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Nov 30th, 2011, 06:21 PM

After a short press release about her comeback, Brenda Gaga-Maduga presented her new look to the FWTT Players this afternoon.

Fellow Afro-Babes Nthamangela Mbangu-Zeric, Ruflina Taliamanosoko, Xhakalinda Saikikimbondwe and Cornelia Du Preez reacted to the comeback of their good friend and promising newcomer.

Nthamangela Mbangu-Zeric: "I'm so glad she's back. She was missed. I always need someone to fool around with during tournament weeks and she is one of only two FWTT stars (the other one being Paula Masterton) who can beat me at number of Hot Dogs eaten in half an hour."

Ruflina Taliamanosoko: "Welcome back, I'm so glad." ... [whispered]:"Don't try to steal my number one ranking, bitch!" [after being informed about not being number one at the moment]: "I'll be back there soon. Pamela won't stay much longer than one week next year. I'm the queen and I will NEVER retire!!!" [*starts screaming and runs out of the room"]

Xhakalinda Saikikimbondwe: "And I always thought Fefi was the ugliest player on tour. Anyway, ugly players are usually beautiful on the inside."

Cornelia Du Preez: "Nice to have Gaga back. I am the new princess of FWTT by the way. And I know how to sing well... better than Gaga girl." [*starts singing]"We don't need another hero..." [*crowd of journalists leave the room. In less than one minute, Coco is by herself in the room, singing out loud.*] "We don't need to find a way home, all we want is... is... what was that again, I forgot the lyrics... oh, that's embarassing." [*looks into the empty room, notices the absence of auditors*] "Rude!"

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