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Summing Up The Aussie Open and IW/Miami 2011!

Australian Open 2011

The scene was set for another tantalizingly tasty tournament full of terrifically talented tennis! Welcome to the Australian Open 2011, the Grand Slam of Asia Pacific! 4 groups of 3 dawned upon the fresh aqua blue courts of Melbourne Park ready, prepared and focused to be the last one standing at the end of 2 tough weeks of hard-fought tennis.

In the first match completed, Lachy was dismissively finished off by KseniaGOAT, whose advertisement for the Hopman Cup was fit to be published. Hugs all round. Hisense arena was jam packed for the marathon between Michael and ‘Best I Ever Had’ where it looked as though it could have gone either way at one point. Eventually Michael put his foot down and showed the class of a champion hitting an array of discriminating volleys and dastardly inconspicuous dropshots, seeing off the challenger 10-5.

The second match on RLA featured claypova and Teerin, the former had never lost to the latter before and looked prepared from the outset to stamp authority all over the match, that was, until claypova hit 3 DF’s in his opening service game. Both were great graphics, shame one had to lose, but Teerin got through in the end with a 10-5 win in 1hr and 45 mins. Poiree and kiriana epitomized ‘high quality’ in their match where both graphics exhibited a design masterclass, the challengers in the locker room could only stop and stare. Kiriana got the job done in the end with some clutch play.

Graphic of the Round:


Match of the Round:

kiriana def. Poiree 10-6

Day 2 featured some good battles starting with ArturoAce and claypova, who were forced to play out on court 16 due to the muck up in scheduling due to an air bubble on RLA. ArturoAce demanded a helicopter, and certainly didn’t waste any time out on court with a 10-3 win. In the second match, Droolv. Defeated VIKA-GOAT out on Hisense, VIKA-GOAT wasn’t GOAT enough on that occasion, despite the scoreline it was a high-quality match, both graphics sparkled under the Melbourne sun! In other news, kiriana defeated Andreas, both players went for broke but kiriana came out on top 10-3. Heart was forced to withdraw from the competition, as was Lachy, both were last seen eating pasta from the player’s café, let’s hope they are alright.

Graphic of the Round:

Free by ArturoAce

Match of the Round:

Droolv def. VIKA-GOAT 10-2

Day 3 say Michael progress with a walkover, hard-earned of course! Ksenia was back out in action today, but she was on court for about 30mins before dismissing the GOAT, VIKA-GOAT, 10-1, much to her supporters demise. That’s the price you pay when you support a true GOAT. ArturoAce recovered and was put on RLA this time round, defeating Teerin in a nice battle under the lights, 10-3. The final battle between Poiree and Andreas was great in quality, with Poiree getting the job done 10-3.

Graphic of the Round:

Free by Michael.

Match of the Round:

Poiree def. Andreas 10-3

Semifinal action was clouded by a miserable patch of dark grey skies and constant rain. The atmosphere was gloomy and the crowd unsettled as they hurriedly nestled in under the protective shield illusive to a select few grand slam arena’s around the world, the structure goes by the name of ‘roof’. Ksenia, who by all accounts seemed to be half asleep, bowed out 10-2 to Michael in a stream of unforced errors. Truth be told, both graphics were amazing and fully demonstrated why both players were in the semis. As the rain bucketed down, the crowd became more and more restless, that was, until Todd Woodbridge announced that ArturoAce had withdrawn from the tournament, conceding the match to kiriana. Unfortunate for the crowd, but that’s tennis.

Graphic of the Round:

Free by Michael.

Match of the Round:

Michael. def. Ksenia 10-2

The final featured two very deserving players, Michael and kiriana who have both shown their full graphic prowess over the course of the fortnight. Kiriana, going down valiantly to a determined Michael 7-5 6-3, crowning Michael, the champion of the Australian Open 2011.

Graphics of the Final:

Avatar by Michael.

Free by kiriana

IW/Miami 2011

The American hardcourt swing kicked into action with all players embarking on a quest to be the champion of Indian Wells/Miami at the end of one week of high quality tennis. Each round alternated between venues and players were packed onto shuttle busses and sent too and from the grounds.

