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Sep 17th, 2011, 01:30 PM
I know this has been mentioned before. But nothing has happened. But I do think we should have some threads that are Sticky. I notice the Statistics thread is dropping down in the list and for that reason perhaps that is the biggest candidate to make sticky.

Unless anyone has any real objection - I'd like to get a discussion going for a short while as to what should be sticky with the aim of making a request to Ryan who can query the request on the basis of this thread before implementing it.

Yes I know some of the threads are naturally at the top anyway. But lulls like the end of season and it's possible the thread could drop down the list. And if it's important - I think it should be sticky.

IMO the candidates for sticky threads are in no particular order:

Live Scoring
Danish Delight - Caro Thread
Danish Delight - Picture Thread
Caro - Video
Articles & Videos
Caro - Statistics
Concept Of Irony
Women's Tennis In GeneralAny others anyone thinks should be sticky. Anyone have a strong opinion that we shouldn't have any stickies? Should they all be sticky? How many should be sticky? JJ and Kim - two players I used to be in their Players Forum have 5 stickies in their forums. But really - I don't think there is no number that you have to have. Looking for opinions.

Sep 17th, 2011, 02:00 PM
We had this discussion before and with exception of the stats topic maybe stickies make no sense in here.

95% of the posting is done in the topics you´ve mentioned, keeping them up all the time anyways. What sense does it make to sticky the "Live Scores" topic for example? It serves no purpose in tournament-free weeks and the off season and it is actually a good thing that it drops out of the way during these times.

Stickying these topics would just make them be in the way if they´re not needed. It's not like there are 20 topics opened here each week so that bringing up these topics would require a lot of digging. The last topic on the bottom of the first page of the forum was last used almost six months ago...that's how long it takes for unused topics to even disappear from the first page.

Sep 18th, 2011, 08:54 PM
Let's just sticky this thread and no others.