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Bengal Lancer
Nov 20th, 2002, 02:33 PM
AOL: Thank you for calling how can I help you?

Car Key Boi: Yes I can't get on the internet

AOL: Ok, what error are you getting?

Car Key Boi: It says busy signal

AOL: Oooh ok, what number are you calling (trying to figure out what city)

Car Key Boi: 555-0142

AOL: I'm sorry, I don't think we have that number

Car Key Boi: What do you mean?

AOL: We don't have any number of that sort, are you sure your a customer of AOL?

Car Key Boi: What do you mean?? I'm a customer of AT & T

AOL:Oh, well this is AOL, your going to need to call AT & T

Car Key Boi: Ok, can you connect me please?

AOL: Uuhh no, we can't do that

Car Key Boi: Oooh ok, well then what's there phone number?

AOL: Don't know, you will have to look it up in the phone book

Car Key Boi: Ooh ok, thank you

AOL: Goodbye