Day 1 saw Stadia defeat Michael, our latest slam champ, who, like Li Na, had better things to do (sponsorships). Pieter defeated ‘Best I Ever Had’ probably because of intimidation, although I’m not quite sure. In what was the match to end all matches between Teerin and claypova, lasting well over 5 hours, both players hitting some amazing winners with claypova hitting a left handed drive volley into Teerins knee. Teerin got it together in the end, winning 10-8, dropping down on the ground, getting up, dropping down again, and then twirling and fistpumping. Claypova, gracious in defeat, but I’m sure revenge is on his mind. The 4th match on Day 1 saw Lachy defeat kiriana 6-3, both players fought valiantly and the match attracted a decent sized crowd. Both players paused to sign autographs at the end.

Graphic of the Round:

Free by Teerin

Match of the Round:

Stadia def. Michael. 10-6

Day 2 matches saw Stadia defeat Lachy 6-4 and kiriana defeat Michael in a role-reversal of the Australian Open final. The doubles final was also completed, with the team of Poiree/Stadia defeating claypova/Lachy. The doubles final was a long drawn out affair, and despite the straight set win, the crowd was treated to an absolute feast of brainless ballbashing and unforced errors, claypova jumping the net after Lachy hit his 50th unforced error was certainly a highlight. Claypova was back on court not long after the final and was visibly tired in his 1-6 loss to Pieter. Teerin also managed to sneak out a win in the form of a walkover.

Graphic of the Round:

Free by kiriana

Match of the Round:

kiriana def. Michael. 6-4

Graphic of the Doubles Final:

By Poiree/Stadia

Most player were over the travelling between Indian Wells and Miami by Day 3, allowing both Lachy and kiriana to receive walkovers in their managed, both seemed to appreciate the extra rest. After a slight catastrophe where the tournament director considered ditching the event, order was restored, and the semifinal stage was set.

Graphic of the Round:

Free by kiriana

In the first semi-final, kiriana defeated claypova 6-3. The match was quite competitive, with kiriana accidentally forgetting to pack tennis racquets. He fortunately found one to borrow. Disaster averted. In the second semifinal, Lachy received another walkover…yes another walkover. Fortune favours the brave…kind of.

Graphic of the Round:

Free by kiriana

Match of the Round:

kiriana def. Claypova 6-3

The final lasted approx. 20mins, with Teerin dishing out a bagel to Lachy in what was completely one-way traffic. Both players were glad to accept their cheques and move on with their respective careers.

Graphic of the Final:


by Lachy

Oct 7th, 2011, 10:00 AM

Summing Up The US Open and Asian/Indoor Series 2011!

US Open 2011

In the first tournament that was held since April, 9 players headed to the Flushing Meadows to battle it out for the US Open. Among them were experienced players such as Renalicious, Best I Ever Had and Lachy. Fantasy Hero, Kev. And Matthew01 made their debut at the Open. MK Ultra, claypova and Andrijagajic also joined the field. The tournament was run by Poiree.

Matthew01 and Andrijagajic, both unranked, were placed in the qualifying draw. Andrijagajic did not send, giving Matthew01 a free pass into the main draw.

Graphic of the Round by Matthew01


The main draw saw the top seed MK Ultra drawing the qualifier (Matthew01). 2nd seed Lachy and 4th seed Best I Ever Had drew newcomers Fantasy Hero and Kev. respectively. Renalicious, former Asian Indoors and Wimbledon champion, drew the number 3 seed claypova.

The first round asked players to make a free graphic of New York – Tennis & the City. In the first match of the round, Renalicious crushed his seeded opponent 9-1. This sent the rest of the field a message that he was back, and he was not rusty at all. MK Ultra, Lachy and Best I Ever Had moved into the SFs, with all three not dropping a game against their inexperienced opponents.

