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VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Feb 18th, 2012, 12:42 AM
Whirpool Monterrey Open

Monterrey, Mexico

International - Hard


Main Draw
[1]Giuseppina Benedetti vs. BYE
Emma Anderson vs. [5]Yelena Pirilenko
[8]Aveta Tenesova vs. Nadia Banaszek
BYE vs. [4]Marteena Huubere

[3]Regla Torres vs. BYE
Alina Patersson vs. [6]Candela Sanchez
[7]Sylvie Bailly vs. Marta Sanchez
BYE vs. [2]Samantha Soren

Please sign in for doubles by Sunday at 6:00 PM EST

Points due within 48 hours of doubles draw being posted

Sam L
Feb 18th, 2012, 02:50 AM

Feb 18th, 2012, 06:54 AM
Benedetti/Bailly :)

Feb 18th, 2012, 09:49 AM
Anyone for doubles with Marteena Huubere?

Feb 18th, 2012, 10:24 AM
Anyone for doubles with Marteena Huubere?

With Emma Anderson? :wavey:

Feb 18th, 2012, 11:32 AM
Aveta is looking for doubs partner. :wavey:

Feb 18th, 2012, 01:00 PM
Pirilenko / Soren

Feb 19th, 2012, 12:52 AM
Candela Sanchez & Marta Sanchez

Feb 19th, 2012, 03:43 AM
With Emma Anderson? :wavey:

Sure :D You can send points if you like.

Feb 19th, 2012, 08:23 AM

Feb 19th, 2012, 05:18 PM
sure!! you send or me?

Feb 19th, 2012, 05:22 PM
Better you. ;)

Feb 19th, 2012, 05:27 PM
hahah ok how many do you have

Feb 19th, 2012, 06:52 PM
102 points. :)

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Feb 19th, 2012, 11:02 PM
Doubles Draw
[1]Bailly/Benedetti vs. BYE
Sanchez/Sanchez vs. [4]Patersson/Tenesova
[3]Anderson/Huubere vs. Banaszek/Torres
BYE vs. [2]Pirilenko/Soren

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Feb 22nd, 2012, 01:09 AM
Singles Results, First Round
[5]Yelena Pirilenko def. Emma Anderson 7/5, 7/6(5)
[8]Aveta Tenesova def. Nadia Banaszek 7/6(7), 6/7(7), 7/6(7)
[6]Candela Sanchez def. Alina Patersson 6/4, 6/4
[7]Sylvie Bailly def. Marta Sanchez 7/6(6), 6/4

Feb 22nd, 2012, 02:36 PM
good, Candela :D

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Feb 23rd, 2012, 12:44 AM
Singles Results, Quarterfinals
[1]Giuseppina Benedetti def. [5]Yelena Pirilenko 7/6(3), 7/6(3)
[4]Marteena Huubere def. [8]Aveta Tenesova 7/6(2), 6/2

[6]Candela Sanchez def. [3]Regla Torres 3/6, 7/6(4), 6/2
[2]Samantha Soren def. [7]Sylvie Bailly 7/5, 3/6, 7/5

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Feb 23rd, 2012, 12:45 AM
Doubles Results, First Round
Sanchez/Sanchez def. [4]Patersson/Tenesova 7/5, 6/3
[3]Anderson/Huubere def. Banaszek/Torres 7/6(2), 7/6(7)

Feb 23rd, 2012, 08:18 AM
Marta & Candela :D

Sam L
Feb 23rd, 2012, 10:00 AM
Congrats Candela!

Feb 23rd, 2012, 02:58 PM
Congrats Candela!

Thanks Regla, itīs always a pleasure to play againts such a great player and friend like you :kiss:

Feb 23rd, 2012, 07:17 PM
Marteena :bounce:

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Feb 23rd, 2012, 10:56 PM
Singles Results, Semifinals
[1]Giuseppina Benedetti def. [4]Marteena Huubere 7/5, 6/4
[2]Samantha Soren def. Candela Sanchez 7/6(4), 6/7(3), 7/6(9)

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Feb 23rd, 2012, 10:57 PM
Doubles Results, Semifinals
Sanchez/Sanchez def. [1]Bailly/Benedetti 2/6, 6/3, 7/6(4)
[2]Pirilenko/Soren def. [3]Anderson/Huubere 7/6(4), 6/2

Feb 24th, 2012, 06:44 AM
wow!! 2nd straight doubles final for Marta :D
Vamos S&S!!!

Feb 24th, 2012, 01:24 PM
So close in singles, Candela :sad:

Good in doubles :)

Feb 24th, 2012, 02:00 PM
I think this was first Sylvie's singles win this year.

Feb 24th, 2012, 07:40 PM
Final x2
Soren is putting herself in a position to win two titles in one week here in Monterrey. She just came off of a win in Pattaya and is aiming for another.

In the semi-final, Soren defeated Candela Sanchez in the longest match of the tournament. Both players were struggling in the heat of Mexico and seemed to be on a level playing field throughout the match which would explain the three grueling tie-breaks that extended the total match time to over three hours.

Right after that match, Soren had to test her fitness even more by playing a doubles semi final with Yelena Pirilenko. Thankfully for her health, Pirilenko/Soren beat the 3 seeds Anderson/Huubere in straight sets to move into the final.

"I am completely and utterly exhausted. I'm probably going to have to sleep for 24 hours straight to feel better, I don't know how but I will come out and try my best in the finals. I refuse to let the crowds down and also my partner Yelena down since we have worked very hard over the years together and I really want to win the two titles."

In the singles final, Giuseppina Benedetti will be Soren's opponent. In the doubles final Yelena and Sam will face the Sanchez's for the Monterrey crown.

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Feb 25th, 2012, 01:00 AM
Singles Results, Finals
[2]Samantha Soren def. [1]Giuseppina Benedetti 7/6(3), 1/6, 6/2

VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Feb 25th, 2012, 01:00 AM
Doubles Results, Finals
[2]Pirilenko/Soren def. Sanchez/Sanchez 6/2, 7/6(5)

Feb 25th, 2012, 01:58 PM
Double Trouble
She has done it again, for the third time in her career Samantha Soren has won both singles and doubles titles in one week. She won both Memphis and 's-Hertogenbosch singles and doubles titles in 2011 and she adds Monterrey to that list in 2012.
In the singles final, Soren had to again work hard for her money as she defeated the top seed Giuseppina Benedetti in three sets. Then right afterwards Soren and Pirilenko had to get onto the court and decimate the Sanchez's in straight sets to complete Samantha's dominance of this tournament.
"I'm overjoyed right now! I know sometimes I lack the self confidence in my abilities but the results have really been pouring in for me for the last couple of years. I am especially to win the doubles title with Yelena, we have stuck together throughout everything and we have great communication with eachother which I think will help us go far."
This is Soren's 10th Singles title and 11th Doubles Title.

Feb 25th, 2012, 02:54 PM
Congrats, Samantha...you beat me to 10 titles...I think this was attempt #3 at title #10 for Giusa!

0-2 in finals this year :(, but I guess I can't complain about having reached 2 finals before March!

Feb 26th, 2012, 03:39 AM
Congratulation Sam!!!!! :yeah:

The first double title for Sorenko in this year:bounce::bounce::woohoo::woohoo: