, reckless endangerment and assault and two counts each of arson and criminal mischief.

She's charged in Friday's death of her live-in boyfriend, Michael Gonzalez, 24.

"Sure," Virgilio said when asked if she would like an attorney appointed to represent her. She appeared behind glass in the jail courtroom at the Anchorage Correctional Complex. She wore a yellow jail jumpsuit and her hands were shackled behind her back with metal cuffs during the hearing, which lasted just over three minutes.

According to charging documents, police claim Virgilio's mother, Michelle, and a registered nurse at an Anchorage hospital both claimed she confessed to them that she committed the murder.

The judge on Monday ordered she have no contact with potential witnesses, including her mother.

"I'm like shocked, hurt that he said she couldn't contact me," Michelle Virgilio told reporters following the hearing. "She is my world."

According to the charging documents, police allege Gina Virgilio went to a nearby convenience store and bought gas in a container, even though her vehicle was not working and tagged for towing in the apartment complex.

She returned to the apartment early Friday morning. Her boyfriend was asleep on the couch and she sat next to him and looked at him. According to the charging documents, she then doused the couch and the area around it, positioned herself at the front door, lit some paper and threw the burning paper into the apartment.

She then fled, walked to a nearby elementary school and borrowed someone's cellphone to call her mother, the charging documents say.

At that time, according to the documents, Virgilio told her mother Gonzalez had been drinking with friends. Later, he began taking sips of the gasoline, spitting it out on the carpet and couch. Michelle Virgilio is quoted in the charging documents as saying that her daughter said Gonzalez was using an aerosol can as a flame thrower.

The Anchorage Fire Department responded to the apartment fire at 2:25 a.m. Friday, and found Gonzalez's body after the fire was extinguished.

Police say they tracked Gina Virgilio to her mother's house and she was taken in for interviews.

"Gina's statements through the day changed when confronted with physical details from the scene of the fire," the charging documents say.

Police released her about 7:30 p.m. Friday. By 10 p.m., she and her mother were at the emergency room for an undisclosed reason. Police Lt. Dave Parker said she wasn't injured in the fire.

During the intervening 2 1/2 hours before arriving at the hospital, according to a summarized interview with Michelle Virgilio in the charging documents, she confronted her daughter about what happened.

Gina Virgilio confessed to her mother to getting the gas and setting the fire, according to the charging documents.

"Gina described the gas as igniting. Michael woke. Gina described Michael as saying, `hot-hot.' Gina said that she closed the door with Michael inside the apartment and ran from the location," according to the document's summary of their interview with her mother.

Police returned to the hospital Saturday morning when staff members reported she had made confessions to the fire, according to the documents. A registered nurse told an officer Virgilio called her into her room.

According to a summary in the charging documents, the nurse "said that Gina was not medicated and that Gina told her, `I did it, I killed Michael."

Talking to reporters outside the jail courthouse, Michelle Virgilio said she read that published account and disputed some of the facts, including that her daughter spread gasoline over the victim and couch. Instead, she says her daughter told her she spread the gasoline in front of the bathroom.

"Gina, she wouldn't hurt nobody, she wouldn't," Virgilio said. "Something caused her to do that."

She said for the past month, her daughter has been suffering severe mental depression.

"I know the last month or two, something was really wrong at that house," she said.

Just days before the fire, Michelle Virgilio said she won court custody of Gina's 3-year-old son, saying the apartment was not a safe place for a child.

(Source (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/11/gina-virgilio-set-boyfriend-michael-gonzalez-on-fire-alaska_n_1588152.html))

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People are horrible.

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I'll do it myself


Hopefully it will end up in Antarctica :bigwave:

Why :confused:

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With all the bad news being reported these days, it's nice to see the 'lighter side' of the news reported occasionally. These stories certainly brought a smile to my face.