Graphic of the Round by MK Ultra


Match of the Round

Renalicious def. (3) claypova 9-1

The tournament started to become much more interesting and high quality, as the 4 best players on the field battled it out for the 2 final spots. The tasks asked the semifinalists to make an avatar on retirements of medical timeouts, a banner of a celebrity attending the US Open, and a free graphic of the best-dressed players at the US Open 2011.

The first match saw the top seed MK Ultra take on veteran Renalicious. It was a highly anticipated match that featured great graphics from both players. However, the match did not live up to its potential, as Renalicious stole the hearts of the voters to give the top sead a beatdown 61 62, 2007 AO final style.

The 2nd semifinal was also a letdown, as Best I Ever Had was forced to withdraw from the event due to unfortunate circumstances. This allowed the 2nd seed Lachy to movie into the finals, the 3rd of his career and the first at a Grand Slam level!

Avatar of the Round by Renalicious


Banner of the Round by Renalicious

Free Graphic of the Round by MK Ultra

Match of the Round

Renalicious def. (1) MK Ultra 61 62

After a tournament of beatdowns, the crowd really wanted to see a close match for the finals. Poiree set the tasks: a Sam Stosur avatar, song interpretation, picture reconstructions, a wallpaper and designing a new US Open umbrella.
Renalicious was not confident with his graphics, and Lachy made no comments on his.

From the start, we knew that the match would be very tight, and high quality; both taking different approaches to the tasks. Renalicious took the first 2 sets 63 and 64. The third set of the climax of the match, with Renalicious fighting from 1-4 down to win it in a tiebreak. The two traded the last two sets 62. In the end, Renalicious won the match 63 64 76 62 26 to claim his 3rd title of his career.

The graphics of the tournament clearly summarise the tournament: Renalicious ripped the field apart and won fairly easily. Congrats to him and to the others who participated. Also, thankyou to Poiree for managing the tournament, as well as the voters

Avatar of the Tournament by Renalicious


Banner of the Tournament by Renalicious


Free Graphic of the Tournament by Renalicious


Match of the Tournament

Renalicious def. (2) Lachy 63 64 76 62 26

Asian/Indoors 2011

GMT is back again for the Asian and European Indoors swing. This was the first time the tournament was held since 2009, where Renalicious won that drama-filled event. The tournament was not held last year due to GMT’s hiatus during the latter part of 2010. Poiree once again managed the tournament.

The field did not feature recent US Open champion Renalicious. The field was headlined by MK Ultra, Lachy, Claypova and Best I Ever Had. Nuyl (formerly Matthew01) and Kev. were also back. The field was rounded out by Yazoo.C, who was making her GMT debut.

MK Ultra enjoyed a bye in the first round. Lachy, claypova and Best I Ever Had drew Nuyl, Yazoo.C and Kev. respectively in their opening matches. The task required the players to make an avatar of a qualifier or wildcard that entered Tokyo, a banner of a player at off-court activities in Seoul or Guangzhou, and a free graphics of a postcard of a city that hosts a European Indoor WTA event.

Best I Ever Had withdrew from the tournament, allowing Kev. to advance into the semifinals. Claypova crushed Yazoo.C 61 62 to give him his first ever GMT win. Lachy rounded out the semifinal by dominating his match against Nuyl, 61 61.

Avatar of the Round by Lachy


Banner of the Round by claypova


Free Graphic of the Round by Yazoo.C


Match of the Round

(3) claypova def. Yazoo.C 61 62

The tasks were rather unorthodox for this round. It was reuiqred to create an avatar of an ATP player who won either Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur. Players also had to create a banner of Chinese cuisine, and an advertisement of a new WTA Reality TV show.

MK Ultra played his first match of the tournament, and did not waste any time on the court and he breezed past Kev. 60 62 with stunning graphics. The highly anticipated match between 2 friends, claypova and Lachy, became a reality as the pair created great graphics that allowed the match to be high quality and very close. With a great banner, claypova was able to edge his opponent, eventually winning 76 62, saving set points on the way.

