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VSFan1 aka Joshua L.
Nov 11th, 2002, 11:42 PM
Question #3

Nov 11th, 2002, 11:47 PM
Legalized for all IMO.
people who use it for "other things" get it anyways.

Nov 11th, 2002, 11:48 PM
legalized for all.

Colin B
Nov 12th, 2002, 12:17 AM
Legalize it!!

Can't vote - on aol:rolleyes:

Nov 12th, 2002, 12:20 AM
Hmmm.... I would probably say legalise it but impose a minimum age perhaps in line with alcohol.

Nov 12th, 2002, 12:20 AM
Legalised for all for the same reasons as alcohol. ;)

~ The Leopard ~
Nov 12th, 2002, 12:54 AM
I voted for the first option, but there's a problem I'm finding with these questionnaires, that the options are not exhaustive. E.g. the abortion one did not allow for an option of legal for the first *two* trimesters or for health purposes thereafter, which would have more reflected my position than any offered (I voted for the abortion legal in all circumstances option).

This one offers no options in between totally legalising marijuana (which I voted for) and legalising it only for medical purposes. What about legalise it, but ban advertising, regulate sales, forbid sales to minors, create driving offences? This could be summed up as "legalise but introduce legislative regulation simular to tobacco and alcohol."

Nov 12th, 2002, 01:01 AM
Legalize it!

Nov 12th, 2002, 01:01 AM
I agree that it should be legalized (for it is no worse than cigs or alcohol), but I also agree with Jouissant that there'd need to be aload of new legislations etc.

Nov 12th, 2002, 01:08 AM
What? I thought it was already legal. ;)

Nov 12th, 2002, 02:30 AM

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:41 AM
I'm REALLY surprised this did not pass in Nevada. Like, amazingly surprised. If all those pimps and hookers would have gone out to vote, surely it would have passed!!!

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:55 AM

I say legalize it, but impose a minimum age of 18.

Nov 12th, 2002, 05:58 AM
i think it should be legalised for medicinal purposes.....for those who opt for that.....but i dont think the world needs anymore addictive things to chose from,too many addiction problems already(cigarettes,gambling,alchahol).IMO.

Crazy Canuck
Nov 12th, 2002, 06:04 AM
People already have it as an addicitive thing to choose from - furthermore I've read countless times that it is not physically addictive anyhow, thus should not be included with cigarettes etc.

Legalizing it will make no difference whatsoever on any of that.

Nov 12th, 2002, 06:14 AM
i just think more people will use it if it is on the "shelves",i dont know about where you are,but young people here are simply ruining their lives with it,and seem to be addicted,and many people may see it being given the green light as an invatation to start.some people in poor situations (already burdening their families with alchaholism and cigarrettes and gambling) will turn to it to escape their problems....and then society sufers.IMO ,not all people are to be trusted,it will just be another social problem everyone bitches about once the novelty wears off.

and it does pose health problems,it can cause even mouth cancer!
~once upon a time they thaught cigarettes were healthy,and now look~

Nov 12th, 2002, 06:16 AM
legalizing the marijuana just will change one thing, and the change will be enormous: The mafiossi that manages the sowing, the traffic and the sale of the drug will be disabled or they will change into a new "enterpreneurs". Many unnecessary violence will be avoided.
I am pro legalization of almost all kind of drugs together with a gigantic campaign of education about the drugs and its effects

Nov 12th, 2002, 06:23 AM
Good point Giuseppe

I also think it should be legalized so the authorities can spend more time going after those who deal truly dangerous drugs, such as cocaine and methamphetimines.

Nov 12th, 2002, 06:25 AM
Legalize Marihuana:bounce:

Nov 12th, 2002, 02:08 PM
For medical purposes only.

nasty nick#2
Nov 12th, 2002, 02:13 PM
nah it's not healthy, just travel to holland if u want some.

Nov 12th, 2002, 02:58 PM
Legalize it, but for it only to be smoked in certain areas.