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Ian Aberdon
Sep 18th, 2011, 02:10 PM
This is the other topic I wanted to raise.

Everyone has talked about Sab's serve - well, her first serve anyway! - over the time she has joined the Tour.

At it's best, it can win her many matches as a result of free points from aces & service winners.

Equally however, if it isn't firing, she can struggle as we have seen.

One thing I have commented on previously is how inconsistent her serve can be. One of the things that underlines it for me is when she constantly has to catch her initial ball toss. I noticed it at Wimbledon this year, & I also saw a few examples of the same thing during the recent US Hard Court season, including her run to the title in Texas.

So is the problem her stance? The actual ball toss? Confidence? Timing? Has she alwaya had an issue with serving, or is it more a recent thing?

Is it something that can be fixed easily, IF it is perceived as being a problem?

I often find that anyone with a high ball toss can have problems, especially though with conditions overhead (ie. too much wind). Is Sabine's ball toss a high one, & perhaps she could do with shortening it a little?

What do others think?

Sep 18th, 2011, 02:36 PM
The serve comes naturally to Sabine and it's a good thing.

Sep 20th, 2011, 04:40 AM
I can't comment on the technical aspects of serving. But when she stops hitting 115 mph and makes only 30% of her first serves, it's mental. She forgets how to do what worked for her earlier in the match/tournament/season and just lets it fly. It doesn't work. And before she knows it, she's lost a crucial series of games.

When it rains, it pours.

Sep 20th, 2011, 03:01 PM
Hope to see Sabine plays soon.