View Full Version : 2012 Favitoure Sport Competition (Choose Five Sports)

May 6th, 2012, 07:09 AM
In a brand new competition you can choose your favitoure sport (Not Tennis) that is in tennisforum. These are the rules and dates

1. You can choose 5 sports during the 2 day period where the top 28 sports chosen will be in the main draw while the others in qualfying.
2. If there is one like (Motorsport) then it's a particellar type for the sport like Rally, Road, Bike
3. The limit is 15 votes for one team in qualfying while it's unlimited in the main draw.
4. Only allowed to vote once in that round where voting is on
5. Try to not complain.

Dates (AEST)
6th May 4:15pm- 9th May 4:00pm: Choosing 5 sports for comp
9th May 5:00pm - 10th May 5:00pm: Qualfying Round 1
10th May 5:15pm - 11th May 5:00pm: Qualfying Round 2
11th May 5:15pm - 12th May 5:00pm: Final Qualfying Round
13th May: Rest Day plus main draw annouced
14th May 4:00pm - 15th May 4:00pm: Round 1 (Top Half)
15th May 4:15pm - 16th May 4:15pm: Round 1 (Bottom Half)
16th May 4:30pm - 17th May 4:30pm: Round 2
18th May: Rest Day
19th May - 20th May: Quarter Finals
21st May - 22nd May: Semi Finals
23rd May - 24th May: Final
This is a ruff timeline

Draw: Coming Soon
Qualfying Draw: Coming Soon