View Full Version : Australian Open TV Vault

Feb 21st, 2012, 07:43 PM
So, the Aussie open is over, but the vault is still up and running spectacularly.......is anybody else reliving old memories?? I seem to watch a match, or part of one every day......

Things I've observed:

1) I like Lindsay Davenport a lot more now than I ever did when she was playing

2) Venus Williams really did used to have a feisty attitude. She's either calmed or gotten a lot better at masking it

3) Tennis fashion is A LOT better nowadays

4) Thank god for Hawk-eye

5) The Aussies really do love Martina Hingis

6) Justine Henin is both the most talented player of her generation, and the most putulant/childish and the worst sport

7) Kim Clijsters sweats a lot

8) Aussie commentators really know their tennis