Avatar of the Round by MK Ultra


Banner of the Round by claypova


Free Graphic of the Round by MK Ultra


Match of the Round

(3) claypova def. (2) Lachy 76 62

Both finalists, MK Ultra and claypova, await nervously for the final tasks to be revealed. Poiree has asked other people to suggest final tasks. This could be very interesting, and the final will be played in approximately 3 days. Stay tuned! Good luck to MK Ultra and myself for the final, and thankyou to everyone who participated in the tournament!

by claypova

Oct 7th, 2011, 10:00 AM


Getting to know.... Kev.

Is Kev your real name?
Its Kevin

How old are you?
18 :p

Where do you live?
:unsure: Are you gonna stalk me? (Melbourne)

When and why have you decided to play GMT?
Because its fun and i like making graphics :p :p

Ok, thank you for being honest at least Now we are going to get personal...

What do you consider your best and your worst qualities?
Best and worst qualities in what?

I don't want to sound rude, but do you consider yourself a sane person?

What is your favourite season?
I love Summer :hearts: Go to the beach.

What is your favourite food?
Hmm... toughie. Maybe i shall go with Asian fried noodles :drool:

Favourite drink?
I love Fanta :drool:

What do you consider your worst habit?
I seem to shake my legs all the time when i sit :unsure:

Gold or silver?

Poodles or Chihuahuas?
Chihuahuas :awww: I do not like curly stuff.

WTA :rolleyes:

Now a very juicy question... Orange or apple juice ?
Eww Orange Juice
Def. Apple juice :p

If you were alone on a deserted island and had a right to take 3 things with you, what would they be?
My Laptop, iPad & FOOD ! :)

You caught a goldfish which offers you dates with 3 female tennis stars. Which tennis players would you pick?
Mandy Minella :drool:
Jarka Gajdosova :drool:
Masha Sharapova :cool:

What are you most afraid of?
Spiders :unsure:

What would your ideal first GMT title be?
Id love to have a home tournament. Something in Australia.

And who would you want to play doubles with in GMT?
Lachy or claypova (because they are awesome)
Also MK Ultra :cool:
Tasha too if she could play.

Your GMT game is most suited to which professional WTA player's?
Hmm... In the Asian season i was more Jarka Gajdosova, I won first round quite easily (actually i got a W/O :oh:) And then ballbashed my way to first seed and lost badly.

Thanks :)

Thanks for having a nice chat with me. Hope you have a successful GMT career!

by Lachy

Oct 7th, 2011, 10:00 AM

Q&A with claypova (Nicky)

Describe your emotions before your first tour final.
very excited, cannot wait until the tasks are released (although I’m rather scared as well!)

Who is your least favourite GMT Player?
I won’t name any names, but it’s annoying when players commit but don’t send.

Have you ever tanked a match, if so which?
Every single one of my loses, I tanked :bigwave:

Who would you like to play doubles with the most, Poiree or Reetard?

Do you snore?
Hopefully no

What do you think about adults wearing diapers?

What outfit are you wearing in the final?
My PJs?

Who is your favourite person, your idol?
tbh, I don’t know

What's your opinion on Italian food?
Don’t like.

Backhand down the line or cross-court?
DTL :drool:

Vamos, Allez, or Ajde?
Vamos :oh:

What is your opinion on grunting? Who is the worst grunter in GMT?
I don’t mind grunting :angel: In fact, I’ve never heard of anyone grunting before on GMT :shrug:

Liken your GMT game to one professional WTA player's. Why is this the case?
Laura Robson? I’m still improving, even though I’ve been playing for almost a year. Sometimes my graphics can be great, other time it can be just horrible.

Maths or English?
Definitely Maths.

Physics or Chemistry?
Chemistry :oh:

Einstein or Newton?

If you had a remote control that had the ability to stop real time, rewind time and even fast-forward time...which of those 3 options would you use first and why?
Stop real time :oh: I really don’t see the point in rewinding or fast forwarding :p

Bubble tea or milk tea?
Bubble tea, I can’t stand milk tea :tape:

Favourite GMT surface to play on?
I haven’t played on clay and grass, so I don’t know

Describe the style of your serve.
Very bad, like my fave.

by Lachy

Oct 7th, 2011, 10:00 AM

Q&A with MK Ultra

Describe your emotions before the final.
Looking forward to the tasks!:cheer: Hope you guys come up with something creative.

