View Full Version : Tips on keeping Kosher within Brooklyn/Williamsburg - Travel Advice

May 14th, 2012, 09:01 AM
Hello there Team, hope we are all having a positive start to the week.

A mate has just popped in for a few bevvies and a bit of homekill venison, and we got onto the subject of his OE (Overseas Experience), and planning to get his Visa sorted for the states,

Personally, I said to him, how about doing the whole work in Australia for 3 years, get a Kiwi life on the GC and earn good Money, but he has the American Dream set...

He wants to do the Eastern Seaboard, NY/NJ right down to scoring "Aunties" in the Florida Keys.

Basically, to cut a long story short, He wants to spend roughly 3 months in New York, he's got accommodation sorted if he goes over there, so props to him, only thing is, It's in the center of Williamsburg, right in the heart of the Jewish Quart apparently, ironic, his family there are Scots and Presbyterians who moved over about in 2008, both working for Maersk.

..but for some bloody reason he's interested in Hassidic/Chabad Jewish population on that side of NY and wants to investigate them, get to know them, "live" within them...

Now I'm not to much in the know how of how these people operate their daily lives, but I've heard conflicting stories, some pleasant and some not so pleasant,

Some will deliberately spit on you if you walk past them when your obviously a gentile, or woman refusing to serve you in a shop if you happen to be alone, men crossing the street, and at times if you're seen as a threat, the whole community comes out of the woodwork like forest slaters and then you have your self a mob of angry hassidics, other times they have been pleasant, well respected, interested.

Basically, this is what I've been told, so excuse the ignorance, so what better place to ask here,

New Yorkers, Hebrews and Shebrews, and Chabad that roam TF, lend me your ears, your eyes, Challah, and if you have some reasonable advice on what to do/ what not to do and some common tips on how my anglo saxon looking friend should do/shouldn't do/ might be able to do/should try in the heart of Williamsburg.

..Christ knows why, He's going to stick out like a fricken sore bloody thumb!