Who is your least favourite GMT Player?
Whoever beats me.

Have you ever tanked a match, if so which?
Not yet.:oh:

Who would you like to play doubles with the most, Poiree or Reetard?
I'd be delighted to play with both, honestly.

Do you snore?
No, do you?

What do you think about adults wearing diapers?
:lol:Whatever suits them best, I guess.:haha:

What outfit are you wearing in the final?
Some RF stuff.

Who is your favourite person, your idol?

What's your opinion on Italian food?
I love it.

Backhand down the line or cross-court?

Vamos, Allez, or Ajde?

What is your opinion on grunting? Who is the worst grunter in GMT?
Depends on the grunt.:shrug: Hmm, the worst grunters in GMT are the Masha fans.:oh:

Liken your GMT game to one professional WTA player's. Why is this the case?
Maybe Dementieva? Still no titles.:sad:

Maths or English?

Physics or Chemistry?
Booo at both.

Einstein or Newton?

If you had a remote control that had the ability to stop real time, rewind time and even fast-forward time...which of those 3 options would you use first and why?
Probably stop, so I'd have more time to do stuff. Does that make sense?

Bubble tea or milk tea?
I don't drink milk, so bubble tea.

Favourite GMT surface to play on?

Describe the style of your serve.
:lol: A bit like Ana's I guess, without the excessive bad toss.:lol:

by Lachy

Oct 7th, 2011, 10:00 AM

Lachy's Colouring Tips

http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/7315/41172487.png http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/830/atars.png

Step 1
Once you have your image, add new adjustment layer -> colour balance. Set the tone to midtone and apply the following:


Step 2
Add another new adjustment layer -> Hue/Saturation. Make sure it is set on custom and apply the following:


Step 3
New adjustment layer -> colour balance. Set the tone to midtone and apply the following:


Step 4
New adjustment layer -> selective colour. Select custom -> reds, making sure it is set on absolute, apply the following:


Step 5
New adjustment layer -> Brightness/Contrast. Apply the following:


Step 6
New fill layer -> gradient fill. Apply the following:


And there we go :dance:

Oct 7th, 2011, 10:18 AM

MK Ultra, you'll get your first title in a couple of days ;)

Oct 7th, 2011, 10:26 AM
Great to see the mag making a comeback :D

Enjoyed reading this :) Good job everyone who contributed to this :yeah: and especially Lachy for taking over the toughest part of editing :)

Oct 7th, 2011, 11:21 AM

Greeat work :)

Oct 7th, 2011, 03:05 PM
Fantastic, good job everyone :yeah:

Fantasy Hero
Oct 7th, 2011, 08:38 PM
wow amazing :yeah: congrats

MK Ultra
Oct 7th, 2011, 08:50 PM

Oct 8th, 2011, 08:29 AM
Now I actually relise incredible talent and potential MK Ultra has :worship:
I hope you win a title very soon :)

Oct 8th, 2011, 09:24 AM
Great to see the magazine again. :eek:

MK Ultra needs to win a title like, now. Some of his/her stuff is just amazing, Reetard-esque. :speakles: :worship:

PS I have four titles now, I won Wimbledon twice :sobbing: Not that it's a big deal. :p

Good luck for the Asian Hardcourt Season finalists!

Oct 8th, 2011, 09:31 AM
sorry, i thought you only one Wimbledon in 2010, didn't know about your other Wimbledon title :lol:

Oct 8th, 2011, 12:53 PM
It's okay :P I won Wimbledon in 2009 as well, that's my favorite title of all because I beat Brad in three sets and I was practically unknown. :awww: Ahh the memories. :p

Oct 9th, 2011, 03:31 PM
Great read, Lachy :yeah:

And ditto on MK Ultra winning a title :awww: Your graphics look great!